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  1. Played 18 holes on Friday after work. #9/ Par 5, 479 yrds blind tee shot to fairway. Hit Driver off tee to leave 180, into wind, so i pulled 4i, nice smooth swing, thinking i just want to be on and putting for eagle. Put the 2nd shot 15 feet from hole on right side. Sunk it for Eagle! Later in the same round, #15/ Par 5, 528 yrds, hard dog leg right over water. Hit a high fade, landed middle of fairway with 210 left to hole, wind right to left. Pulled 4i, again, hit a full swing shot, faded left to right landed 20 feet left of pin. Told my playing partners that if I sink this putt I will walk
  2. I have been using the GolfLogix on my iPhone for this season so far and have no complaints. It keeps track of various stats (Fairway hit/ miss, GIR, # of Putts, bets, etc..) Only problem I seem to have with it is when it hasn't recognized that I've moved on to the next hole. Other than that though, it has proven pretty accurate. It also suggests clubs to hit based on my inputs when I first downloaded the app.
  3. For me I would have to say hitting fairways consistently and not 3-putting. I absolutely hate when I hit an amazing drive, good approach shot and then when I get onto the green to putt I can't seem to get it to the hole. When I have my putting tuned in propperly it makes those bad shots a little less antagonizing.
  4. First off, I wasn't being "indignant" as you put it.. I was simply askng for input and noticed people were looking without saying anything. If what I wrote came off as cocky I apologize. I wasn't aware that there was a certain amount of posts I had to have to recieve responses from other forum members, and still cant seem to find it in any user agreements or forum rules. These videos were shot by my wife using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i which records In 1080p. Granted they are a little out of focus due to her not really knowing how to operate the camera. So, as I mentioned in my original post you
  5. Wow! 13 Views, no comments or anything?? Really?!
  6. Please critique, fix, comment or do whatever you may feel like doing. My misses are usually left with the driver, and with the irons slightly left. (Watch in 1080p) PW: 6-Iron: Driver: Thanks, -Mike
  7. Hello everyone, I am Mike. I am in the U.S. Air Force, currently stationed in Tampa, Fl. Couldn't have asked for a better spot to play golf in except for the INSANE humidity! I am a weekend golfer who doesn't know his exact handicap, but I average low 80's so I am thinking somewhere in the ballpark of 10-12. I currently play once or twice a week after having taken a year and a half off from the game. Went out and bought me a new set of clubs which I will list below. Current problem I am having is pulling drives left and can't seem to keep the shots low. I get great distance, but all my shots a
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