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  1. Yeah, education payments are whats keeping me from starting ASAP. From what I've read it seems beneficial to start out on a smaller bike (250 or 500cc). Only looked at cruisers and standards really so far, couldn't ever see myself on a rocket.
  2. Anyone out there own/ride a bike? I realize they aren't useful for hauling the clubs around, but I've been looking into saving up some money, taking some AMA certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes, and finding myself a nice summer toy and new hobby.
  3. I used to play Trombone is middle and high school...lord was that an adventure. I quit playing a few years back and just picked up a Peavey Millenium 4 BXP Bass Guitar that I've been playing around with. Once I get more free time, I'll take some lessons.
  4. Looks like BioShock has done a really good job of pissing PC people off recently...what with the widescreen compatability problems and the software protection. Only two installs ever? What a joke if it's true.
  5. I had a blast all last year playing Tiger Woods '07 for the 360 with my roommate. We would co-op two-on-two best ball matches against a pair of "Sunday Tigers" The game I can't wait to see come out for the 360 is Mass Effect.
  6. I remember seeing a short video of some Bioshock gameplay and being absolutely stunned by everything I saw. The thing that stuck out most to me was the unbelievable water effects. If I make enough money to finish building my gaming computer this fall I’ll be buying it for sure.
  7. The late William Payne Stewart, in perhaps his most recognizable pose.
  8. I bought Guitar Hero I and II and played them for quite a long time. I even purchased God of War II and left it sitting for a month before even opening it because I was so busy on my Gibson controller. Having it on a university campus was huge, everybody was over all the time. Unfortunately, after 6-8 months or so of each game, I found myself getting slightly bored with it. I found my way back to other games (currently: Knights of the Old Republic) that offered less linear gameplay and more interesting multiplayer modes. It was a blast while I enjoyed it, I just couldn't get into it anymore.
  9. savingbogey


    I'll always be faithful to my Merseyside Red boys. There's nothing like hearing "You'll Never Walk Alone" on a big match day at Anfield. ...Except shaking our heads at Manchester U fans.
  10. I live in Minnesota, and while everyone hates to see him go, EVERYONE knows he deserves a championship and prays he will get one...knowing full well that it would not happen in Minnesota. In my opinion, it's quality players (and people) like Kevin Garnett in the NBA and Ladanian Tomlinson in the NFL that hold up such a huge part of the image of big American sports.
  11. savingbogey

    Hockey Fans

    Yeah, he does get a lot more attention than he deserves right now, but giving this kind of performance in his late 20's is nothing to laugh at. That and the Panthers and Canucks can't score goals to save their lives. Anybody else watch the all-star game when they had Marty Turco on the microphone out on the ice? That in-game banter was far and away my favorite part of that game.
  12. savingbogey

    Hockey Fans

    My girlfriend bought me a Winnipeg Jets jersey for Christmas last year. Seeing as I was born there, I'll always be a Jets fan. Going to the games and Seeing Selanne, Essensa, and Zhamnov in the blues. Nowadays my focus has really shifted to the Canucks. Luongo is nipping at Marty Brodeur's heels, and the Sedin twins are the best players to watch play together hands down.
  13. Rob Zombie - Past, Present, and Future
  14. I'm a lefty from Canada so Weir is obviously top of the list. My favorite player to watch is Henrik Stenson though.
  15. 1997 Acura 2.2CL. Bought it after working all last summer. It's my first stick, and definitely not my last. I hate driving anything automatic now, I get bored. Someday I'll make it behind the wheel of something with more than 4 cylinders.
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