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  1. I got that too and was thinking of joining.. but naaaa I won't
  2. rmgr

    I beat golf!

    I don't think it's a career low, I think he posted one time about shooting a 7 under or something like that.
  3. Definitely! I just wanna go out there again and again
  4. only thing is they probably made eagles on 600 yeard holes lol
  5. I finished 10 yards behind tiger's PW with my 7 iron!!! lol
  6. Lol I drove the green earlier this year on a Par-4 and I guess that was my first "look" but the flag was wayyy too far to even call that a look so this was pretty much the first manageable look I ever had at an eagle
  7. it was really really downhill at the end. It probably played to about 200 if that..
  8. well my swing has always been pretty good (or so people tell me all the time) but I was just not getting a good grip, until now...
  9. I felt so good after I finished playing that hole. I felt like I played it perfectly because my 3 wood went straight down the middle, then my 5 iron went straight where I was aiming, and then the putt rolled straight in the hole.
  10. alright so here's the story.. I started playing last summer and I got to be alright. I shot a 44 through 9 holes one time which was pretty good I thought. About a month and a half ago I completely lost my stroke. I was hitting line drive shots, and could not hit the driver at all, it was impossible to elevate the ball with the driver. I found out my grip was messing me up for some reason even though I thought I had never changed it since the beginning. I messed around with it for a little while and was improving but posting up scores of around 110-120!! Well yesterday I went out for a round
  11. sorry bud, but the actual name of the course is "Bear's Best" ok? thanks!
  12. What's up with Jack Nicklaus and naming courses "Bear"? There's a Bear's Best near me, and there's some more I think.
  13. yeah that happens to me, I think the ball is heading towards the trees to the right, and it's always straight.
  14. TPC Sugarloaf - Duluth, GA Stone Mountain Golf Club - Stone Mountain, GA Collins Hill Golf Club - Lawrenceville, GA Country Club of Gwinnett - Snellville, GA Peachtree Golf Center (PAR 3) Hombre Golf Club - Panama City Beach, FL Hombre was in the best shape of all the ones above.
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