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  1. Zero Height with Driver

    I'm positive that your driver was shortened by being tip trimmed instead of butt trimmed, that makes the shaft play a lot stiffer and lowers ball flight quite a bit if it was more than an inch trimmed. If that is the case and the shop also added powder in the shaft or clubhead then I'd go to a different shop if I were you. Tip trimming to shorten it instead of butt trimming and adding powder in clubhead/shaft instead of adding lead tape on the head is just bad club repair.
  2. Tiger did NOT hit >1000 balls a day, that's a myth. Think about it, starting pitchers in the MLB stop after 100 pitches on game day and on their off days, they only throw around 50 pitches on average. Tiger did practice for more than 2 hours on his full swing, but only averaging 30 balls an hour. Nicklaus would be on the range for an hour at a time and wouldn't go above 60 balls. It's completely counterproductive to hit >100 balls at a time, you're just making yourself tired and less likely to maintain your swing mechanics, which lead to bad habits. Try and throw 1,000 pitches in one day and get back to me so I can recommend you for Tommy John surgery.
  3. How many holes a day to improve?

    I just thought of an idea from the responses so far. What if I play worst ball and stop playing when I make a bogey and focus and practice on what caused the bogey in the first place for 30-60 minutes and then start playing worst ball again, on the same hole that I bogeyed? For example, I hit a bad drive from the 2 tee shots which led to missing the fairway and green and bogeying the hole, I stop playing on the course and go to practice on hitting better drives on the range for 30-60 minutes then play the same hole again, less likely to hit a bad drive. Another example is hitting a bad second shot after hitting a good drive and bogey, stop playing and practice on the club that I missed the green with on the range, making it less likely to miss the green again. If I hit both the fairway and green but 3 putt for bogey, stop playing and practice on same distance and break angle of putt that I 3 putted from on the practice putting green, making it less likely for me to 3 putt again. Because short game shots are mostly results from bad shots missing the greeens, they are too random to practice off the course, it is better to play your misses on the course and attempt to get up and down for par in order to move onto the next hole, it is its own practice. This idea is only practical with unlimited access to the course and practice range and unlimited time but it really is perfect practice!
  4. How many holes should I play a day to improve faster, 9 holes or 18 holes (6 days on, 1 day off)? I am curious on whether practicing vs playing more would be better for my game. I plan to play in worst ball format exclusively to simulate the pressure and difficulty of competitive play.
  5. I Played a 702 Yd. Par 5 Today!

    The International Pines course in Bolton, Massachusetts is 8,325 yards long from the tips and it's a par 72, their longest par 5 is 715 yards and longest par 4 is 567 yards!
  6. Why is America so fat?

  7. I have this theory that it takes $100,000 to make it on Tour.
  8. Low scores in relation to par

    I came up with this formula: total par < 1% of total yardage = longer (and harder) while total par > 1% of total yardage = shorter (and easier). For example, the PGA Championship (Quail Hollow) was 7,600 yards at par 71 which follows the former equation while the Travelers Championship (TPC River Highlands) was 6,841 yards at par 70 which follows the latter equation. Somebody was bound to shoot 58 at TPC River Highlands, the course is short in relation to par and the course rating was 73 so yeah... but I won't acknowledge any modern low scores until somebody shoots 14-under.
  9. Heart rate during golf shots

    I just wanted to resurrect this thread because iacas said that we should be at our resting heart rate during the shot/putt. There's so many golfers who don't actually do this, is it even possible to calm ourselves down to that rate in less than a minute after brisk walking? If it is possible, how do we get there?
  10. What drills can I do to stop my backswing from getting too long (i.e. butt end of 6-iron going over the top of my head at P4/A4) and going across the line (even with a flat front wrist)? How about preventing the hands going too deep in at P3/A3?
  11. Stubbornness on Short Game vs Long Game

    It's just so frustrating because I'm a recent PGM student and I've studied so much on golf, looking past the lies and getting the facts and I love doing it so much, been doing it since I was 12. But no one listens to me because I'm only 21, they don't want to learn from a 21 year old college student who's not on the golf team or playing professionally. I know TGM, MORAD, S&T, 5SK, TPI3D, AimPoint, advanced statistics, golf club design, mental game, golf course management, among so many things in golf that I love... And I still don't feel heard and it hits me hard because I'm hard of hearing and I want to be heard more than I want to hear. That's all I have to say.
  12. I don't understand why so many players and coaches still think the short game (shots from inside 100 yards) is more important than the long game... Is it because of Dave Pelz and his research in the 90's? Because in his Short Game Bible, he lists Tom Kite as his best player (before Mickelson) but he won 12 PGA Tour events and one major compared to Lee Trevino, who he lists as the most accurate long game player and he won 29 events with 6 majors! Statistically in his playing career, Phil Mickelson is so accurate with his approach shots when he's in the fairway, second only to Tiger, he's not just a great wedge player. Even the Division I golf team coach of the college I go to (NMSU) believes that the short game is the most important part but they didn't even make the NCAA team championship this year. Why is it that so many people are stubborn about this and refuse to change their opinion, even when presented with completely objective evidence???
  13. 2017 WGC - Bridgestone

    What I don't understand is why it's held the week before the PGA Championship. Jack Nicklaus prepared for a major by showing up and playing the week before it started. The $9.75 million purse for the WGC Bridgestone Invitational is too big to pass up but on the other hand, practicing and playing the host course enough to become comfortable with it for a major and place high in it is important as well.
  14. I'm just surprised no one has made note of how deceptive teenage girls can be in competitive golf. My mother has coached the local high school girls golf team and she told me that because they peak in skill earlier than males, they feel that they need to win faster and that they will do anything to win, more so than the boys. And because only one golfer can win a tournament, they have animosity towards other competitors and will do anything to beat them, such as watching them like a hawk to see if they break any rules and demand that they get penalized immediately if they do.
  15. Someone asked a question about conceding to a deaf golfer. I am mostly deaf and I usually just tell hearing golfers to give me a thumbs up to concede my putt.