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  1. Best Shot of the Week

    Went out last sat with my wife (for her first round of golf ever). Hole6: Fairly tight 420Yd Par 4, tree lined both sides. Hit a 280 yarder down the middle(according to the GPS), couldnt have walked out and dropped it by hand any better. Then take the 8I to a small sloped green about 20 yds downhill. Stuck the green and was about 10ft to the hole on the downhill side of the green, putted it out for birdie. I'm not sure whats going on my driving has been incredible in the last 2 rounds I'm hitting 60% FIR and averaging around 260 Carry. Its weird, I aim the shot on the tee and it actually goes there instead of slicing into the woods. I dont have to aim 30 yds left or anything. lol Of course everything else in the bag promptly goes to hell, but hey that's golf.
  2. Drives going straight, then curving right.

    Yes mine went like your first one(well occasionally it would do both). Its the result of a lot of side spin once your ball slows down from its tragectory the spin takes over and it slices. The second one you show also incorporates pushing the ball. Its pretty aggravating you think you hit a good drive then, wham off it goes
  3. Drives going straight, then curving right.

    Yep that is a slice and believe me I know a slice. You are either swinging outside-in or your clubface is open at impact. Things that have helped me are 1)getting an R9 and setting it 2 left and 2) taking an strong overhand grip (basically take your normal grip then rotate your hands clockwise about 1/2 inch till you can see several knuckles on your left hand (I'm assuming you are a righty). Your driver head will look weird, just ignore that and make your normal swing. Before I did that my drives would go dead straight around 230-250 then take a 90 degree turn in midair. Worst part about it isnt that it lands right its that your bounce goes at 90 degrees too and really takes it to the right.
  4. Was watching netflix the other night and they had a golf vid on there where it followed a pro around for 9 holes or so. It was actually quite enlightening and showed him making every shot/etc. I can tell you that the guy's short game saved his azz continuously. Granted he's hitting a lot more fairways than I am by far, but he's not as prescice off the tee as I imagined by watching golf on TV. The thing is that if he was anywhere near the green with an approach shot he was pretty much guaranteed a real good chance at a 1 putt. On one hole in particular that I remembered (since it looked a lot like me lol) he drove a par 4 with 50 yds of the green but the ball ended up in the long stuff. He then makes his shot out of the long (2ft long) grass/weeds, catches it wrong and dumps it into the bunker on the side of the green... Its at this point I would guarantee myself at least a bogey(I would have been on the green but almost certain 2 putt, because I would have just been happy on the green after all that), but this guy tosses his sand shot 2ft from the cup and pars the damn thing. He had quite a few saves like that where his short game turned what would have been bogey or double for me into par. It really gave me an idea of what actually goes on with a round for theses guys and why the short game is important they make a lot of saves like its a "normal"part of play and having a real good short game is what allows them to save par or to birdie a lot more often than us mortals. Granted if you are hitting 50 yards into the weeds or 150 yds on your drive you need to work on that because the short game isnt going to save you there, but the ability to be near the flag on the approach and give you one putt opportunities fairly frequently can shave a lot of strokes. How many times are you happy just to be on the green and then end up 2-3 putting, thats what kills your score (or lost balls/unplayable/penaly stuff). If you can get reasonably competent off the tee then I think there are a lot of strokes to be gained by a good short game
  5. Says the guy with the 3 way adjustable driver :P
  6. If you could change ONE rule, what would it be?

    You should be able to ground your club in a sandtrap provided you dont move the ball. Thats the dumbest of the rules that are commonly seen. As if you can't tell what the conditions are like when you walk into the bunker by feeling the sand with your feet. Also what good would grounding your club do if you are hitting a sand shot and you hit several inches behind the ball anyways. Its just a dumb rule, period. It should be the same rule as addressing the ball not in a bunker(ie you cant tamp down /etc in an attempt to improve your lie). Also if you fall in a sand trap you are allowed to touch the ground with your club or body to prevent the fall or cushion the fall with no penalty. You can see a video on this on the USGA website in the rules area "Ball in Hazard" Video.
  7. Ping Eye 2s are the best irons ever created

    In order to avoid confusion with the aniti-Ping philistines rampant in the thread, I referred to the affore mentioned Holy club denoting "1" as a way to differentiate your copied version (fantastic club that it is) of the original Eye Series club from Mr. Solheim of which I refer to. I do this in simplistic terms as you would in speaking to a child about a complicated term so that they would have no confusion I was speaking of the original, technological marvel known as the Eye series and had not forgotten to simply add the 2. I would agree with you that when striking the ball with the original Eye that there is a certain positive feedback that might disturb those with more shall we say "Delicate" wrists, I however being extremly manly and posessing a black soul want to fully feel the shot. Please enjoy your round with the world famous and revolutionary clubs (which BTW are still being used on Tour to this day). After further checking...My golf towell does clearly say Ping, although I'm still having trouble determining the mfg, of my divot tool.
  8. Ping Eye 2s are the best irons ever created

    You ppl and your new fangled clubs, real men hit Ping Eye 1's. Black Dot..Black..like my soul... when I mercilessly strike my golf ball with no remorse.. lol I just realized I have no idea what brand my divot tool is..hrm
  9. How often do you use your 4 iron?

    Almost never I'm actually thinking of pulling it and the 2 out of the bag. I crush my fairway woods so I'm better off hitting the 7 wood. On the rare occasion I'm hitting a long iron (>5) its usually the 3 and its usually either out of the rough where I'm concerned about a lot of grass between the ball and the wood so I dont fly it or its a creative shot (ie long grass/weeds where I dont think I can hit the ball very good with anything and I want it to go far since I know the weeds will be really slowing the club down).
  10. Picked up a TaylorMade R9 460 used(been played with a few scratches (like I care) but it was in decent condition) from E-bay for $68 (you should be able to find them in the 80-110 range easily if you can wait a few days to find a good one). I've tried the regular R9 and the R9 460 I much prefer my 460 and it fixed my slice (mostly) since you can adjust face angle. I've always played the time capsule clubs(I laughed at the Big Bertha when it came out) but I can tell you that its so impossibly easy to hit that 460 and you can even be off center an inch and still hit the hell out of it(they claim only 4yd reduced distance with 1" off center). I hit far(yes really I do) and between the adjustment and the size It has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my swing since I KNOW I'm gonna hit it that that giant head. I would highly recommend at least trying one. I was pretty resistant to it, but my dad had one and let me hit it at the range and after that I was in his bag every round... it really made a difference to my game. The 460 hits a little higher so you might want the 9.5 but the 10.5 are usually even less expensive.
  11. New here from MI

    I know, I bought an Taylormade R9 and it fixed my slice, club technology is pretty awesome now :) See you on the links.
  12. Old guy coming back....

    Yea, same here. My dad and his golfing buddies kept prodding me to go, and I kept saying no because I knew this would happen. Now here I am...up on e-bay all night trying to upgrade my equipment a bit and ducking out of work at 4pm to get out golfing before the after work crowd.
  13. New here from MI

    Hi, Just got back into golf after about 4 years off and about 5 years before that of just a few outings a year (for business/charity/etc). Been playing since the age of 13 and I'm 39 now. In my 20's I was pretty avid and was into club building/etc. Been trying to get my wife into the sport and put my game back together (its comming) after not playing much, I'm pretty amazed at how far equipment has come and just how enormous the club heads are now lol. Mike