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  1. I am planning on ordering a 53 and 58 Scratch Wedge. Going with just the 3 wedge setup and adding a hybrid. The thing I don't know is what kind of bounce I should get. Both will be used for fairway/rough full swing shots and the 58 of course will be used for a lot of flop shots. I play in Wisconsin so half the year its wet and soft while the other half is hard and dry. I'm usually a pretty solid wedge player, but when I miss i would say its fat. What would you guys say is the best setup? Thanks, Ty
  2. Well I have hit about 25 different irons and these are what I have narrowed it down to. I am around an 8 handicapper, but have only been playing for a couple years, am currently taking lessons, and getting better every day. I hit the ball longer than the average person, but struggle a little bit with accuracy. I am getting the irons in extra stiff as I did some work on the monitor and this is what i was told. I am ordering from Discount Dans and am 19 years old and may play on a Division 3 golf team in the near future. Here is my list, and the cost. Please take cost into consideration if possi
  3. Thanks for the response! What wedge setup would you recommend for full swing wedge shots to lessen the yardage gap?
  4. Right now I am right around a bogey golfer, mainly because of my chipping. I have tried so many different things, and its just messing with my head. I need to find one set of techniques and stick to them. Lately I have been doing all of my bump and run chips with a 52 and the ball back in my stance, keeping the ball a little lower and checking up. Sometimes it works, but its not very consistent as sometimes it runs more than others. Right now I carry PW, 52, 56, 60 (Vokey Weges) So here are my questions.... 1. What club should I be using for simple bump and runs with lots of green to wo
  5. I've really been researching hard and this is what i have came up with, not really into Callaway for some reason. These are definitely not full lists, but just what i think as of now. if you don't agree please argue! ha 3 Woods Titlieist 909 F2 or F3 (not sure which one??) Nike VR Pro STR8-FIT Tour Taylor Made Burner SuperFast 2.0 Hybrids Adams Idea Black Super or Adams Idea Pro Black Nike VR Pro Titleist 909H Adams Idea a7 Cobra Baffler Rail-H
  6. I am in the market for a new 3 wood and 3 iron hybrid. I am currently around a 10 handicapper, but have been taking lessons and improving quite a bit. Trying to get out pretty much every day. I have a fast club speed that I'm actually trying to slow down. I hit the ball a good distance (average drive about 275), but hit the ball way to high and it drives me crazy. Anyways I am planning on buying these 2 from the preowned section at either golfsmith or globalgolf. Whats your guys suggestions for the type of golfer I am? I am looking to spend no more than about $250 for the 2 combined. Th
  7. Ya a 3H is what I would get. I have room for either a 5W or 3H in my bag, and I'm not sure what I want. I'm thinking a hybrid, because as you said, is easier to hit out of more difficult lies.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm going to try an choke down, and see if that helps. I have lessons next Monday so I'll bring the problem up to him for sure. And in no way am I trying to lie about my distances. I wish I didn't hit my pitching wedge that far it really causes a lot of problems for me, and affects my game greatly. Its hard having that gap and having to taking 3/4 swings because in no way am I good enough to do that with consistency yet. Also, anyone have any opinions on the 5 wood or hybrid? Thanks again! Ty
  9. So I recently I took lessons, and my smooth has became much smoother but I've developed a big problem. I hit my PW about 150, and used to hit my 52 - 125 yards, 56 - 110 yards, and the 60 - 90-95 yards. Now with the swing adjustment my PW is still 150 while the 52 goes about 110, the 56 about 95, and the 60 about 80. I don't know what to do about this as it's tough to play with this big of game. I am currently using Vokey Spin Milled Wedges. Second question is I am currently in the market for a 5 wood or hybrid and I can't decide which one I want to carry in my bag? I carry Driver, 3 wo
  10. I have a Marshalls not to far from me. I never even thought of that, definitely going to go check it out. Thanks a lot!
  11. For some reason I am one of those people who wants the name brand clothes. I don't have much right now, and am really looking to expand my wardrobe with my shorts, shirts, and hats. The problem is the nice Nike shirts and stuff like that are ridiculously expensive. Where does everyone get their clothing and apparel?
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