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  1. I am 14 and need some help on anything.. aiming anything!!!
  2. I go golfing at least every thurday and today i hit a 59 on 9 i am 14 i have decent clubs and have a practice net to practice in what could i do to work on my drives strait and long and my putting .. I also need to know how to aim better please and thank you!
  3. I bought some new golfballs FuZZ (they are amazing) and new spikes for my shoes
  4. I am 14 and a male i do not play too often but i am starting to (twice a week) i get very frustrated when i do not do well for example a bad drive. (there are not too many good ones) I did take lessons and did golf a lot so i have expirence though. I just need to know how to improve on -My drive -Chipping -Lining up for a shot i need to have the most work on that -and last but not least staying under control Do you have any tips for me or places (websites) or on here (im new) that will give video tips ex: swing,form...ect... Now what i can do -Drive 100-150 usally goes straightish but not to far occasinaly curves -Chipping is not that good because i need some tips on it -Decent putting -Any other things just ask Please any tips
  5. i would also say to work on the putting...then chipping...then form/swing...then the drive
  6. Ok so i am 14 and have decent clubs i do not drive far at all 100-150 and it isnt all that accurate i golf pretty often so i practice do you have any idea on how i can improve on my drive
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