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  1. Sorry to hear. Did your friend have a name?
  2. This and the hosel inside diameter of the 2.0 is .350 unless is a "TP" model, then it'd be .335
  3. I played them some years ago in some Element 21 irons. I've used and built several sets since then and haven't seen any old stock for sale anywhere. Just find you some graphite of similar weight and go with it. You could also insert Prosoft Inserts to help with vibration dampening as well. Best of luck.
  4. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the part about..."I don't need a driver cause i was fortunate enough to have been air-drying it after washing the shaft at home." For less than $239 you can get a very nice set of irons without wasting a bunch of $$$ on a set of heads and installing old shafts.
  5. I responded to your PM about the irons. Please feel free to contact me if you are still interested.



    1. No Gimmie

      No Gimmie

      Hello, yes I received it.  Not 100% sure what I want yet.  Starting back to golf after 2 year sabbatical.....sold all my equipment and need to start over. Very budget minded but not buying junk.....yours are not in that category... Going used this time.....I'm 73, handicap 23+- and these caught my eye.  There's soooooo many it gets confusing.  I've talked to the Seemore Putter folks and they are looking for a "used on the tour" putter for me.  I had one and loved it.  New one out of my reach...Anyway, thanks and I tend to ramble.....I like this site....Great response from fellow golfers. Denis

    2. LBlack14


      No problems Dennis. I'm a rambler myself. Just let me know and I'll box them up and get them out quick. They're a fine set of sticks. I've owned 3 sets of them at different times. Best of luck!


  6. "Mini drivers" = 12*-16* loft & shorter shafts = oversized 3w. It's more about loft & shorter shafts than "mini". The drivers you speak of really don't fall in the category of "mini".
  7. Look at my sig. Never been a problem until now. The double spaces in my OP were from hitting enter once.
  8. Since i logged in yesterday, whenever I hit enter to start a new line of text it goes 2 lines instead of to the next as you can see in my signature. This is an example here also. I only hit the enter button 1 time and it jumps 2 lines on it's own. What gives?
  9. In my sig.... Driver- $90 3w- $34 4w- $49 hyb- $47 Irons- $100 Wedges- $65 Putter- $45 TTL- $383
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