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  1. Thanks Cody. You'll hate me when you hear this... I'm going to Myrtle this weekend to play Caledonia, True Blue and TPC @ Myrtle Beach. When I get back, I'm going to the Open Wed, Thurs and Saturday. My anniversary is on Sunday, so I'm sparing my wife that day. I'm only 1 1/4 hours from Pinehurst, so I don't have to worry about accomodations...just travel!
  2. Titleist Pro V1x. I've been playing Titelist since 93' and have gone from: Balata Professional Pro V1 Pro V1x I tried the Maxfli Revolutions for about 2 weeks and they spun like crazy. Went right back to the Titelists and haven't even thought about switching.
  3. Interesting comments...I haven't had a chance to hit these yet but am curious. I'd probably try out the R7 3 wood as well. I still have my steelhead plus and love it so I've never had the need to switch...yet.
  4. Drink: Long Island Iced Tea Beer: Yuengling Fairways and Greens. NCGolfer
  5. Driver: 280 3-Wood: 250 2-Iron: 220 (thinking of switching out with Hybrid) 3-Iron: 210 4-Iron: 200 5-Iron: 190 6-Iron: 180 7-Iron: 165 8-Iron: 155 9-Iron: 140 PW: 130 52*: 115 56*: 100 These are full distances. I usually play each one around 5 yards less. My most versitile club is the 6-Iron. I can play that comfortably anywhere from 165-185. If I'm ever undecided about clubs and a 6 is even in the equation...I usually hit it. Fairways and Greens. NCGolfer
  6. Newbie here. Glad to see a great site and hope to contribute in the future. I'm a transplanted northerner (PA) that followed the good weather down to wonderful North Carolina. Fairways and Greens. NCGolfer
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