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  1. Thanks @iacas. I'm excited and honored to be part of the Newport Cup once again. Looking forward to playing later this year. Hopefully I can bring some of that home-state advantage to the East team. It should be a great time! I'll have to make sure I keep my game sharp for the length of the season. Yes, yes...Not sure I'd be able to fund other's trip but I'd be a more than willing participant. Will be over there in a month's time for work. Can't wait to indulge in the tapas and red wine once more.
  2. And he's Spieth's partner! I understand these guys take a lot into consideration but damn. That's painful.
  3. Awesome stuff @kpaulhus. I wonder who you will meet this year...
  4. Ugh...man. I'd hear about Lyme quite a bit growing up...the deer would carry it around. Glad I never had to deal with it. I've only heard really bad things.
  5. This is exactly how I felt when I heard the details. I'm not sure if others feel this's way but after both events occurred and I watched the video I felt worse for Anna than I did for Lexi.
  6. I'll raise you JB Holmes...who is the king of short backswings. They all still make good shoulder turns, get in good positions on the downswing and create plenty of lag.
  7. Can she help him putt? Just kidding...all the best to Rory. I don't think this is anything but a positive for life and golf.
  8. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out for Poulter. If he uses this as fuel or starts to struggle and find himself along side journeymen and a cashing handfuls of smaller checks.
  9. Awesome. Dear Ian, T128 is not a good start.
  10. I really hope this works for Tiger. I think this is first and foremost about relieving the pain and discomfort and being able to have a (somewhat) normal life. Secondary is golf. If the pain is gone then he can move his focus to golf and try and work his way back. I don't expect to see him play any competitive golf until 2018.
  11. 728 - delicious Pinot.
  12. Everything Is Sadder with The Leftovers Music...LOL. I like that show a lot but it's too funny that when my wife asks me what I watched I always tell her I'm watching "the depressing, I almost want to kill myself show tonight." I was a big Lost fan and give anything Lindelof is involved in a try.
  13. It happens to the best of us. When I start going sideways I normally do a few things: Press the reset button. Cool off for bit if you are pressing too much. When you get back to the range, use the alignment sticks to make sure your setup and posture is good. It isn't uncommon for my setup to get a bit out of sorts and it might be a tweak here or there to get me back on the right path. Start with small swings. I'll work on path mostly. I normally play a draw so I'll work on making sure my path isn't coming over the top or something else. At the same time, you can also focus on club face control and make sure it isn't shutting down or laying open. I work on hitting 8 or 9-irons punch shots at 50-60% power. I'll hit a bucket of nothing but these types of shots until my ball starts on the intended direction with the right type of curve. Once I have that I can start working on fuller motion and longer clubs. Get yourself on film. Not just when it's going bad but when its going good. Comparing the two is helpful and can help your shorten the time to recovery by noticing things that are out of position or bad habits that crop up. If all you do is start small I think you'll find you can fix some things pretty quickly. It has always helped me focus on good fundamentals. Good luck!
  14. I can't believe that he started by working in a golf shop selling equipment to actual people. He actually had to (I think) treat them with respect.
  15. Except that golfers normally don't do that. To make your analogy he would have just laid the club on the bag on the way to the next tee. I've never seen a golfer do what Dufner did...which is why I said I was surprised. I'm not surprised to see a hitter drop the bat in the batters box.