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  1. I just bought some Wilson Staff Progressives' for $15 at my local driving range. They came with new True Temper SL shafts and Golf Pride tour velvets. As of right now i've been playing Callaway X-Tours. Im Just wondering will I lose anything by switching to the Progressives'? (Distance, Ect.) I was Stripping them on the range however, it was of mats. Thanks, Logan
  2. Running In Golf

    The only problem with this is that I play AT LEAST 9 holes a day( High school practice ) And 18 on the weekends.
  3. Running In Golf

    A Little Background: In the past week I have started running 2.5 miles a day, And do upper body with natural weight( push ups-pull ups and planks+ sit ups for core) 2 years ago I ran in 3 5k's and was told I was a decent runner ie. 28 mins. when I was 12. Just wondering how much I need to do not to feel tired after 18 holes Thanks, Logan
  4. Okay so I have a question for all you swing experts out there. First off I use a strong grip( both v's pointed at shoulders.) And I have just noticed that I'm completely closed at the top of my backswing. Now I can pound P,9,8,7 Irons but I cant hit any thing lower than a 7 in my bag except driver. Is my club face being closed at the top affecting my lower clubs? Another question when I was first learning the swing I heard you should open the club face with your hands + wrists to initiate the swing then "set the club" But when I became more experienced I heard that you should have a one piece takeaway. So Im kind of confused. Thanks for your time, Logan Carr
  5. Many years ago in Japan, a student came to a master of Kendo and said, "If I become your devoted student, how long will it take for me to master the sword?" The master replied, "Perhaps ten years." "Thats a long time," said the student. "If I try really hard, how long would it take me?" The master replied, "Oh maybe twenty years." The student was shocked. "First you said ten, now you say twenty years. What if I try as hard as I can?" "Well," Said the master, "in that case it will take you thirty years. someone as impatient for results as you will probably take a long time to learn anything."- Zen Golf pg. 178-179 No one knows how long it will take you.
  6. Mental Game

    Does any one have helpful mental game tips? If so please share. I am having trouble with this aspect of the game. I can shot an 82-86 when just playing for fun, but in tournaments I cant seem to break 100. Today I shot a 103 for an 18 hole tournament . Anything will help, Thanks, Logan