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  1. Contgrats @jsgolfer and @coachjimsc! I got my yearly rejection email. Haven't been back since my dad won the lottery back in 2009.
  2. Came here to read a story but got a math lesson! Bonus. Closest thing I've ever seen to this is in a tournament I was playing...one group had a guy leave it on the lip for closest to the pin. He had to mark the ball and leave the metal marker on the side of the green. In the next group a guy one-hopped it in for an ace.
  3. Even when I wasn't a member of a course I never really considered using GolfNow. A couple times I used a Groupon for a nice local course that was good for the year. No commitment for a specific date. Sounds like GolfNow's business model needs to change...or die.
  4. I've had zero issues streaming or the leaderboard from the USGA website. It's been solid all day for me. I had to do actual work for an hour here or there but haven't had any issues connecting or streaming.
  5. It's going to be interesting how things play out scoring-wise. I think the USGA will adjust (as they always do) during the tournament so it doesn't get too low. It think they will default, at first, to make sure it isn't overly difficult. From there the scores will go up a bit. I'd predict an opening round leader in the -4 range and then the winner on Sunday around -6 or -7 unless the winds and weather rears its ugly head.
  6. As @boogielicious mentioned, don't get confused by static loft. Clubs are evolving when it comes to other factors...launch angle, etc. It's a good catch and has been moving that direction over time for sure. The hybrid phenomenon is completely different. To me, it fills a perfect gap between long irons and the 3-wood.
  7. Even lower-handicapped players. First it was the 2-iron, but I haven't had a 3-iron in my bag for about 7 years now. I went to a hybrid back in 2010 and haven't looked back. Hybrids offer a club that is easier to hit and gives me a club I can carry the distance I need...longer than a 4 iron but not as long as my 3-wood (which I rarely hit off the deck). Quite a bit of touring pros still use 3-irons and some still have 2-irons but the movement to a hybrid or something in between the longest iron and 3-wood is definitely there (on tour.)
  8. So you mean the bunkers were actually penal? The gall of them!
  9. I think that "tricks" or "tricked out" is much different than "toughest test in golf". Oakmont is not tricked out...neither is Pinehurst. Still gives one of the toughest tests in golf without 2 foot fescue a few paces off the fairway. Just saying.
  10. 1. I'm honestly worried that having spotters on every hole may not be enough to find it in that stuff. 2. Agreed. He didn't look like he was making a true effort but I think the point in #1 is still valid...balls will be lost. Just my prediction. 3. Yes. Not sure that they have fescue that thick and pervasive on every hole. Sure, it's tall but I'm not sure they will be able to advance the ball as far. Remains to be seen...perhaps Na picked one of the nastiest spots on the course. 4. I don't mind outspoken. Did you complain about Gary Player when he spoke out about Chambers Bay along with the other players? Of course they are going to play. Many guys are just tired of seeing courses tricked out for the US Open.
  11. That looks green side...not 195 out with a forced carry.
  12. Kinda the opposite of Pinehurst a few years back...no rough and nothing but sandy waste areas off the fairway. Still a tough test with only 15 guys under par. There were a few criticisms of #2 but many thought it was a great setup and fair...the Saturday round was difficult but simply a setup/pin placement factor. They eased up on Sunday.
  13. Watching the Kevin Na, Wesley Bryant and other comments this should be interesting. They have also said that these fairways are the widest in US Open history but if you get off line at all that ball could roll or bounce very quickly to a bad, bad place. Its the same for everyone but I tend to agree with Na's criticism. Make the rough penal but not so bad that you will lose a ton of balls or can't even play out of it. I wonder how many spotters they will have around there.
  14. Flushed my best drive of the year a few days back. Unfortunately I airmailed the green on my second into the par 5 and had a nasty lie. Still, the drive was a perfect high draw with a lot of carry. The hole is flat for about 250 then goes downhill. If you can carry the hill and bunker on the right you can get a bit of rollout. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ncgolfer101/round/1640864?shot_id=98582500&hole_id=32060910
  15. Nah...smoke it like Daly during the round. Drinking the Diet Cokes...