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  1. So I had some time at our indoor facility and Trackman. I put the Swingspeed radar down to compare it next to Trackman to see what the difference in numbers were. Had some interesting (and strange) results. First I hit some 7 irons to warm up. On trackman I averaged about 85 MPH but the Swingspeed was registering around 78/79...so it was consistently lower. When I hit driver I was averaging around 102ish on Trackman but the Swingspeed radar was consistently around 110 or even higher. I hit 105 on Trackman but topped out at 115 on Swingspeed. I'd say that Swingspeed was averaging
  2. Hit balls today...got to 114 and 112 but the mean was around 109. Both are up 2+ MPH from last week. Probably going to hit some more tomorrow (high of 57) and not over-swing and see how it goes. Also might try and get on a trackman next week to compare numbers to another source.
  3. Our course has been open the entire time and gone through phases of PVC, foam, etc in the cups. I don't know of any cases here that have been spread on the course. The club does have tournaments but they have nearly all been tee-time based and not shotgun to prevent mass gatherings. Personally, I've played more golf last year than the previous two years combined (at least) and not been sick at all. I don't see why all courses can't follow basic safety for indoor spaces and gatherings and open the courses up for play. The way many play, golf is socially distanced anyway. 😉 And
  4. 73 (+2) today in breezy and cool conditions. Had a few bad swings but overall pretty happy with how I played. Hit 14 greens...made a couple birdies but left a couple out there. Encouraged that the SuperSpeed work I've done has been positive. Can tell the swing faster but I don't feel out of control. Only a couple bad drives but neither cost me very much...
  5. 124, 120, 119, 118, 114 Another nice bump. After making sure I was getting to or slightly past parallel in the backswing in the last session, today I made sure my hands were getting higher. That made a big difference right away. Didn't make any swings with the driver but I might hit balls later today and see what the numbers translate to on the range. I'm hoping I'll get over 110 hitting balls.
  6. Hit 118 during testing after doing my protocol. Also swung my driver (without a ball) just to compare. My median was 112 today with the blue stick and topped my driver out at 112. I'd say the median driver was 110. When I hit balls the driver is 110 maxed out and 107 at the median. Mind you, I'm not trying to max out my swing when I'm hitting balls. So currently I'm around: Blue Stick Driver w/o ball Driver w/ ball Max 118 112 110 Med 112 110
  7. So, @iacas, I did a few swings just to test out...going past parallel and got up to 118 and 117.
  8. Swinging as fast as I can but still keeping my form as close to "normal" as I can. I'm not letting my right elbow fly out or moving my feet excessively. At least I don't feel like I am. I've never taken the club back past parallel in my life so I'm going to start looking at making an even bigger shoulder turn. I think I'm leaving some on the table there.
  9. Seemed to plateau at 113/114 with the blue sticks. Last three sessions have been nearly identical.
  10. Hit about 15 drivers on the range today. Would say that 80% of them were at 107 or 108. Wasn't going at max...just what I think I would be swinging on the course. That's about 5 or 6 above where I started. Hope to get that up to 110 consistently.
  11. We are looking at Hilton Head right now. Very pricey but both the wife and I really like the area and seems to tick all the boxes we have. Still 10 years or so to go until we'd consider living there with any regularity but we've started scouting areas we'd be interested in long-term.
  12. Hit balls on the range today with the radar. Low was 104 and the high was 110. I think the device is a couple MPH hot so it might be lower but when I did my testing (Driver with no ball) I hit 102. Not a bad start.
  13. Thought about this a bit. Some are similar to @iacas: Stick with Swingspeed for the first few months of the year. Goal is to gain 5-10 MPH. Keep plus handicap for entire year Win Club Championship Keep my son playing throughout the year Last one isn't for me specifically but I know I'll play more if he's playing. He's starting to enjoy it and hope to keep him going.
  14. Purchased the set...looking forward to starting the training. Have a friend who has the radar and doesn't use it all that much. Said I can borrow it so I can track my progress.
  15. The spin rate was a lot lower than I expected. In the 1800-2000 range...launch angle was a little higher to offset the low spin. Can't remember exactly what the launch angles were but I did notice the spin rates.
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