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  1. Hey Ben! Saw your results at the qualifier. Looked like it was tough out there, lot of guys struggled. Keep it up.
  2. There is a promo if you keep reading the information when you buy the Birdieball green at the end of the checkout in the comments if you type in upgrade it will upgrade you to the next size for free.
  3. A 60* wedge was the first individual club I bought after I purchased a full starter set. (It only went down to PW) It does have a little bit of a learning curve, at first you are going to catch some thin and even more fat, you will leave a lot of short chips on the fringe, just full disclosure. BUT, I said all that to say this; after you spend some time working with the club and realizing how much of a full swing you can take from surprisingly short distances you will fall in love with it. Unless I am just barely off the green with a lot of green to work with, this is my go to club around the
  4. Go for it! Nothing shaved strokes off my game like getting my scoring clubs where I liked and had confidence with them. Also, despite giving you the versatility from 120yds in, it also helps around the green, I love my 52* for long running chips.
  5. I just wanted to come back to this thread to thank all of you who contributed, I was going through a pretty rough time with my golf game because of this problem and had some sort of mental block that would not allow me to self diagnose the issue. I'm playing the best golf of my short career after I got over this little 'speed bump.' You guys saved me a trip to the instructor in a major way. I found most of the problem in my alignment, head movement, and standing WAY too close to the ball. Thanks again guys!
  6. I currently have the vokey 52*-56*-60* I had this same issue a few months ago and I just had to be real with myself, I dont ever use the 3-iron, if its my second shot on a par 5 I'm either laying up, or going for it with a hybrid or a 3wood. When it comes to long par 3's if I can't reach it with a 5 iron or lower I'm hitting a hybrid. If you'll really think about how often you actually use the 3 iron you won't miss it. Also on a related wedge note, good call on the vokey line. I play the 695 CB irons and my pitching wedge is just about grooveless so I'm considering picking up the 48* to replac
  7. When it comes to putting, as long as you are not flipping your wrist and you are coming in square it's very important to do what feels the most comfortable. I fought with more traditional grips with the putter and noticed so much of my focus was on my hands it made a difference in my putting. Do what's comfortable.
  8. Excellent answers! Really sounds like what could fix my struggles. I just went out and got some alignment sticks to start from the ground up and see if it could be an alignment issue and I will certainly check for head movement! Thanks a ton guys! I have been doing more than usual work with my driver/3wood/hybrid so I may have become too accustomed to a flat swing plane and I think I'm over compensating with the irons and coming in really steep! To the range today to see how it goes! Thanks!
  9. I watched it as well...actually what i picked up the most out of it was Hope's putting routine...before ever putt he would line up to it, put the putter behind the ball, then pick the putter up and place it IN FRONT of the ball. I thought it was interesting.
  10. I'm not sure what is going on here, I've been playing golf for about 10 months now. Up until yesterday I was very happy with my iron play. I played 27 holes at my home course yesterday, now granted the course was very wet in some areas, but I found my self digging my irons and wedges, just about every club except the driver. I normally have a problem topping the ball if anything, but yesterday was extremely frustrating to say the least. Tried moving my hands down the grip, same story. I'm talking massive divots, almost stopping the club in the ground at times, even on a slightly teed up par 3
  11. I did see on twitter a couple of days ago that Poults is going to be wearing Puma shoes this season. It said he was picking up Puma sponsorship which suprised me since he owns his own (ridiculous) clothing line, then I saw it's just for shoes...maybe a connection. A lot of clothing lines are affiliating with/purchasing clubmakers, ie...Adidas/Taylormade.
  12. What is interesting to me is while you are getting more clubhead speed with the G20 and also more distance, what I would take a look at is how close your carry distance is with both brands, you are getting very close to the same carry with both clubs but you are generating more spin with the AP1, thus less total distance, keeping in mind that your irons are for hitting greens, I would want more spin. Imagine those as shots to the green with pretty close to the same carry average I would want the ones that stop better. Also, I see that you are using the Vokey wedge, I like to keep consistency w
  13. The 60* has always been my favorite wedge. Up until recently I've always pulled out the 60* anywhere around the green and modified the swing accordingly, but here lately I have been taking a 52 around the greens for a little more roll with my chip shots and depend less on the drop and stop.
  14. Cleveland Launcher 8.5* Extra Stiff 3 Wood 15* Iron Shaft (no brand, came with my beginners set from Academy) 4/5 Hybrid Iron Shaft 20* (again no brand) 3-PW Titleist 695 CB Forged Irons Titleist Vokey 52* and 60* Golfmate 56* Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Titleist NXT Balls Titleist Midsize 9.5" Staff Bag As far as the 3 Wood talk goes, I absolutely love a 3 Wood, it may have something to do with the iron shaft on mine but I choose it over my driver for accuracy all the time, but my home course is pretty short and narrow so I tend to favor it.
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