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  1. good thing this thread did not have the same response as 'fuzzy headcovers' thread hehe I think Yoga can be beneficial to any sport. For me it helps with flexibility and working out 'stabilizer' and other muscle groups that are harder to work out in the gym with weights. The other plus is relaxation - when I was in college our squash coach would make us finish up training with a yoga DVD where the semi-meditation chapter at the end would put us all to sleep...
  2. just joined - looking forward to it!
  3. lot's of dweeb hating here =p Just curious, how many of the non-dweebers have actually tried a pair of covers before dismissing them? Even if you do not see the merit or need, others may have their reasons...
  4. Thanks for sharing this. I am not sure what you mean by North Korea just opening their borders to tourism - there have been tours (very controlled) for a while (since 2000?), but they did stop them because a tourist got shot to death a few years back (she ran into a restricted area and a soldier shot her in the back). I guess the borders are re-opened since North Korea wants to seem like a peaceful nation and suck up to the UN while silently conducting nuclear tests and other illegal activities. But yes, President's Cup in S. Korea will be great - we have some beautiful co
  5. Has anyone tried Al Yeganeh's (the real Soup Nazi) soup? http://money.cnn.com/2007/09/13/smbu...ion=2007091313
  6. hahahhahaha awesome episode. I will repost the Seinfeld auditions mock up from youtube
  7. like trying new ones out of the tap. Can't beat fresh cold cold ice cold beer.
  8. finally got a couple of pics. don't have that many to start with and will try to post up some more. She's an '03 Carbon Black w/ 2-tone Silverstone (yummy), 36k miles on the clock
  9. Par 4, 270ish uphill to a 2 - tier green. Four putted to bogey ville!
  10. Eduardooooooooo Carooooooooochio~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. B-U-T FULL!! is that an e30? My friend is thinking of getting an e30 M3 and stripping it (although it is already feather light). Cars from the 80's rock (over engineered and lower safety standards to adhere to =P) Ferdinand Porsche is a genius. My favorite car brand in all of automobile history. I'll post some pics of my e39 soon. Gotta grab my camera from the car...
  12. All great quotes. Haven't watched in a while, but when I watch I can't stop... There is also the Conan skit where they hold "Seinfeld auditions." Is it a corn or is it a nut? I found it on youtube. Pretty hilarious http://youtube.com/watch?v=a84yrCdQ0PQ NEXT!!!!! She's in the shop getting: Tubi Rumore, PSS9's, Rogue SSKw/WSR, beefed up suspension, MB Quarts speakers, Stoptech BBK etc. Can't wait! And then I need to mend up the backside which was hit by a truck hit and run (know who did it but have no proof - long story) Candybar heiress!
  13. not in any order: 1. cocker spaniels - all spaniels for that matter 2. siberian huskies 3. bernese mountain dogs (they are huge, but have such a gentle disposition) cats: loved my bengal Wolfie (he has a new home)
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