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  1. Hey guys, so I recorded my swing today and my problem is having my right shoulder way too high after impact, along with my left shoulder being too low (left-handed). As a result, my head does not go up in the follow through, it dips down after impact and doesn't go up until very late in the follow through. How can I fix this?
  2. Hey guys, I'm getting a lesson on the K-Vest next week and I was wondering how open should the hips and shoulders be at impact? Let's say I wanted to zero out my swing direction, what should the numbers show?
  3. So I just received foot powder spray in the mail today after reading LSW a while back for ball contact awareness on the clubface. Everyone mentions sweet spot in terms of horizontal CoG but no one ever mentions it in terms of vertical CoG, i.e. which groove on the clubface should the center of the ball be hit on. For irons, is it the second/third/fourth/fifth groove? What about wedges that have a lot more grooves than irons, will it be the same groove as it is for the irons?
  4. I wouldn't be driving a golf cart with my dog on it, that's way too dangerous. My idea is having her on a leash attached to the push-cart as we walk. She'll follow the push-cart and stay with the push-cart and sit as I take my shot. I'll make sure she stays away from the green as I putt. That's my opinion of the proper dog etiquette.
  5. Hey guys, I've been wondering about bringing my dog along with me when I play golf as it's literally the perfect activity to do with a dog, walking the dog on a nice wide open field with fresh grass for multiple hours. My dog is a certified service dog (I'm mostly deaf and I had to get her certified so she'll be allowed in apartment buildings that don't allow pets, which is so many!). I'm guilty of taking her on very short walks like most dog owners do, and I'd like to make it up to her always being inside the house by taking her out to the golf course with me. But I have some concerns, which is golf courses keeping their grass fresh with pesticides. Does almost every golf course use pesticides for their grass? And if so, will it be dangerous for the dog to walk on and make her sick?
  6. It's a combination of great physique body type and utilizing the ground forces properly in a powerful way.
  7. Yes, there are students that have too much shaft lean at impact (such as me), and tends to hit the long irons too low to have optimal trajectory. It's worse when the AoA is really shallow with too much shaft lean, because you'll often have too low spin and low launch to have sufficient carry.
  8. First of all (I'm referencing from SAM PuttLab), topspin is the best spin you can use in putting. Topspin is an effect from the Rise Angle (AoA in putting) being higher than Effective Loft (loft at impact). 2 degrees loft at impact and >2 degrees upward rise angle is desired by SAM PuttLab experts on Stimp 10 or higher greens.
  9. Have face pointing left of the target at impact, with the path MORE left than that. Simple.
  10. I'm a practicer, just trying to finish hitting all the P's and fit the model alignments consistently before I play competitively! ;)
  11. I've done some research on carbon steel, and how their softness is graded on the SAE scale (such as 0.25% carbon = 1025 carbon steel, or 0.20% carbon = 1020 carbon steel) and how the material can be affected through various forging processes (Endo, Miura, etc.). Could it be possible to forge an EXTREMELY low carbon steel, like 1005 (the lowest)? And which process is the best forging process over any JDM, OEM forging process?
  12. Here is the best pattern of all-time: P1: Major anterior posture (think Adam Scott in early 2000's) and feet are NOT flared outward. Grip is not structured. P2: Hand path is the most up, already up on the shoulder plane, with the clubhead toe up. Your head should already move about 3 inches at this point. P3: Right knee flex is still at its original P1 flex (think Corey Pavin) because it gives you more power (PA's are BS). Hand path is still going up past the shoulder plane. Your head should already moved about 5 inches at this point. P4: Shoulders should have no slant, neither should the hips, they're both parallel to ground, with the right knee at its original P1 flex (a sign of POWER!) Head should move back about 7 inches at this point. Hand path ends at the right ear. P5: Hand path should be down on the shoulder plane and keep going down that plane until P7, when the clubshaft is inline with right arm (shaft leaning back for power). Left knee should NEVER get past the left ankle. Right knee should overflex, and hips should be spinning out, and right heel should already be up about 3 inches. P6: Head has not moved since P4 except downward (to get power) because "Stable Axis" is worthless, who wins with it? P7: Right foot has already come up about 7 inches, and shaft is inline with right arm, clubface is pointing left of the target to hit a draw (I believe that club path 100% determines the starting direction of the ball, and face angle 100% determines the curve). P8: Hand path should be on the shaft plane all the way until P10, no handle raise. Clubface should be already parallel to ground because of your rolling release (think Fred Couples) because that's the best way to hit a draw! P9: No handle raise, shaft should be parallel to ground (DTL, not CV) because of release. P10: The head has still not moved since P4, which is good because you will have a long finish like Adam Scott and Kyle Stanley's back.
  13. Bubba turns his hips the most on Tour and he hits it the farthest. Corey Pavin restricts his hips the most on Tour and he hits it the shortest.
  14. Just bought the book from Amazon 3 days ago, now I have to play the waiting game for maybe until or after Christmas :-(
  15. Is it possible to use weight shift with "deep hands"? I've tried ingraining the 2-plane swing but it didn't work, plus wedge shots were killing me. I'm not really a S&T; guy, I still prefer weight shift (and please don't argue and bash with this, iacas) but is it possible to swing in-in path with deep hands? Plus how deep would your divots be and where should it point if you started the ball straight at the target? Can you do the sand drill from "The Impact Zone" (draw line in sand, hit divots ahead of that line) with deep hands?
  16. It's more of a severely starting left kind of shape (too much inside-out), I need to make it inside to inside swing path with forward shaft lean and hitting down while the face is a tad open to get a tiny draw instead of straight due to D-Plane laws. I mistaked the zeroed out swing path with inside to inside swing path, I forgot there's a difference between those two swing paths. According to D-Plane laws, if I have an inside-inside swing path while hitting down, since the direction of the D-Plane is left at impact (due to AoA and forward shaft lean), I'd have to open the face to match the D-Plane path (not the target line) for it to start left and curve right in a tiny draw. I'm not a believer in hitting it straight. No such thing as 0 RPM in sidespin on TrackMan (really rare). So I prefer tiny draws.
  17. Yep, I'm a lefty :P I don't want to buy TrackMan, I just want drills for zeroing out the path (inside-inside path) while controlling the face angle.
  18. I am currently working on a tiny draw shot shape (1-3 or precisely 2 yards which is perfect) and I am employing the D-Plane Laws, which means for a tiny draw, I'd have to zero out the path with the face open just right so it matches with the low point of my swing (ahead of ball) so the ball will start a tiny bit left then draw back. Any drills for that? I just want to zero out my path, NOT the face angle (or else I'll hook it off the planet). So what's the best drill for zeroing out the path?
  19. This is a legit way to cure sweaty hands for those who are socially uncomfortable or doesn't like to wear gloves when they play golf. Here is the website http://www.prevent-sweating.com/blog/how-to-build-your-own-iontophoresis-device Basically it's a free guide on how to make your own iontophoresis device (it's regarded as an alternative to surgery but cost $$$ for an industrial iontophoresis machine) for probably less than $40. I did it and went more than the 14 day limit to permanently cure my sweaty hands by going for 28 days. Best of all, I can finally get PURE grips installed without having to wear gloves because there's no sweat from my palms that makes the PURE grips all slick and slippery. And I get to hold hands with a possible date without being afraid or nervous about hands sweating :-D
  20. Iacas, thanks for the reply. I am not concerned about tracing a straight plane line in the entire swing, I'm concerned about how to trace it through the impact zone for a straight shot (as I read from The Impact Zone by Bobby Clampett). Will it create a straight shot? And one completely unrelated question, what are your putting stats now when you have Edel and AimPoint together? I know AimPoint (Level I) but I am thinking of getting fitted for an Edel putter.
  21. Hey guys, I'm currently working on getting my golf swing on-plane and I think tracing straight plane line works best for me. Is there any good drills for tracing a straight plane line throughout the swing?
  22. Why are you not a Beatles fan? You can obviously tell that I'm a huge Beatles fan by my avatar :-D
  23. You probably have the ball to far forward with the long irons, or you just like to rip those irons making you go OTT
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