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  1. For guys that are looking into both the Swing Machine Golf book and the DVD's combined, here's the best combination: Grip, the book wins in that category. Set-up posture, the DVD's win in that category. 3 parts of the follow-through, the book wins in that part. Set-up ball position and alignment, it's a tie between the book and DVD's. Takeaway, the book wins. 3 parts of the backswing, the book wins again. The downswing, the DVD's win in that category.
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently going through a swing change for the high draw (make downsing through impact slightly inside-out) so I can make it my stock shot (there's no such thing as straight to me, imagine 0 RPM in sidespin, nobody can do that). But how many reps does it take? I'd like to see an unbiased scientific study of how many repetitions does it take to ingrain something in general (other than golf). I'm pretty confused, should I do the 60 reps a day for 21 days, or do the 10,000 reps? Any scientific studies on repetitions by a renowned university or college would surely help me!
  3. To win on the PGA Tour, you must drive the ball 291 yards (carry+roll), hit 66.4% of fairways, hit 72.9% of greens, go for it's (second shot on par 5's) must be accomplished 58.3%, take 27.6 putts per round, putt less than 1.7 per GIR for the entire tournament, and scramble 71.1% of the time. All that statistics is from AimPoint Golf. Oh, and one more thing, the most important stat, master the 6 inches between your ears.
  4. I don't know why but my ball goes so much longer and higher with high hands than deep hands. Is this strange, Erik? I seem to get a consistent 3 yard draw with high hands, like 1997 Tiger.
  5. You want high hands or a high ball flight? Deep hands with an open clubface is a great way to hit a high push-draw. Incidentally my stock shot with the irons, and I got deep hands. The ball stops dead pretty quickly, even with a long iron.[/quote] Don't you just love those shots? I mean sure, you need the right club for the yardage, but knocking it stiff while stopping dead with a long iron is a feeling unlike any other :-D
  6. I know deep hands helps draw the ball, but I want a *high* draw. That's what I meant, sorry to not mention it in the last post. You know, those old "Tiger draws" ;-) My deep hands prevents it from going high, and I need to fix it.
  7. I have to disagree with the working out = distance. It's all about technique and timing. Everybody could hit it farther than Lou Ferrigno if he had horrible sequence and timing and they had very good sequence and timing. Kind of a bad analogy but you get my point.
  8. Hey guys, all the time my hands are always low way beneath my shoulder line at the top of my backswing, and it makes it very difficult to draw the ball from that position (the draw is my swing goal). So is there any drills for ingraining an upright backswing (I.E. hands are high)?
  9. I already know how to compress the hell out of the ball! :) I have the Tour Striker Pro X to help me with sweet spot contact and hitting down on the ball. Finally I got it, thanks Pharaoh! Btw, Blake Griffin is an NBA basketball player, widely known for his sick dunks. He won the NBA Slam Dunk contest in the All-Star Game. And I golfed with him yesterday!
  10. I've actually tried S&T; about 2 years ago, but it wasn't really my cup of tea... Apparently, if you do the set-up as what Paul Wilson recommends, if you use your arms, you're gonna catch it thin a lot of times... like today in a round, when I was using my arms 3 times, I caught it thin with wedges while playing with Blake Griffin... talk about embarrassing... and yes, I'm talking about Blake Griffin, the Slam Dunk Champion! So basically Paul Wilson's set-up posture demands powerless arms or else, you're gonna catch it thin all the time. It's a very interesting feeling, the powerless arms feeling, and your horrible misses are just barely on the fairway or green with a powerless arms swing. But at least I golfed with Blake Griffin! :-D
  11. The_Pharaoh, another thing I am confused with: how do you know if you made a 90 degree shoulder turn? Does doing the helicopter drill mentioned in his book help you make a perfect 90 degree shoulder turn in front of a mirror? I always have a tendency to turn way more than that and my hips with it, too. Does the helicopter drill make you turn 90 degrees perfectly?
  12. I don't want to do S&T...; I'm more of the conventional method, like weight shift. Paul Wilson recommended to me this morning a drill of trying to hit 2/3 of your distance with a 7 iron using completely powerless arms. So that means if I hit my 7 iron 160, then I'm going to try to hit it just 106 yards without feeling any power in my arms whatsoever. Then when I get used to it, if I want to increase my distance back up to 160 again, he said I should speed up my rotational speed but still without feeling my arms. This sounds like a great drill!
  13. Hmm, is your name Joe Miller? :-D He literally jumps up off the ground with both of his feet and look, he's 2010 champion of Remax Long Drive Championship!
  14. The_Pharoah, screw that website http://www.perfectgolfswingreview.net, it's just a bunch of crap (excuse my language), I'm going back to Paul Wilson's method and sticking to it 100%. I tried to follow that website but it was too complicated and it made me hit the ball way too low. Maybe the reason why Paul Wilson's set-up posture didn't work for me because I was catching it thin was because either I was doing the set-up all wrong, or I used my arms. It's really hard making them powerless, how do you do it??? Can you give me a drill?
  15. Wait, seriously? I'm kinda deaf, too! I can't hear high-frequency and such (chipmunks, birds, etc.) and I have a difficult time kinda joining in with the crowd, too. Just tell him everybody's different in their own ways, and he shouldn't give up ever, because golf is a great game. I advise in the future when he's in high school, don't do a thing called "closed captioning" with a captioner in his classes with your kid's IEP (if he has one) Trust me, he'll hate it. Have fun teaching him how to play some golf! :-)
  16. What I do is instead of using the term "rotate your hips", I use the term "square your hips" as the first downswing move as that gets me on the inside and on-plane instead of over the top and causing slices and pulls. Forget that Hank Haney PlaneFinder contraption, just square your hips as your first downswing move! :-D
  17. If it's your left pinky (if you're a righty), expect a fade. I played last month and I had a huge bloody blister on my right pinky and I tended to fade kinda weak just by 5 yards or so. (for a lefty)
  18. This is a really great putting book! The author is a sport optometrist, and he advocates using your dominant eye for putting as it is very important. He tells you in the book how to find your dominant eye in the beginning then recommends the most natural set-up for your dominant eye in putting. Basically if you're cross-eye dominant (right-handed but left-eye dominant), he advocates a closed to square stance rather than an open stance to see your line better. He's an inside-square-inside putting path guy, but he tells you how to do a straight-back straight-through stroke in the book if you're that kind of putter. He's a big advocate of aiming squarely, as it is crucial to great putting. And the book also has an index if you're missing putts either left or right. There are 2 chapters in the book that has pushing putts in one chapter, and pulling putts in the other chapter, and he explains lots of drills to fix pushing or pulling. He's also an AimPoint guy, but he explains green-reading in the book if you don't want to do the AimPoint way. Overall, it's a great book! I highly recommend it :-D
  19. I think his method is rather too simple, I always use http://www.perfectgolfswingreview.com to complete the complexity of his method. But instead of the new backswing chapter on the website, I follow the original backswing chapter (link is included in the new backswing chapter) because it matches with the Swing Machine Golf method. I wrote some new stuff from the website in his book so I don't forget about the new information. The_Pharoah, did you ever get problems catching it rather thin when you follow Paul Wilson's set-up (should look at nothing, not even feet, when glancing down)? I did, and I fixed it with that website. It completes all of his method except for the new chapters on his website.
  20. Does that mean before the round I can just tape some paper on my shaft telling me the distance I hit with this club? And it won't count as advice because I did it before the round?
  21. AimPoint is probably the best thing to happen to green-reading, I love it!
  22. I believe he is trying to get the feeling of swinging left after impact. Is that right?
  23. [quote name="The_Pharaoh" url="/forum/thread/42960/swing-machine-golf-by-paul-wilson/18#post_633443"] 1.6 is excellent for a 15 year old! Well done! One of my students is 14 years old and off 3.5 and he's one of the best in the country (Spain). I think the best is off 1.4 or something. He should get down to scratch over the next year or so because he's capable of shooting in the 60s, unfortunately he's a bit of a head case. He makes too many dumb mistakes on the course. He also doesn't have your dedication to practice either. Although there are a lot of things I do not agree with or understand re: Swing Machine Golf, if you keep it simple (backswing = shoulder turn, downswing = rotate hips + loose arms) it's a great method to get you back on track. Good luck with your practice! [/quote] Yesterday I just found a tip from Paul Wilson that might save my sanity from 630 reps everyday! http://swingmachineblog.com/how-long-should-it-take-to-change-your-golf-swing.html I remember last year I read this tip and I was doing the shaft parallel to ear finish because I couldn't do it. I did it 11 in a row perfectly and I didn't lose the habit for a year. I totally forgot about the tip!
  24. It's a very underrated method, the powerless arms method. But Paul Wilson came up with the perfect swing for it using Iron Byron. In fact, I'm doing my training of ingraining it tomorrow (it's gonna take 20 days based on the 630 reps for 2 days on each part of the book) I need dedication, though because according to my calculations, if you do 1 rep each 15 seconds, it's going to take 2.6 hours to complete 630 reps :-O If I can complete the training, my high school team's gonna be jealous of my swing! (I'm 15, not bad for getting a 1.6 at my age :-D )
  25. Whoops, my bad, I guess that was the .1% that I forgot ;-) It's better to combine the book and the DVD's because a combination of technical (book) and visual (DVD's) leads to proper learning and ingraining of the method. If you really want to ingrain it forever, practice 630 reps a day for 2 days on each part of the book (there is 10 parts of the swing method in the book) and you got yourself a perfect golf swing (as humanly possible :-D )!
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