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  1. thanks for the compliments guys. the field is right next to my home course. i only hit 7-8 balls then go pick them up(lots of walking, notice the weight loss from first vid and current) i do this so i dont get in the mind set of mindlessly beating balls, i focus on each ball and try to hit a certain shot. each ball gets full preshot routine and a precise target i'm trying to hit to. if im feeling lazy i'll only hit wedges so i dont have to walk real far. -matt
  2. the results of a round should never weigh on your mind, a round of golf is simply a series of single shots that you must play one at a time. thats how you should look at it. -matt
  3. I have been working on my swing and starting to see some good results. I dont use a pro or get lessons, kinda self taught. I record my swing then try and fix things that dont look right. I am currently at about a 6 hcp but thats because i cant putt. My ball flight is a high draw and my misses are blocks/hooks. As you can see i still get kinda stuck coming into the hitting area. I dont know how to fix it. Things i would like to work on are getting the club up on plane faster in the backswing i still bring it inside then come over to bring it down the correct plane. Even though i come ov
  4. i like them, the nv is probally the best value shaft ever made. -matt
  5. ok i'm goin to make a long story as short as possible. I am 24 and have been playing since i was little(dont remember the actual year) I play RH but i do everything in life LH. Never really did any thinking about til last week when i was playing with a LH putter for fun in golf galaxy and it looked and felt real comfortable and rolled the ball real well. So anyway i bought the putter and absolutely love it, ok now i will putt lefty, makes sense. just for shits and giggles i wanted to video tape me swinging lefty. now i have never hit a ball lefty. I am also no where near a teaching prof
  6. First off Merry Christmas to everyone. OK I have a question I know is stupid, I am a volunteer firefighter, last night we did a santa detail. I dressed up as santa and we drove around many neighborhoods while i froze my ass off waving to kids and making them happy. My question is as a catholic was it wrong for me to promote christmas with santa claus, when the real reason to celebrate christmas is the birth of jesus? Now i am not losing sleep over this I would like to here everyones opinion. -matt
  7. how are you an 8hc with that swing? very nice swing, very nice -matt
  8. definately no insert if you want to putt well in my opinion. inserts take away what all great putters had and that is feel. i'm sorry but you could have the best stroke in the world and hit every putt exactly where you aim but if you hit it too hard through the break or leave it short and in the heart it doesn't really matter how good your stroke is. inserts just dont provide the feedback needed to putt well. I'm not just bias to camerons i really like(and used to own) a ping karsten series. even the becu pings are great putters. just my 2cents though. -matt
  9. it is very important that regardless of how strong or weak your grip is, that your palms face each other. if not your hands will not work as a unit and that could be something else to compensate for. -matt
  10. do it! i have lost about 45lbs now and between losing weight and getting healthy and working on my swing i am now down to about a 4. I was an 11 when the first video was shot. losing the weight and gaining muscle will change your game. in the first video i am hitting an 8 iron about 145 now i'm at 160. -matt
  11. congradualtions you caught my typographical error. so you never hit bad shots at golf? do you get upset when you mishit? how much time do you practice? i know your only a 12 so i assume you miss alot, do you aspire to get better? how much do you actually care about the quality of golf you play? here's the thing this man's whole life has revolved around golf. since day 1 he has been labeled a prodigy, and has lived up to it quite well i may add. He works harder than anyone on tour and deserves the right to be cut some slack. He puts so much into the game that it bothers him when he makes a
  12. you guys that thinks tiger is an ••••••• and f'ing retards. you know why he doesn't lke making mistakes and gets pissed? its becuase everytime this man does make a mistake you guys crucify him for it. it prolly makes it worse knowing that everyshot you hit is televised. and if you think he's a bad role model for golf!? what about the golf channel's big break!! those are the whiniest, arrogant bunch of babies i have ever seen. they cuss and throw shit all the time and the golf channel is trying to help them gets jobs. so then is golf channel bad? NO its a sport and people get pissed, you i
  13. ditto ^ i love my i10's the 15's look GI compared to the 10's even the offset seems dramatic. -matt
  14. i have an instant shank fix, when you swing through try and rotate your center over top of your left heel not your left toes, i guarentee you have too much weight on your toes and that is causing you to lean in alittle at impact. for years everytime i started hitting the ball well it was then followed by a case of the shanks. I finally figured out that when i got comfotable with my swing i would get my weight out on my toes(dont know why but it happens). give this a shot and i bet you will stop shanking. -matt
  15. yep i got my scotty for 120 when the had 50% off clearence sale -matt
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