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  1. Been contemplating the switch to a forged CB or MB iron. I hit 20 balls each with the Callaway X Forged and Mizuno MP 60 today. Both had fairly similar results and felt great but I'm not sure which one to get... Ugh!
  2. I watched it as best as I could... Dufner gave him the ball, then came out and Hoffman walked a little further away out of my view
  3. I only brought it up b/c I was standing right on the tree line while He was hitting his first shot in the woods and watching him look for it after he hit. Dufner walked right in front of me to go in the woods. Just thought someone could clarify would might be going on.
  4. Weird situation... On the 11th today, Charlie Hoffman catches the right cart path and his ball bounces into the woods. He goes in looking, finds it, hits it off a tree and it goes back into the woods. While searching around, Jason Dufner comes walking over with a ball in hand... goes into the woods (about 10yds deep) and is talking/looking around with Hoffman. He hands him the ball and then walks out. Moments later a rules official comes over and Hoffman is hitting a ball. Anyone have any thoughts/clarification on this?
  5. 2nd hole on a course I play... Par 5 dogleg right and a road that you tee off over and it runs along the dogleg on the right side. OB is along the edge of the road. I snap hook my ball off the tee, nail a tree on the edge of the woods to the left of the fairway, and it flies 90 degrees right and OB just past the road :( Another at a different course while trying to lightly punch a ball out of the woods, it strikes a tree about 20yds in front of me, comes back and I catch it. I'm sure that's a two stroke penalty lol
  6. I typically follow the rules to the best of my knowledge. Once in awhile if I hit a ball and think it's in play but can't find it I'll just drop and take the penalties instead of walking back like most people. However, if we're playing for drinks/money or anything else... then we all better be on the same rule page. Though I'll gladly accept the "1 breakfast ball on the tee per 9" rule if agreed upon.
  7. second full round of 18 today on the season.. shot a 94. Slowly getting back to where I was at last year at this time. Took out the new Cobra S2 3w that I got this week, hit it once off the tee and couldn't have been happier. Hit the most GIRs I have all season (no birdies), and the longest drive of my life (364yds, GPS measured) on a 435yd Par 4. Too bad I 3-putted for Bogey :(
  8. A couple of days ago I was at the range and they use Nike practice balls. Not sure which model though. Anyways, I was having a decent day striking the ball, and hitting it well with the driver I picked up on Ebay recently ($25, TM 320 Tour TI 8.5*). So I decided to toss a couple in the bag and see how they played out on the course when I played 9 yesterday. Holding the ball I initially teed off with.. it's scuffed a bit, but it survived the 9 holes and to be honest... one of the better balls I've played with. It was nice around the greens, and off the tee it was great.
  9. I was just thinking of that, actually. If I can find time this week I'll go do that. I actually just won an older TM 320 Tour TI in 8.5* with a UST proforce 65S and was gonna try that out tomorrow. For $20 I figured why not, to see if the lower loft might help.
  10. Currently using a TM Superquad 10.5* with the stock REAX 65g shaft, Stiff flex. I would like to fit it with a shaft that would bring the ball flight down a little from where it's at now rather than go buy a new driver. I'm not an expert on shafts so I'd like to ask: What shaft(s) would some of you recommend that are similar to the REAX 65g S, but would give me a slightly lower ball flight? Thanks!
  11. I've gone 48/37 this year, as well as numerous 37-40/46-50
  12. We recently had a smaller golf shop in the area close due to not having the money to keep shop open.. They held a fundraiser through donations and whatnot and are open again... They'll be closed again soon due to being right across the street from Dick's, which has a bigger club selection than they do, the same services, and cheaper products on the shelves. I've noticed Dick's has also started selling some used clubs, too.
  13. Ship it via UPS.. you automatically get tracking information on the package. Package it in a box that will accommodate the driver head and the length of the shaft. UPS ground won't cost you any more than $13. I might be overestimating it as well. If you have some then place some bubble wrap around the clubhead. That's pretty much it.
  14. Yeah well.. The Sandtrap's forum members have 8!! lol
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