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  1. one liners you've heard

    Yesterday the marshal came up as we were finishing a hole walking to the next and asked if we needed water. My buddy says no but I need a new swing! So the marshal says I've seen you swing and know what your problem is, its loft. So he takes him serious and asks what he means and what he can change. Again he says the problem is loft. Finally he says loft= Lack Of Fu****g Talent! Best one I've heard!
  2. Talk Talk Talk!!!

    I golf with a lot of people that want to give instructions on the course. I simply tell them unless youre a pro I'm not gonna listen to you!
  3. Finally cured my slice....shocking fix.

    I agree with the last part. I play with a lot of older guys and they're always sayin how far they used to hit it n with my size/strength I need to be hittin it 300! So then obviously I try to do it n end up about 230 and usually in the adjacent fairway! Luckily I put a better swing on irons, its mostly driver or 3 wood that gets me in trouble!
  4. The Big Break "Indian Wells"

    Good for David. He earned it all the way through the show Kent got the yips but he's a solid player and has nothing to be ashamed of, he'll be back
  5. Finally cured my slice....shocking fix.

    Lol it makes sense! Every round my friend/coach is screaming at me "don't try to kill it!!" It usually works but its a habit of mine to try to hit a homerun every time. When I can control it, its usually a good round!
  6. Do you ride or walk the course?

    I walk 9 but ride 18. Fact is in my experience walkers slow the pace immensely, especially if they're carrying their bags. If I ever see a group of 4 walking I skip the hole
  7. Actually had a similar experience to the OP. It was a couple months ago, on a 520 yd par 5. I try to blast a tee shot and of course slice it hard right in to the adjacent hole's fairway. We drive over to it and there are some guys about to tee off. Well they wave me through so I felt rushed to hit my next shot, I pull out my 3wood and don't even take a practice swing, then proceed to blast the shot straight at them! Embarrassing as hell but luckily they were cool about it.
  8. Pushing Right

    Hey guys, got another problem! I have recently developed a slice. It's happening all the time but mainly with driver, 3w, and lower irons. I know I am leaving the club face open at impact, I just have no idea how to remedy it! Any tips, or drills would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Vokey Gap Wedge Question

    Yeah I like the Chrome ones better than the oil can for sure. I've really only been playing golf for around a year with no lessons other than from friends that are no more than bogey golfers themselves so I'm sure my swing needs to be grooved before I can really start hitting it consistently. I really don't feel like it's too short for me, it's just a new club and I have to get used to it I guess. It took a bit to get used to my SW but now that is my go-to club for a lot of shots 60 yds and in Thanks for the input
  10. I live on a 9 hole course but the range is crap. You can only hit off mats which I won't do, and the "putting green" is pretty much concrete with pool table felt on it. On the other hand I have one 5 mins from work so I'm there for everyday for my hour lunch and a couple times a week after work
  11. Vokey Gap Wedge Question

    Thanks again for the feedback guys. I played 2 rounds this weekend, one 9 one 18, and used the wedge a total of 3 times! First hit was a soft one from about 85 yrds out, felt good and got up. The next 2 times after were skulled and right! Super frustrating!! To Shindig, he claims he never got an AW with the set, he's probably lying but either way it's gone now. He also said the PW was 48* so I'm not sure how I can tell if it really is or not. As for returning the Vokey......I'm afraid I don't want to even bring it up or it will be the last gift I'll ever get! I'll probably just tell her I need to be there next time it's anything golf related! Well I'm gonna keep trying because it is a really nice club and hopefully I'll end up figuring it out sooner or later
  12. Vokey Gap Wedge Question

    I bought the set off a friend about 8 months ago, he goes thru clubs like crazy! I got 4-9 with a PW, no AW I'm not sure what happened to it. The SW and later the LW I have I bought from a custom shop here in Sacramento, the brand is Integra. The PW I believe is a 48* and the SW is 56* so I was looking for something in between. The choice for Vokey was because I have read a lot about them and they seemed like the best wedge in the game so when asked what kind of club I wanted that's the first thing that came to mind! She did buy it off the shelf at Golf Galaxy so I assume it's standard. I am 6'0 tall so I don't know if maybe I need longer clubs? You said you had a Vokey with the same specs, did you find it harder to hit?