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  1. My home club..............new ownership.  It was time for a change.  For the first time since 1995, I will be free......I plan to play/around.....my former club is still billing me.  Don't get me started!!  they are f/N idiots and won't get another penny out of me.  My first priority is following my son with his bowling exploits.  he competes a lot locally, regionally, and nationally so I don't play much golf these days.  My my own definition, I am not a real golfer.   I don't even have a plan to renew my GHIN for 2019.  I may....we'll see.   seriously though..........OMG!!

    I shall return to the golf world........for now, I am a non golfer...........I haven't played since forever.  I still love the game, but I only played about 50 rounds last year....I am a non-golfing hack. This year will be less now that I quit my membership.  We'll see how it goes.... honestly, I have no expectations for 2019.  my yountest will be in college soon..........I can play 150 rounds a year/every year...........not just yet. I was a scratch golfer in 2012.  LOL..... 2019...I will play golf for sure/  I hope to hack it around and get below 5 at some point mid summer.  We'll. see...........I barely played last year and got to a 1........at one point. I just don't know!  

  2. I am definitely a "non-golfer"..........remember that thread?  I don't play golf anymore......(by my own standard)

    i've been playing much less golf because I travel the country for kid reasons.  I am Ok with this...my yountest is 16 and my time is limited.  I will soon be an empty nester and have my entire life to play golf.  My home golf club recently was bought out, and I had an issue with the new GM....we had a falling out, and I quit my membership.  For the first time since 1996....I don't have a golf membership!!!!  Because of my sons heavy travel, I don't plan to buy a new membership in 2019.  I plan to "WING" it and play public golf..................oh boy! I am looking forward to it because it's been awhile since I have made the rounds so to speak!!!  I am actually looking forward to playing all the good courses I have not played in awhile.....I played fewer than 50 rounds in 2018 due to travel.  (definite/non-golfer)  Plus I quite my membership in August...that didn't help! I still got my index down to 1.8 although that was a season low and I finished higher.

    This is how I spend this weekend........in a bowling alley...LOL



  3. On 10/3/2018 at 11:19 AM, 3jacker said:

    The term "harvest" strikes me as funny here. 

    Looks like you harvested the $#^@!! outta that one though.  SOB's are all over down here, too.  Can hear them yipping and yowling in the orange groves often. Anything to keep their numbers in check, but like you said, they are very good at not getting harvested. LOL

    LOL...yes, I use a .308 and it works pretty well.  I hunt on private lands and the land owners want them gone.  I don't try to save the pelts or anything like that....  I move them out of the way of farm equipment so bones don't get jammed in the combines.  


    Funny sidenote.... I put the above Coyote in a very specific spot along the edge of a field in a fence line to get it out of the way............I walked past that exact spot 2 weeks later and there was no sign of it.  Usually coyotes will eat it up and leave a few bones.  I looked in a 20yd radius.....there was not a single bone to be found....it was gone.  Just drag marks.... I didn't expect that!!!!

  4. i LOVE the game, but I spend most of my time supporting my son with his competitions these days.   I have no regrets and I am having the most fun ever, but I'll be back!!   He's 16... in a 2-3 years, I'll have the rest of my life to play golf.   My golf count for 2018: 36.5 rounds in 2018.  This is the fewest I have played since I took up the game in the early 90s.  I've played over 100 rounds per year from 1991-2016.  Last year was my decline...77 rounds played.  

    I quit my golf membership, but only because the new GM and I don't see eye to eye.....  I will play next year, but it will be minimal like this year.   I have picked up a small hobby on the side, but this has nothing to do with my lack of golf play. I know a few land owners with coyote problems....and I like shooting coyotes.  So I do this from time to time..  I also paid way too much for a SubZero Callaway driver this year... for a guy that plays under 40 times a year, this probably could have waited...LOL


  5. I sit in bowling alleys watching my son compete most of my spare time.......... I have no regrets....I do miss playing golf, but I also enjoy watching my son thrive as he competes...

    He's only 15, and he's one of the top youth bowlers in the country.......this is his finishing off his 7th 300/perfect game in competition......a 15yr old kid..this is crazy. 



    I figure that I will have the rest of my life to play golf....................for now, I don't play much golf.    I am OK with this.......when I say "not much", I played only about 70+rounds in 2017.....this is like taking the year off by my standards......(playing 50% of the time)

    Every minute of my vacation time is spent traveling the country so he can compete...... He bowls in all the big national youth events....he holds his own and is one of the top kids to beat.    Very proud of him......

  6. It's official!!.....  I haven't played since last october...........Tomorrow morning March 3rd.....I will be playing golf for the first time in 2018!!   Sunny and 60'ish is the forecast high tomorrow...I cannot miss that!!!!  My son is busy doing what he does so golf is on the backburner... at least for tomorrow...I will play.  

  7. down to 1.7 and I've only played about 60 rounds for the year...I usually play double this amount by Labor Day weekend.  I am more than satisfied by my play.  I am  about ready to shut things down as I am a  "non-golfer" now by my own definition.  Looking forward to playing 3 days over labor day weekend, but I won't be playing much after.   Watching my son compete doing his "thang".......this is my priority. 

    Once he graduates, I'll get back at golf hard core...for now, I am going with the flow.   I will never be as hard-core as I once was because I bowl in 3 leagues a week now.   That certainly limits weekday evening golf for 35 weeks............LOL


  8. On 7/24/2017 at 1:15 PM, scotth said:

    So we live right on the green of a Country Club that allows daily play for a fee to nonmembers.  Lately every weekend they have been hosting some type of best ball team tournament and we have had golf carts in our back yard, side yard, front yard.   I don't mind if a golfer hits the ball OB and walks into the yard to get his ball, but draw the line at driving your cart on my property.  They white OB stakes run all along the course about every 20 yards so seem pretty obvious (at least to me).

    We have also had a very wet spring and summer so said carts in yard turn into being able to see where they drove for days after each event.  Calling the club and talking to the pro shop has not done anything.  

    I sort of hit my point where I feel like I need to do something when a golfer drove on our property and parked by our fence so he could stand on seat and use his ball retrieval device (something I think no self respecting golfer should own) to fish his ball out of our dog run.  He then dropped the ball and dug a good sized divot in the sod we just had installed this spring.

    When I asked what the heck he thought he was doing acted like he didn't understand what he had done wrong and drove back on course and parked on other side of green.  

    Thoughts?  Suggestions?  

    Build a Wall....err...sorry, I meant "Fence In" your yard.  LOL



  9. I haven't played as much in the past couple years.......My teenage son is active and I never miss watching him do his "THANG".   My daughter is already grown and moved out, and my wife and I will be empty nesters in 2-3 years.  It's all good!  I'll have the rest of my life to "AMP UP" the golf schedule.  LOL   Golf has never been an issue with my wife....  If it wasn't for my son's activities, my normal routine is playing at first light on the weekends, and 2-3 evenings during the week...it's never been a wife issue.  An easy route to 125-175 rounds per year.  Plus... I think she's happy to have me out of the house a few evenings......LOL   Because I play early on the weekends, my weekend golf schedule is never a problem.   I'm normally home by 10-11am on the weekends, so it's not like it kills the weekend plans. 

  10. I only ride these days, but was a dedicated walker for 10-15 years.   Back in the day when I walked, there was no temp limit!!    I used a pull-cart so carrying a large bottle of water wasn't an issue.  A 1 liter bottle was a minimum, and I'd drink it down and refill at every opportunity along the way.  Another staple from my walking days..... I carried a rosin bag to dry the hands as needed.  

    My water bottles have grown larger with old age... Even though I ride now, I carry a 64oz bottle of water.  LOL 

  11. My 2nd eagle of the year is in the books!   I was traveling and played a course I have never played before and the fairways were firm bermuda grass and the balls were rolling-out nicely!  I gained 20+ instant yards playing this golf course.....LOL...that's always fun!   I know long is relative, but I was hitting it far...."for me".  


    Par5: 518yds......  I had 218yds to the pin and flew a 5-wood to 10'....made the putt.  I missed several short putts that day, but made the one I wanted the most!!  Good fun! 


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