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  1. I don't mind noise as long as its constant.  Even low conversations on the tee don't bother me.  The two things that do are:

    • Someone trying to hold a conversation with ME when I'm trying to hit a shot.  I can't answer a question during my routine...or it's really hard.  I have to stop and resume when I'm done.
    • Music.  Just not a fan.  I think it's kinda like above...I'm one of those people who will mouth or whisper lyrics if I know the song.  I start thinking of the song and whats coming next instead of the shot.  It's hard for me to block.

  2. Played in league last night.  First round for me in a while (other than a captain's choice)

    Shot 34 (-2) with a new driver in the bag.  Had one bad swing that resulted in a bogey but other than that hit the ball really well.  Missed only one fairway and one green.  The irons were excellent and the three birdies were all within 5 feet.  Had a couple other realistic opportunities as well.

  3. Tuned in for an hour or so and really enjoyed watching.  I thought the golf was great and, as others mentioned, loved seeing some new camera angles.  The one putt Kupcho had on 15 from behind the green was hard to see the severe break.  Fassi hit her chip right before and lost it long and right.  They showed Kupcho's at ground-level and you could see how much break she needed to play.

    I think it's a great way to expose women's golf.

  4. 18 hours ago, iacas said:

    And yet… if the person 100 yards away says "hey, wait up, I'm going to mark that" then the person green side has to wait.

    Or, hell, if a fellow competitor says "hey, mark that…" the person has to mark it.

    You can't wait around forever, but you should take a reasonable time and go mark it.

    Agreed on all counts.  My problem is that this isn't black and white...subjective to a "reasonable" amount of time.  There could be many scenarios where one official might call a penalty and another would not.

  5. 1 hour ago, phillyk said:

    They sit with their yardage guides or greens books open for far longer than the 10s or so it would take to mark a ball. 

    This.  I'm sorry but you can't claim pace of play when you sit in the fairway agonizing over five variables and/or take minutes to line up a putt with a green book analyzing slope.

    If there is stricter enforcement, I guess there might be a problem evaluating when a person should mark their ball.  What if I hit a 100 yard shot to 2 feet behind the hole and my partner is already lining up his chip from 20 yards away.  Do I need to run to mark the ball for fear of penalty?  What is a reasonable amount of time?

  6. 4 hours ago, DaveP043 said:

    For those who like the work of Mike Strantz, I just got an email today saying that Royal New Kent, east of Richmond VA, will be re-opening in late March.  Royal New Kent has suffered from financial issues for a while, and closed a year ago or a little more.

    If it's wacky like Tot Hill, count me out.  If it's some of his earlier work or in the style like Caledonia or True Blue, I'm interested.

  7. On 2/19/2019 at 2:37 PM, Hoganman1 said:

    Years ago a now deceased golf course designer named Mike Stranz built some courses here in NC that were unique and quirky: The Pit, Tot Hill Farms, and Tobacco Road. I only played the first two, but they were very unconventional. The Pit is no longer open. I understand from friends that Tobacco Road is different, but not as weird as the other two. Apparently, Stranz had a great imagination and people either love or hate his creations.

    Oop! I just learned that Stranz didn't design the Pit. Also, it wasn't weird.

    Tot Hill Farms is the most quirky...Tobacco Road has a lot of weirdness to it as well but not as severe.  I personally don't care for either of them all that much.  Tobacco Road has its moments though.

    At least both of them (normally) are in good shape.  🤷‍♂️

  8. Goals for 2019:

    1. Get to and maintain + handicap for entire year.  This is already trending in right direction from the end of last year to beginning of this year.
    2. Improve driving.  Strokes gained is MUCH better on the approach (irons) side of things.  Driving is very average and would like to improve consistency in both distance and accuracy
    3. Get to a positive strokes gained in Putting.  It's my worst stat.  I have improved after some bad putting rounds towards the end of the year.  Changed my grip and things started clicking and have been putting well since.  Need to commit to the new grip and start making more putts in the 5-15' range.
    4. Play in at least one of our CGA championships.  Haven't in a long, long time.  I feel good enough about my game to get out and play in one of these.
    5. Repeat club champion.  🙂

  9. I've been lucky to enjoy this competition more than once...the first one many, many moons ago. Erik and Mike did a great job last year putting this together at some awesome courses and added some excellent swag as well.  You never know what to expect going into a golf trip never meeting anyone before but I have to say all the guys were great and would have absolutely no reservations on doing it again (except playing @DeadMan every round) and hope some new blood will get to enjoy this experience.

  10. Just now, boogielicious said:

    DJ didn't use a wedge on 18 for his US Open win from 193 out. He put it to 6 feet.

    I know.  That's what the wink was for.

    I agree with you.  I'm amazed at how long and accurate these guys are with not just their drivers.  Just saying they have another advantage being able to hit it so long and have stopping power from a distance other guys are hitting less-lofted clubs.

  11. 21 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Turns out… everyone in golf these days is pretty good, and switches can be flipped on a weekly or even daily basis, partly because that gap is so small.

    Truth.  It seems that the switch is flipped much faster around the Ryder Cup.

    8 hours ago, DeadMan said:

    Oh man, Reed going in hard on Spieth here: 

    I try to like Reed...I really do.  That's just not good.

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