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  1. I don't understand why so many players and coaches still think the short game (shots from inside 100 yards) is more important than the long game... Is it because of Dave Pelz and his research in the 90's? Because in his Short Game Bible, he lists Tom Kite as his best player (before Mickelson) but he won 12 PGA Tour events and one major compared to Lee Trevino, who he lists as the most accurate long game player and he won 29 events with 6 majors! Statistically in his playing career, Phil Mickelson is so accurate with his approach shots when he's in the fairway, second only to Tiger, he's not just a great wedge player. Even the Division I golf team coach of the college I go to (NMSU) believes that the short game is the most important part but they didn't even make the NCAA team championship this year. Why is it that so many people are stubborn about this and refuse to change their opinion, even when presented with completely objective evidence???
  2. What I don't understand is why it's held the week before the PGA Championship. Jack Nicklaus prepared for a major by showing up and playing the week before it started. The $9.75 million purse for the WGC Bridgestone Invitational is too big to pass up but on the other hand, practicing and playing the host course enough to become comfortable with it for a major and place high in it is important as well.
  3. I'm just surprised no one has made note of how deceptive teenage girls can be in competitive golf. My mother has coached the local high school girls golf team and she told me that because they peak in skill earlier than males, they feel that they need to win faster and that they will do anything to win, more so than the boys. And because only one golfer can win a tournament, they have animosity towards other competitors and will do anything to beat them, such as watching them like a hawk to see if they break any rules and demand that they get penalized immediately if they do.
  4. Someone asked a question about conceding to a deaf golfer. I am mostly deaf and I usually just tell hearing golfers to give me a thumbs up to concede my putt.
  5. I was wondering if it is more beneficial to practice 3 wood off the deck instead of driver off the tee at the range. The 3 wood is a smaller head and because there is no tee, it forces you to level out your angle of attack and straighten your path to hit it well. I want to improve my driving skill vastly by practicing 30 minutes on it per day but I am confused on which club to practice, driver off the tee or 3 wood off the deck. Are the swings supposed to be different from each other or almost exactly the same?
  6. If Jason Dufner had 28 putts per round, he'd be leading by two right now.
  7. They're Tour players guys, they've been doing that for far longer than any of us on this thread combined. Amateurs cannot consistently do that action without early extending or any other compensations, that's why the 5SK instructors recommend the back heel being down on the ground and rolled at impact with an iron.
  8. The problem with getting the hips very open is that your right heel will go up at impact with an iron, when it's supposed to stay down and rolled. A drill that Jack Nicklaus did from his coach Jack Grout was hitting shots with a 5-iron (now a 6-iron) without the back heel ever going off the ground.
  9. I just finished reading this book and what I felt was the most important thing was him explaining his practice routine, he really goes into detail about how he practices. He doesn't spend more than an hour practicing his full swing at the range and he believes playing 9 holes is better than playing 18 for practice. He treats each shot at the range as if he's in a tournament so I have to assume that he only hits less than 60 balls in one range session. Jack was at the peak of his career when he started and wrote this, back in 1972 so the way he practiced then was how he almost got the Grand Slam that year. Everyone says practice, practice, practice but he writes that he only spends one hour on each part of the game (putting, short game, and full swing) and then he plays 9 holes (I bet he played worst ball format as well) nearly everyday.
  10. So I'm reading Nicklaus' Golf My Way and he mentioned that he primarily plays a fade but I am curious on whether he played a pull fade or a push fade... He supposedly hits it very high compared to other players of his generation so I'm assuming a push fade? Hogan hits it low so I assume his shot was a pull fade. Anyways, which ball flight is better for hitting more fairways and greens? I want to use my alignment stick for a drill for starting my ball direction (stick it in ground 5-10 feet in front of ball) but I don't know which way is better, aiming straight and starting it right for a left-handed pull fade or aim a little right of the target and starting it left for a left-handed push fade towards the target. Since we play a vastly different golf ball compared to Hogan and Nicklaus' that spins a lot less than theirs, is the pull fade obsolete because it would launch too low and not hold the greens enough, due to the face being closed to the target and reducing dynamic loft?
  11. Put tape below the grip of your club and while the shaft is vertical to the ground with the face square, color two halves on the front of the shaft, both contrasting colors. Maintain that half-half relationship throughout the swing from your POV and no thoughts about rolling wrists or forearms should be necessary. And yes, this is legal.
  12. I just put tape right below the grip and color two sides (which are contrasting) on the front of the shaft with the face square and the shaft vertical. That way, if you don't rotate the colored sides during the swing from your POV, the face is always going to be square.
  13. I was reading Ben Hogan's Five Lessons today and I noticed that he had very good visualizations of his swing feelings, particularly on the pages I've included. Are there any real life training aids that matches the drawings? I am interested to know if they will help with staying in sync (the wrap around the arms) and nailing the downswing transition (elastic band attached to belt loop and front wrist).
  14. Hello, has anyone ever used one of those putting alignment mirrors for the full swing? It seems that you can set it up between the ball and your feet and you can see how your eyes and head and shoulders and lower body moves during the swing. I thought I would mention this for everyone to hear (or read...) because I think this would be perfect for monitoring Key #1, the steady head.
  15. So based on everyone's replies and Ping's tracking statistics of their staff players, it might be around 15,000-20,000 steps and most definitely >10,000. I have this golf fitness hypothesis that walking that many steps a day is what every serious golfer should do to improve their endurance on the course and lower their scores.
  16. Hey guys, I was wondering how many steps do PGA Tour players take per day during a tournament week? And if it's so many, then how are there still some unhealthy looking golfers?
  17. But what if a harder carbon steel was used in production? It doesn't have to be in the 1020 range or even the 1030 range like almost every forged carbon steel iron.
  18. How come fairway woods are stainless steel and sometimes titanium, but not forged carbon steel? Wouldn't a forged carbon steel head be more bendable for lie angle and loft?
  19. What about torso and hips bending and side bending at impact? I recently got the K-Vest and I'm trying to figure out model numbers and all that for training and teaching.
  20. If anyone has seen Luke Donald putt during tournaments, does he use a line on the ball to line up his putts or does he just leave it blank?
  21. Hey guys, I hope all of you had a great Christmas! So I got this fitness watch for Christmas and it can monitor my heart rate and it got me thinking, is there an optimal heart rate range during the shot? And if there is, would it be possible and legal to use this watch during my round to control my heart rate to this range during shots?
  22. Hey guys, I am curious to which iron is usually 100 yards shorter than your average driver carry distance. Is it the 5, 6, or 7 iron?
  23. That was a swing with what felt like my left heel glued to the ground until the finish, I usually have the trail heel too up at P7 instead of down and rolled inward. I'm a very low ball hitter and it's frustrating hitting super low hooks. Even with my ball position being forward (B0), I still hit it low as f***. And my head dips so much and doesn't extend at all after P7. It's kind of a mess :P
  24. I've been Playing Golf for: 8 years My current handicap index or average score is: 84 (used to be low 70's in high school but stopped playing during college) My typical ball flight is: Inconsistent (so many toe hits) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Toe hooks Videos:
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