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  1. WSJ article about golf addiction

    Hi my name is Tyler and I am addicted to golf, I am 24 hours sober and about to go relapse! (Please note I am saying this as a joke and don't want to seem not sensitive to more serious addictions, I understand there seriousness.)
  2. Break Out Day Yesterday

    Thanks guy for all the kind words! Yeah I am super excited to get out again and see what happens, but honestly like baseballfrk said I am going to try my best to not get upset if I don't shoot anywhere near that the next time. It's just nice to know I am capable. But like Ben said it's funny when you play a good round how you can run through that round every shot in your head. I have learned with golf don't set your expectations to high and just take positives out of it. If I take a 9 on a hole I think hey I gave myself nine shots to get better. Again thanks for the kind words Thanks Tyler
  3. Break Out Day Yesterday

    Yesterday had a great day at the course, shot a 77. It has been awhile since I have gotten into the 70's. It's funny though because I felt like it was a real sloppy 77. Only hit 3 fairways, and 8 GIR. Putting is what really saved me. On the back nine I think I had 11 putts. Front nine was a 40 with a 3 putt double on the 9th, and was -1 under on the back nine till 17 I took another double. Hit short of the green rolled back about 20 yds, front pin location so was a tough chip came up short again. So I feel that there was a bunch of room for improvement, but in all I was pretty happy about it. I just started keeping track of my rounds so I have 3 complete rounds so far. 82, 83, and 77. I inputed the three in a handicap calculator and for the last two scores I needed for a handicap I just averaged the slope/rating/and scores of the first three rounds. I know that doesn't give me a total accurate number but close enough for the time being. With that said it put me at a 6.7, which also I am pretty happy about. Well I promise I am done bragging just super thrilled. Thanks, Tyler
  4. Hello Everyone

    Thank you! Also I apologize that this thread would of been more appropriate in the Welcome forums, I just didn't see it at first. Sorry -Tyler
  5. Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone my name is Tyler. Just joined the site and I am really looking forward to meeting some people that have the same passion as me. I've been golfing off and on for quite sometime now, I remember being the kid going to the course with my dad and putting and chipping when my father was on the green of that hole. I played in high school and really enjoyed it, and miss it. Now I am in the Air Force stationed in Northern California and have really gotten back in to the game. I am at the point that I shoot usually in the low 80's sometimes in the high 70's. I know I have the game to break through to the next level, foundation is there just need the proper blueprints. My ultimate goal is to be a scratch golfer, may seem like a long shot some may think. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and looking forward to meeting you all. -Tyler
  6. Sergios St. Jude Scorecard

    I wish I could take a 11 and still shoot a 78, thats the difference between pro's and amatuers I guess.
  7. Golf Boys "Oh oh oh" Music Video

    Did you all see the Live at the US Open interview after they premiered it? It was pretty funny when they were talking about Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber and how there talented but no gurantees they would make the cut to the band.