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  1. R11 9° Driver RBZ 15° 3 Wood Titleist Hybrid 3 iron Titleist AP2 Irons Titleist Vokey Wedges 60, 56, 52 Taylor Made Ghost Putter
  2. Have you tried to adjust the heal and toe weights that may help the slice. If you already are hitting a fade the drop of a degree could increase that a bit. If you adjust the weights it might offset it some.
  3. I bought for the group I was in. Don't think you should have to buy for everyone, I would like to think they should for you
  4. Would love to get the cap down to a 0. Went down to a 1 this year, with very little practice time so I would like to have a little more practice time and try to get down to 0.
  5. I got for it, If you hit a good shot you are in line for a chance at eagle or bird, if you hit a bad one you can still get up and down for par.
  6. i was going to ask about the grooves but if they are new then that shouldn't be the problem. What is the gap in yards between your 6 and 8?
  7. For me to make that jump I worked on 2 things. First was scrambling, really trying to work on those shots you need to get yourself out of bad situations and get some distance out of those situations to allow yourself a chance at par. Looks kinda funny on the range hitting low punch hooks etc.. but it can pay off Second thing for me was I was always trying the low percentage shot to try and save a bad drive. Typically those only compound the problem. My game sorta moved a bit when I took my medicine and got back into play rather then trying a low percentage shot to try and recover.
  8. Playing in the wind is something that takes practice to build confidence in club selection. Every times is different as well, which is a bigger challenge. The only good thing the wind is, you always get those holes where it helps and you get to smash drives lol.
  9. I don't do much swing related. I take that time I do alot to work on my flexibilty over the winter. I started that 3 years ago and that has helped my swing and added distance to my game. I will chip and put a bit and make a trip or two the simulator, but nothing major game related.
  10. My adivse at this stage for you would be to get a couple of lessons given you are early in your golf life it would be a good thing to do to establish proper set up, swing and finish. I don't buy into the training aids that much. There could be a number of problem areas causing you to hit behind the ball and is hard to guess. Posture and ball position would be a couple of easy ones to focus on first before getting into the more complicated sections like swing plane.
  11. I don't think they produce it in a 9.5 though, from what I can find they are only available for sale in 9, and 10.5. The site I was on, looked like knock off's that had them in a 9.5.
  12. Does the R11 Right Handed come with 9.5 loft? I found one for sale and thought only the left handed came with a 9.5. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks
  13. Thanks, I think I will start to pay attention to my stats more often, that is something I don't pay much attention to. For me it seems to be that one big mistake that can add several strokes quick. We have quite a few OB areas outside and inside the course and doesn't help any. Thanks for the replys.
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