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  1. Grip physics.

    I am no expert in the matter, but grip is a very personal thing. It is all about feel for me, and whilst one grip on the club for me might be perfect, for you, it may be totally wrong. What could be happening is that your new grip has improved your confidence as much as anything else. And with a new batch of confidence comes a cleaner ball strike and ultimately a better overal game. I am sure someone who really knows what they are talking about when it comes to this sort of thing may shed more light on it, but in my opinion, whatever grip you choose (interlocking, overlapping, baseball), as long as you are implementing it correctly should have very little impact on your overal shot. It is all personal preference :) Good luck and keep shooting those low scores
  2. Hello

    Hi Haggis It is good to see a new golfer being so keen and interested in the game. I would stick with your Dunlops for now and just practice down at your 9 hole course. The most important thing to remember is that golf is meant to be fun, so have fun. Try to play with a smile on your face. Also - if you bank balance will allow it - get a lesson or 2 with your local pro (or ask around at the driving range for a good pro near you) and I can promise you that after a couple of lessons (especially as a total beginner) you will improve very quickly :) Good luck
  3. Hello from Essex, England (near London)

    Haha - I will do that :) Actually, a very good friend of mine is the cousin of one of the girls on the show - it makes me die a little inside everytime I hear someone mention that show :p
  4. Hello from Essex, England (near London)

    Hi Both Well to answer both questions: Courses I play often are: Woodford (member of this course), Epping, Toot Hill and North Weald. All nice enough courses. Toot Hill is my favourite, a very nice course and enjoyable to play a round on :) The only way is essex... well well well, it is truly awful. It makes me sad to be from Essex. What can I say, it is a bunch of tarts and tossers acting up to a camera... like a sort of big brother with basic scripts. It is just awful. That is my official take on it :) Thanks for the welcome
  5. Hello from SE MI

    Hi Eric I am new too - literally just joined the forum. I have been playing golf a few years now, and let me tell you, the first time you break that 100 mark (which will happen for you if you just keep playing) is one of the best feelings ever! I would highly recommend going to a good local pro, just for 3/4 lessons, and he will be able to help you to get some really good basics together to help you evolve as a golfer :) Best of luck
  6. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am a freelance web designer and developer. Been in the 'web trade' for about 7 years now, and worked for myself for around 2 years :)
  7. Hi All My name is Rob, I am 28 from Essex, UK. I play off of 19 at the moment, but there was a time I was off of 14 not too long ago. I am having lessons with a fantastic pro at the moment, and I think that in the not too distant future, I will be back down to the low teens :) Looks like a good forum here, so I hope to be a good member and contribute as best I can. Happy Golfing :)