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  1. Well, like at Lakeview for instance, I can't break a 100, I mean I will have a good round for me, and then blow it on one or two holes, I just want to quit laying up triple bogeys I guess for now. I will par that #1 handicap at Lakeview, then lay up a damn 6 on the next par 3!! That I guess is what I am trying to ask if that makes sense! ha
  2. I know this is a very vague question but about how long does it take to become a consistent golfer. I know I have the ability to make good shots and good holes, I just want to be a bogey golfer right now and hit in 90's consistent. I will be doing great and then lay up a 8 or a 7 at least twice if not more on a round, it kills my score, I know everyone has bad shots, but it gets frusturating when you duff one or slice one off the tee, or chip it over green, it seems the more I get better/ the worse I get as well if that make sense? any thoughts
  3. I have/had a bad slice, I seem to correct it, then it comes back, it ticks me off bc when I get off the tee well I end up having such a better game bc my confidence is up, I think I try to crush the ball and end up turning my hips to quick, so I am trying to take a more relaxed swing and roll my hands over, any more tips would be greatly appreciated
  4. I had a bad weekend this past, and I finally got to go out and golf on sunday, right before tee time, I got a phone call that ended up being some bad news, it threw my whole game off bc I had to worry during the round to go deal with situation, I didn't want to make everyone else miserable, so I just tried to laugh it off and then bought a six pack for back 9
  5. Alright, I have been trying to play a hundred percent honest, not that I wasn't before but I am still learning some of the fine rules. If you hit a ball of the tee and shank it, you have to lay up again and tee off right? rather than placing the ball where it went in the woods? Do you also do this with normal shots ie water or woods? if it lands near or on cart path what do you do? thanks Also I play with guys that take a mulligan on the front and back nine, even if I dribble the ball like a school girl I still hit it, Lastly, this is real embarrassing, but if I put one on another gree
  6. [QUOTE=scotton;57574]The most embarrassing thing is to not put the strap on your bag. Then when you go to haul ass with both hands off the first tee, your bag crashes to the ground. Everyone on the course knows what that sound is. I did that the second time I went out, I was with my girl and she was just riding with me, and when everyone looked at me, I turned to her and said I can't believe you forgot to strap in the bag...I slept on the couch that night!!
  7. I was teeing off about a week ago with a surgeon and his assistant, we were late for our tee time (not my fault) so there was a foursome waiting already, I teed up and just got this driver from pro shop that they let me borrow and I never hit it yet, I duffed the shot and it went twenty feet into a ravine, second shot, I did the same thing, I just got in the cart and took off!! Last week I shanked a shot into another fairways bunker, smashed it out with a five iron, hits a tree and comes right back at me into the bunker. I just try to make a joke of it, and lighten up the situation, I saw the
  8. thanks man, I was playing with a buddy of mine that has been golfing for ten years, and I was telling him that I wasn't good and only been playing two months, then I started nailing shots, it was great. I got too excited though and went back to my normal bogey/double bogey golf game, but still felt great!!
  9. I played today and shot a 42, which is my best score yet. I parred the first 4 holes in a row, I def know why you guys are hooked, I didn't want to quit, I wanted to play another 9 but time wouldn't allow!! This game is awesome!!!
  10. I agree about not going through group after group, I meant in the evenings when its open golf and there is just one group ahead of me. I have noticed two ends of the spectrum, one end is pretty casual and friendly, the other (which is not for the most part at the club I am at) tend to act like they own the course or are better than they really are. I have no room to talk I know that, but the people I have learned from taught me ready golf, I was reading the thread about slow play and I agree, even as a beginner it still is frusturating when you are watching four guys standing around on a gr
  11. thanks for the answers, also what is a good ball to be using? I use to take whatever bc I would lose them, now I can make a round without losing a ball or just maybe one. Any suggestions? thanks
  12. is it alright to ask to play through? or do they have to offer? I am so new to the game and then I joined a nice club and the members are pretty cool, but I am timid bc I am such a green horn about what you should and shouldn't do, I don't want to have a bad rep at the club, but sometimes I feel like some groups act like its the us open, I know they are playing for money sometimes, but still, we go out for a good time, at least thats why I am out there
  13. Alright, as I said before I am new to the game so any help would be greatly appreciated. I got a couple questions from game play to equipment. First, I usually play alone and with a cart can play 18 in about 2 1/2 hours if by myself. Why when I am playing and there is a foursome or threesome in front of me, they don't let me play through? I know that they have the "right away", but I still feel if they would just wait on the next tee, I could breeze through even though I stink and shoot more than them, I still am quicker than three guys that are good Is it alright to stay on the greens
  14. I shot my best score yet at home course 48 on the front, then went back to my normal and hit a 55 on the back, I was still stoked, but really wanted to break a 100. I then went to a local course and shot a 98 I played well, but the course was a bit easier.
  15. thanks guys, and I still ride a couple dirtbikes and have a track in the backyard, but racing days are over. As far as good shots go, I played last night pretty bad, but hit the pin on a par three from the tee, I thought it was going in!!
  16. Sorry I had to hit up three posts before I could make a thread!! I am a new golfer, just started about three months ago, I got into it mainly for work, and bc I was tired of breaking bones and getting hurt (snowboarding/motocross) but now I love it. I never would have thought I would have liked it as much as I do, I usually am into going fast and catching big air, but the thrill of a good shot (even though mine are few) is almost as much fun as hitting 50 footer on my snowboard. I sold most my dirtbikes and I am hooked on playing. I still stink pretty bad, but love going out. Just wante
  17. Tiger, I don't know golf to well, but he was fun to watch even before I started playing
  18. I just joined there about two months ago, I love it!
  19. Hey guys, new here and a noob at golf as well. I own an orthopaedic bracing company. I figured after having two ACL's and 15 broken bones, I should probably do this for a living!
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