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  1. I have 3 hybrids - 2 Pings and 1 kasco. Kasco is the easiest to hit. My pings are a lot more solid, probably becase of the Adila shaft. I would recommend Kasco E- spec. Buy it quick though as there are not many left.
  2. I have 9 drivers in 3 years - I need counselling.
  3. It would depend on the shaft. I have changed it to a Fujikura rombax. It was fantastic.
  4. Callaway BB2 Mizuno MP001 Taylormade R5 Taylormade R7 Draw Tayormade R7 Superquad Kasco DMax460 Callaway Fti
  5. Good for you. Please tell us how you go.
  6. Why don't you try Kasco Power Tornado espec, which is always a easy one to hit.
  7. can a stiff shaft help stop slicing? You lose distance though!
  8. Are you sure it is the hotdog or the rest while eating the hotdog?
  9. I am not talking about the neutral or draw bias though.
  10. I was given a Callaway FTi. It has a serial no engraved on the club head. However, it also has a circular dot on the side of the club facing me at the address position. I could not see such dot on the club in Callaway's website. What can I do to find out whether mine is a genuine club?
  11. nike pro combo
  12. fujikura rombax5wo6
  13. how do I check whether my club is a genuine club? A friend gave this to me. It has a cicular dot on the side of the club head facing me. However, it does have an engraved no... What is the color of you club cover. It is orange/black for mine.
  14. How is your Fti regular flex? I just bought one with s flex. I had a few hits - not too sure about this club!!!!!!!!!!