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  1. Wait, you're a pro? Why would you take advice from a 1.6? :-D Beware, though, you might be experiencing pulls if you rotate your hips too fast, which leads to spinning out. Remember, we will never be 100% perfect like the Iron Byron because we have two axises (our legs) instead of one, which means we will swing in a slight oval (due to weight shift) instead of a perfect circle like Iron Byron. You should thank Paul Wilson, not me, I was just the one to remind you of the stuff you might've miss (or forgotten) reading or watching his book and DVD's. Basically I know 99.9% of his method, too bad I don't practice it enough to ingrain it :-P
  2. Yes, 21/7 and 24/8 has faster clubhead speed than 27/9 because it is faster but it depends on contact, too. Say you hit the toe all the time with 21/7 or 24/8, if you hit center contact with 27/9, that means faster ball speed than those 2 tones on contact. It also depends on how natural it feels. You certainly don't want to feel "rushed" on 21/7.
  3. Here's a solution: In his book, if you're a righty, in the downswing, you should always uncoil your hips around your left leg, which is a pivot (or axis). Don't slide, just simply rotate you hips. With powerless arms, it should feel like you're lagging like Sergio with freely hinging wrists. For righties, to prevent casting in downswing, feel like your right wrist is bending in the downswing (like Sergio) instead of cupping (that's casting). But don't do it consciously, just feel it unconsciously. I hope that helps.
  4. I love Swing Machine Golf! You're right about the casting, if you combine Swing Machine Golf with just 2 aids, such as the Tour Striker Pro and the Pure Ball Striker, it's quite possible to hit every fairways and greens. :-D
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