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  1. NCGolfer

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Tiger: -2. 😁
  2. Four months, four majors...bookended by The Players and the playoffs. Very balanced schedule which is what they are intending along with pulling some things in to get away from NFL and college football. I like it.
  3. NCGolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Made it to the finals of our gross match play tournament. Won 5&3. One more match to go in mid-August. Weird thing is that I felt like I struggled all day with the tee ball and ball striking in general but still hit half my fairways and 11 greens. Shot a 72 (+1) with a couple birdies and a hole-out from 40 yards for eagle. I had been hitting the ball really, really well but after a 10 day layoff for vacation I had some rust out there.
  4. NCGolfer

    Cutting the Cord…

    I've found that with Hulu Live as well. Don't like having to watch commercials but I do like saving $90 a month. My biggest issues so far with Hulu: Forced commercials...but, like I said, I understand. When I go to watch a DVR'd show that is currently on (like a MLB game) it always starts at the beginning and I have to slowly fast forward through it. Wish there was a "go to live" option...maybe I'm missing something. Not sure if this is AppleTV or not but I've had to re-log in on multiple TV's. Maybe once every 3 weeks. Slightly annoying. What I like: Saving money. Interface on AppleTV is great and easy to stop and start programs from one place Picture quality is great for the most part. Live TV is not always perfect but I only watch live TV maybe 20% of the time...and even then it's normally great. You will get some pixelation every so often. Access to all sports I want. Golf, World Cup, Baseball, etc. I don't have to pay extra and it's all there. The kids only noticed yesterday that DirecTV was gone...and I cut that well over a month ago. Goes to show how much they relied on it.
  5. NCGolfer

    2018 World Cup

    Great match. The better team won but I thought Japan was going to win going away for a while. They were very good keeping control of the ball and played like a poor-man's Spain. Never looked stressed. When Fellani came in you knew exactly what was going to happen...throw up some crosses with him and Lukaku in the middle. They both had a huge size advantage in there. Give Lukaku a lot of credit for laying off the cross and letting it go through. He knew exactly where Chadli was.
  6. NCGolfer

    What happened to Mizuno irons?

    And that would make sense. 😀
  7. NCGolfer

    What happened to Mizuno irons?

    Well, I’m pretty happy with the MP-18’s. Most everyone has game improvement irons but that doesn’t take away from their traditional line.
  8. NCGolfer

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ncgolfer101/round/2235181 Played in my gross match play tournament. Shot 69 and won 4&3. Hit some loose irons on the par 3's but hit some great wedges. Only converted a couple of them to birdies though. One bogey which I had to take an unplayable out of a bush. Other than that it was a very stress-free round.
  9. NCGolfer

    Are you gaming muscle backs for 7-PW?

    So I just did a review of the MP-18's and my setup is exactly how you were describing...MB's for 7-PW and SC for 4-6. I've been pretty happy with that setup so far. Previously, I had gone with entire setups with the same style and not had too much problems. I do feel that the SC's give me a little more forgiveness that I was looking for. Anything inside the 6 iron I wanted a little better feedback and traditional feeling. I don't know that you could really go wrong either way. I just wanted to try this type of setup once since more and more guys seem to be incorporating a progressive set in their bags.
  10. NCGolfer

    Driver Off the Deck

    Never done it. Can’t think of a situation I ever will. I don’t even hit 3W off the deck more than 10 times in a year.
  11. NCGolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    So a friend and I qualified on Monday for the US Final of the Audi Quattro Cup. We now play at Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay in September. Still quite numb about it. We couldn't have played any better. Texas scramble format where we both tee off and play alternate shot from that point to the hole. We only missed one putt inside 10 feet and only had one of our six birdie putts outside 12 feet. Both of us drove it well and only made one bogey...very stress free (until the end when we realized we were probably close to winning.) Get to check Pebble off the bucket list. Basically for free. Crazy.
  12. NCGolfer

    Contacts vs Glasses= Better ball striking?

    I had LASIK done four years ago and don't regret it one bit. Like you said, some people have issues with it and they stated to me, going in, that your eyes can revert back to what they were before. My only complaint is that I have a bit of dry eye and have to put drops in every other day or so. When I hit balls for the first time after surgery I couldn't tell that much difference in depth perception or anything else than I did with contacts. I NEVER wore glasses playing golf after I got my contacts...much preferred wearing them vs the glasses.
  13. NCGolfer

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ncgolfer101/round/2193204 71. Hit a ton of greens and didn't make any putts. Not at the home course so I struggled a bit on the greens getting the line and pace. Made some good strokes or it at least felt that way. Lots of low-stress pars. Happy how i'm hitting it right now. If I fix the putter I'll be dangerous. Playing in a tournament out there on Monday so I'm hoping the practice round will help.
  14. NCGolfer

    My Swing (DeadMan)

    I was actually going to tell you to get closer to the ball but I didn't think you were really too far way...maybe a little. You are exactly right, that will raise the hands a bit if you keep everything else the same. You can also stand up a bit more to change that angle. Keep up the work!
  15. NCGolfer

    My Swing (DeadMan)

    @DeadMan, I'd concur with @DaveP043 here. The first thing I'd fix is your setup. Feel like you raise your hands "up" a bit and create much less of an angle with the putter and get the toe on the ground. Take another picture or video and make sure you're closer to what you see below. Eyes don't have to be directly over the ball but should be closer than where you are and you should have much more of a straight line from your elbows to the ball. From personal experience, this will typically fix problems with me pulling the ball/missing left. Not sure if that is what your miss has been or not.

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