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  1. NCGolfer

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    I wonder if LaCava will have a Poker Stars hat on or something else. It is Vegas. 😀
  2. NCGolfer

    Foursome Scorecard

    My expectation with keeping a common scorecard or having to report my score is only: A tournament or A group game (i.e. skins) Other than that, I never expect (or really want) to have someone else keep my score.
  3. I've got it. It is resting comfortably at home on a shelf next to my Pinehurst collection. Appropriate since that was the area of its last tournament (and victory.) Hoping to take it to the scene of the 1974 PGA Championship (Tanglewood) where Lee Trevino held off Jack to win.
  4. I think most here have seen this article about Molinari's distance gain and how it helped him. Broadie even tweeted about it. Really good read.
  5. It was...after a smooth cutting driver off the tee. 191 6-iron uphill covered 484 yards (uphill) total. I would have been lucky to have hit Driver/4-iron and run it up there. 😀
  6. I know. That's what the wink was for. I agree with you. I'm amazed at how long and accurate these guys are with not just their drivers. Just saying they have another advantage being able to hit it so long and have stopping power from a distance other guys are hitting less-lofted clubs.
  7. NCGolfer

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Broadcasting career. I was never the biggest Johnny Miller fan but he grew on me a bit towards the end. He made his true mark in the booth.
  8. NCGolfer

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Truth. It seems that the switch is flipped much faster around the Ryder Cup. I try to like Reed...I really do. That's just not good.
  9. NCGolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Thanks...like I said, I'm still a bit miffed. But, I had finished second the last four times! At least I'm no longer the first loser. 😄
  10. NCGolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    A couple of updates. First, I won our Club Championship a couple weekends ago. I played very steady for the first 27 holes and built myself a 7 shot lead going into the last 9. Proceeded to make a quad (first one in a while) on 10. Even after that I was calm and kept the lead and ended up winning by three. Funny thing is that I haven't really enjoyed it because of how bad I played on the back 9...I hadn't made bad swings like that in a long time and it really ticked me off. I'm working to make sure that doesn't happen in the match-play championship this Saturday. Would be fun to pull the double! Also, I played out at Pebble (and Spanish Bay) last weekend with a buddy of mine that we qualified for. We finished in the top third...gave a ton of shots away in our first round but played much better the second day. Even if we would have gotten rid of those bad swings we still wouldn't have won but probably been top 5. It was a great experience though. Pebble is the most picturesque and well conditioned golf course I've ever been on. I've been to #2 and Kiawah but Pebble is in a different category because of the surroundings.
  11. Nah, he wanted to get together and play a round somewhere in between...around Charlotte. Our schedules (mostly mine) hasn't really been favorable for that!
  12. @jsgolfer, I am in possession of the Newport Cup. It came to me while I was out at Pebble last weekend. Will post some pics soon. I have some ideas but it might be a little bit before I can get them.
  13. NCGolfer

    2018 Wyndham Championship

    I started last years thread talking about the guys going low....and there goes Brandt with a 59!
  14. NCGolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    73 in a weekend tournament from the tips. The course was playing much longer than usual since we've had a bunch of rain in the past couple weeks. Most drives were only getting 5 yards of rollout at most. Struggled a bit in mid-round with control of the driver and it cost me at least a couple shots. Other than that I hit a bunch of greens (12/18) and it was very stress free thanks to missing in good spots and chipping the ball really well.

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