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  1. I wouldn't give up on this until they have pulled the shaft's from all your irons and put new ones in. From everything I've read the shop has screwed up, they are trying to shift the blame buy saying you hit a root. Because of the flex in a golf shaft it's seriously hard to bend it like that at the hozel buy hitting anything. Once a shaft has been bent at all like that (with a bending bar etc) it's a broken shaft, it can't be bent back as a repair it needs replacing.
  2. Mine was on the 1st, I was too hungover to play on the 1st :)
  3. Make exciting scores with a boring, predictable shots, rather than making unpredictable scores with exiting shots.
  4. +1 for fade, it is definately this year's draw. Once I had it drummed into me what the difference was between a really well struck, on plane, 2-4 yard fade is compared to an ugly over the top slice which infects the game of a lot of us amateurs I was sold. So far results have been awesome in terms of hitting fairways, I can aim up the left side (the danger side of the fairway at my course) with near full confidence that the ball is going to end on that line or right of it. I've shot 2 personal best scores over the winter (75 then 72) and playing for an intentional fade is probably the s
  5. I've played the odd round with 2 clubs, usually 2hy/8iron (+putter) and it's always had a good effect on my game and course management. See a lot more fairway on those days and shoot ballpark similar scores overall. Trouble is despite it forcing creative shot making, the problem with it is that outside the 2-3 holes that that club combo fit's perfectly, on the other hole's you are teeing off with little prospect of playing the hole your best.. once you get that out of your head it doesn't matter, you just play those holes the best you can with those clubs. The nice thing is that
  6. This wasn't the case for me after a fitting. Combination of shaft droop and my swing means that my impact lie is about 2-3* upright from my address position. Therefore my clubs are slightly toe-up at address and according to the fitter I used this is very much the norm (shaft droop alone is worth between 1-2* at my swing speed depending on the shaft).
  7. SamW

    Slow Play

    There's new rules at our club which have basically worked, but they only apply on Medal (competition) days (which is most weekend saturdays and about every 4th sunday). For reference Competitive rounds are a maximum of 3 competitors where I play: 1. First group over 2h5m through 9 holes is DQ'd and must stop playing and is banned from next 3 stroke play comps. 2. Groups finishing second 9 in over 2h5m are DQ'd and banned from next 3 stroke play comps. The rules have been in force 4 months, this month for the first time there were no DQ's. I teed off at 9:38 and by 1:15 I was
  8. Making intentional noise while your opponent is playing is just bad etiquette but probably the kind of bad etiquette that would need an independent official to make a decision on. For me the decision on whether I give a putt or don't is the nearest I get, generally I won't give anything but a tap in to win a hole anyway, but I wouldn't expect to be given one anyway. I play at my own pace, and I get frustrated if my partner is slower even in competition I might say something like "we need to try to keep up with the game ahead" if somebody is playing slowly but that's as far as I'll take
  9. I've played plenty of times in those conditions, and I agree it's hard work, in fact there are quite a lot of weather conditions that are pretty hard work. Truthfully though I still walk the course and I still take the conditions as part of the game. But there again the competitive golf I've played is predominantly played under English Golf Union which doesn't permit any carts. So I guess, if the playing field was level and cart's were allowed in a competition somewhere else then I'd take a cart, but I'd resent it. The reason is that I've been to courses where people play in carts (I've
  10. I don't see why a golfer has any less right to tweet politics than a politician or anybody else. Same way with religion. That said Webb Simpson is clearly a brainwashed moron and I'd sooner never see him on another leaderboard, that's just the chance you take sharing your views.
  11. Personally I think carts should be for medical reasons only, and then never for competitive golf or any handicap qualifying round. This is because golf is a sport and an aspect of the sport is endurance. At my course there are very few carts anyway and generally only visitors would ever be seen dead in them. In a strokeplay or matchplay tournament a cart is clearly a competitive advantage. As a result I would never join a club where using "artificial propulsion during competitions" was within the local rules as I don't wish to play in a cart or suffer the competitive disadvantage of not
  12. You didn't really say if the rightness was caused by a push or a fade (e.g. does the ball fly straight or fly left to right in the air). The hybrid you have sits slightly open at address (I know I use the same one) which is likely part of the cause I suppose. If it's consistent I wouldn't worry too much about it, just line up a little more left... if it's a fade and you are hitting it straight with your irons then I would check your ball position and see if its too far left in your stance.
  13. Could be yea :) and I know what you mean SW London courses have quite bumped up prices on the "it's easy to get to from Chelsea" factor. Still I think you'll find something good around there, the other member's of the club become the most important thing in the end.
  14. Interesting that you are posting from London (where I also live). I joined a private course 6431yds par 71, superb greens, tight fairways, generally challenging and its around the £160/month mark. Quality and upkeep of the course was top of my list. Large number of competitive events was second, e.g. I wanted to be able to play in a competition at least every other weekend and at least once a week midweek in the summer. General good feel of the club acting as a club, I ideally wanted to join a club owned by its members. So the feel of the place was a big factor also, I particula
  15. I've been using Golfshot GPS for practice rounds for a while and I think it's great. The only problem I have with it is that its not legal for comp use at my club because it's an IPhone which breaks 2 rules: 1. You aren't allowed to have a mobile phone switched on the course at my club although many people bend this rule. 2. Despite the Golfshot GPS app being conforming in what it does, IPhone's strictly speaking are non conforming for other reasons because they have Compass, access to weather apps and even spirit level type apps... even if you don't use these app's you theoreticall
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