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  1. Grip is good, I do most right I think its mostly my back swing and mid section setup. Good idea with the video
  2. I don't care if its a half swing, full or what. I just want to go straight
  3. Little about myself...if you don't care skip ahead Avg score 90+- 5 Been playing for many years, have had some medical issues that never allowed me to take a full swing until this year. I can't hit my driver at all. I'm very inconsistent, straight, slice, hook, you just never know. I normally use my 4 hybrid. I hit it straight 90% of the time. Good drive I hit 230, bad maybe 200. While doing this has helped my score it leaves long iron shots which I'm not the best with. I maybe hit the green 30% doing this but normally get it close for a easy chip. What I want is a new bigginer driving how too. I really just want to drive it straight 230-250 to start. I can always add some speed later. I am searching the forums on my phone but thought I would post as well
  4. 3 year golfer with driving issues

    After doing some research on the net I think its mainly my swing and not the clubs. The shaft seems about the same on both flex wise. (just using my arms to flex it) the length is very very close. The Burner is a little heavier though. I was looking and it appears to be harder to swing a heavier club without opening the club face. So maybe that explains why I have a slight slice with the Acuity and a bad slice with the burner. Im going to lighten up the burner and see what happens
  5. A good swing for a gimp

    To make a quick story on it....Broke my shoulder back in 03 10 screws and a titanium plate I had 95% rotation for 5 years and it started to get tight. Its not really pain as it is pressure. If I try to reach above my head my shoulder gets really tight. Almost like someone grans it and stops it from going any further. Ive been the DR and need surgery but it works alright for now. I kind of practiced what you just said without a club and it does feel better but almost like im swinging a baseball bat....ill practice that and see what I come up with. Thanks!
  6. 3 year golfer with driving issues

    Im looking into the stack and tilt and actually I may be able to pull it off..thanks again
  7. 3 year golfer with driving issues

    Thanks for the help, problem with my swing is I still can't get my left arm back where you want it. I have a lot of scare tissue and rubbing in the socket. While I'm working on getting it better im trying to find a good 1/2 - 3/4 type swing. Its also wierd how just moving up in a quality club can effect my swing so much
  8. I have been playing for about 15 years but only the last 3 years I have been serious. I go about 3-4 times a week. I used to have a 1/2 swing due to a shoulder problem. I maybe drove 200 yards at most and had a fairly fair to bad slice. In the last 2 months I have gotten my shoulder fixed (for the most part) and now have a 3/4 swing (as I call it). I can drive the call consitently 225-235 with just a slight slice (or draw some people call it?). Its not bad enough to worry about and I can put it in the fairway quit often. I was doing all of this with a cheap Acuity Turbo plus 10.5 degree. It says powershot/uni-flex on the shaft. I decided to get a new club (used from a friend) It is a Taylor Made burner, shaft says RE AX - 49 Flex S, Mid tip Problem is I slice really really bad. I mean the ball is heading completely right when it hits the ground. Lol I went to the driving range and could hit the ball 300ish when I could hit the dang thing straight, 250ish with a slight slice. I can't find many spec on the Acuity online to compare the two so Im looking for help. What is so different about these 2 clubs that would cause me to play a terrible game with one and a great game with the other? Im trying to figure out if I should just buy a new club that resembles the acuity or if my swing needs to change to use the burner. My end goal is to hit close to 300 yards which I don't think I can do with the Acuity