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  1. my problem is im married, 2 kids, job, etc so its hard for me to be selfish and go "play" golf all the time. lol i picked up this game about 5 years ago when I was 27, so I have had a late start, then considering I dont get to play/practice near as much as Id like, im not really where I want to be. Id say I probably play about 12-15 rounds a year and hit the range about the same amount, if that... probably less. I do not think that comes out to a 70s golfer... But I would like to be a low/mid 80s golfer and think that is within reason. I have a decent swing and overall am pretty happy with my game. Iv played 3 rounds in the past 2 weeks and all 3 rounds have been low/mid 90s, which is typical for me, but the good news is I havent lost a single ball/penalty in 3 rounds. Im striking the ball good, really good for me. But where Im losing strokes is around the green, i continue to leave all my chips short and leave me with long putts, and my putting has been horrible, again, leaving everything short. so im not making bad shot mistakes, im hitting it good, im just not getting my distances right, i think doing some REAL practice like this might help me dial in some things and hopefully get me over the hump im at... id love love love to turn these 92s into 86s !!!
  2. anyone ever done this? if so, how did it work for you? did you improve at all? if so, by how much? Im thinking of starting this week as my guy's golf trip is in exactly 6 weeks from this weekend... im currently about an 18-20 handicap, so im not sure it would get me into the 70s, but if it could maybe drop 4-5 strokes in 6 weeks, Id be happy to shoot in the high 80s everytime out. http://www.golf.com/instruction/how-break-80-your-six-week-plan-lifetime-low-scores
  3. I have been golfing for a few years now (think about 5) and although I do not get to play as much as Id like, I do take it very serious and love the game. I guess you could say Im borderline obsessed. That being said, my son is just now starting to show a little interest in the game. There is a nice course by me that also has a little 3 hole practice course. Its kept in perfect shape, but is perfect to take my son out on because there arent a million people playing it pressuring us to speed up. To date, he has probably only gone to the driving range 2-3 times and played maybe 1 round of 9 holes. never really showed him and "tips", just let him swing naturally and do his thing.. well about 2 weeks ago i took him out to the front yard and tried showing him a few things with these orange calloway sponge balls. I just showed him grip, stance and a few other minor things. Then we headed out to the 3 hole practice course and played 6 holes. He actually got 2 legit pars (playing from the reds). one par 4 he hit is great down the middle, then approach about 10 feet from the pin on the green. Then one a par 3, hit it about 20 feet from the pin... then the other 4 holes were probably double bogeys or worse... but i can see some potential. He just started 7th grade and I have already been talking to his coach a little. there is a 7th grade golf team and the tryouts are in April. He said 10 kids will make the team and usually about 35-45 will try out. He said they usually shoot anywhere from 36 to 66. So I want to get him some real clubs. right now he only has a set of these cheap junior clubs. Comes with a driver, hybrid, 7, 9 and putter. They are a brand Iv never heard of and they seem ok i guess, but no wedge, sand wedge, long iron, etc. Id really like to get him a full set. So we went to Golfsmith yesterday just to dink around and had him measured. He is right on the edge of juniors to mens size clubs. Juniors is about his perfect size RIGHT NOW, but im sure will outgrow them by the time tryouts come around in April. So I was thinking of getting a real mens set, but having them fitted and the shafts cut down. The guy there measured and said he would need to take 1.5 to 2 inches off the shaft and reccomended I get a ladies or senior flex graphite shaft and cut them 1.5/2 inches for him... then in a year or whatever when he outgrows, can either reshaft again or buy a new set. so i was thinking of find a decent used set on ebay/craigslist or golfsmith, but im not really sure what is best for a 12 year old just starting out. Should I get some kind of OS game improved club? or just a regular cavity back or what? Any ideas on something really good, but maybe a couple years old so I can get them cheap? Having them reshafted is going to cost about $30-35 per club. I was thinking maybe just 6-PW and a wedge, driver and maybe hybrid or 5 wood. im open to all ideas and suggestions.... thanks
  4. this past weekend I signed up for the official USGA handicap with my home course. He told me that after I play a round I can tell them and they can enter it in the computer or I can go home and do it on ghin.com anyway, here is my problem. I accidentally entered in too many rounds. I entered in each round twice. I cannot find a way to delete the extra rounds. Any ideas?
  5. Its always fun to buy a new club. I bought a Taylor Made R9 5 Wood... I rarely ever hit my hybrids because I dont like them much, so I really only have a Driver and next is 6 iron... So I had a huge gap. I hit this club like a champ at a Taylor Made Demo day at my home course last week... Im excited!! Cant wait to try it and close it a degree and see what it does...
  6. Iv never really looked at myself as ever becoming a scratch golfer. I just picked up the game about 3 years ago when I was 26 years old. Really wished I would have started alot earlier. But Im pretty happy with where I have come. When I first picked up the game, I was shooting 115-120 and now im high 80s, low 90s. My ultimate goal has always been to shoot low 80s consistently and occasionally flirt with 70s. Most of my golfin buddies are around a 10-13 handicap. But this past weekend my buddy brought out another one of his friends he works with that Iv never met. This guy came out all cocky and throws out that he is a 1.5 handicap. Im like, ya right... why does everyone have to exaggerate their golf game? Well, we ended up playing 2 rounds and he goes -3 through 36 holes. I was shocked. Iv never actually played alongside someone like that. But I tell ya what surprises me the most. Really he only had one great shot (approach on a par 5 left him a gimme eagle). He didnt drive long, etc... he really never made a single shot that I dont feel I couldnt do. Difference is he did it shot after shot... was very consistent. Needless to say, hes got me motivated... he is single and has alot of free time, Im married with 2 kids. So I dont have the time to practice, but makes me wonder if I can ever get there!!!!
  7. plus u always play your best when nobody is around :) good job man, thats an awesome round
  8. maybe i should just get another iron like a 4 or 5 so it will be a little longer than my 6 and get a 5 wood... sounds like more reasonable thing to do
  9. Thanks for the faith guys, but I have no interest in learning to hit these particular clubs. I hate them and cant stand even looking at them anymore. Im really thinking about a 909H type of club.
  10. My Adams A3 irons have hybrids as the 3,4,5. I simply cannot hit these clubs to save my life. Iv read and heard other people with Adams hybrids say they are an iron hybrid and meant to be hit like an iron, not like a wood. However, I guess its a mental thing, but I simply cannot take a divot and hit them like this. I try and sweep them and its not working out for me. So.... to fix this issue, I simply just dont use them. Because I dont have any fairway woods, I have a huge gap in my clubs from Driver to 6 iron. I want to fill in this gap with a single club for now. Im looking at a different type of hybrid like a 909H Hybrid. Also thinking about a 5 wood. Like a Titleist 909 or Taylormade R9 5 woods... What do you guys suggest? Anyone with a wood style hybrid AND a 5 wood? Which do you perfer and why?
  11. However, with all this being said.... I do want to find 1 club between my 6 iron and Driver that I can confidently hit and know I can hit it good. I dont like my Adams A3 hybrids at all. They stand too upright and just hate the way they feel... so im going to go look/hit some other hybrids like a 909H and some 5 woods....
  12. Yes, I did play the same course both times. It was a buddies birthday and we played all day. Well there are a few holes where you dont really want to hit driver. Because I dont hit my hybrids very well, Im really in a bad spot here. I feel that a 6 iron isnt really "enough" but a driver is a bad decision. Im just not THAT accurate with it. This one par 5 hurt me both times. Big water on the left, huge trees OB on the right. Both times my buddy basically yelled at me to use 6 iron and I didnt listen... first time in the trees, second time in the water... If I woulda just done that, hit a 6 iron in the fairway, I woulda been alot better off... this is a good example of me NOT following my plan... but there were 1-2 holes where I did the exact opposite and it worked out for me. The #1 handicap hole is about 180-190 yards, dogleg left... From a birdseye, 90% of that is a huge OB hole. We are basically on the side of a cliff. So, first time, like I always do... I went for the green and failed.. second round, I pulled out 7 iron and went for the "fairway" of the par 3... ended up getting a good little roll and was about 20 yards off the green... easy chip on and pared it!!!! This is an example of when it worked for me
  13. thought I would give a little update. I played 36 holes yesterday and tried to put this theory into place. Round 1. I shot a 96, but I had 7 penalties. This is probably about as many penalties as I have ever had in one single round before. Ultimately, this is what killed my score (duh). But basically, I played like I said I would. I didnt get aggressive and try to go for the green when I felt I had a very small chance of getting there. However, I did find myself in a bit of a rock and hard spot when I was in my hybrid range. I have a Driver, then 3,4,5 hybrids and then my irons start at 6. I simply cannot hit my hybrids with any confidence. So the hybrids cost me AT LEAST 5 strokes this round... Round 2. I improved considerably. I shot an 88 (tied for lowest round ever). I actually took my hybrids out of my bag and put them in my truck. So I only had driver then irons starting at 6... Even though I had a huge gap, I just layed up with 6 iron when I needed too and helped alot. I was 11 over after 16. Easily best round ever (with a 30 yard chip in birdie), and 3 putted a par 5 (missed both eagle and birdie putt)..... Then holes 17,18 I fell apart... shot +5 on final 2 holes for an 88. Still had 3 penalties, but overall I played alot better. I like the strategy of laying up and not forcing myself...
  14. How did you guys play Augusta??? My best played is the Colonial in Ft. Worth, Texas
  15. as a follow up.... I dont plan to purposely lay up on every single hole just because I have an extra stroke... Obviously, when possible Ill still be going for it when possible. I just think this will mentally allow me to not force shots when I dont feel confident I can pull it off. Most all my buddies are single digit handicaps and alot better than me.... So I see them pull off shots and try and do the same thing, even when I dont feel that I can pull it off...... But on a short par 4, after a drive and Im only 100 out, im not going to hit a half wedge shot 50 yards... lol
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