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  1. Not that old of ones, no! But if they work for you, use them. I still have a few drivers and 3 woods that are very similar to those that my grandfather had many years ago, but I don't use them. My grandmother told me to keep them after he passed away a few years ago.
  2. Thanks for joining us! Lots of instruction tips here
  3. Bo Van Pelt would jump 28 spots in the FedEx Cup Standings, to 12th place, if he were to win tomorrow. Rickie Fowler just can't put 4 solid rounds together. He played his way out of it today. I'll stick with my prediction of Geoff Ogilvy winning.
  4. Depends on who I go with. Whenever I go, it's usually with a few other relatives who don't want to walk, so I ride in the cart with them. Sometimes, after I hit my fairway shot, I'll just take my pitching wedge and putter from the bag and just walk to the green and let them drive to their balls. But if I would go by myself, I would walk all the time because I'm only 15 and can't legally drive a golf cart yet.
  5. One last thought, and I know it's off topic, but...it seems to me like Tiger has 2 different sides of him. The arrogant, selfish side, that swears on the course and is a bad role model, and then the good side. Remember he made these quotes quotes, but didn't live up to them. "Achievements on the course are not what matters, decency and honesty is what matters." "If you are given a chance to be a role model, I think you should always take it because you can influence a person's life in a positive light, and that's what I want to do. That's what it's all about." As for Stevi
  6. It should be calming down. Now we're just getting more and more off topic. Nothing else to talk about until Tiger announces his new caddy.
  7. Possibly! Just have to wait and see...
  8. Ignore him, practice your mental game. If it really gets to you, tell him to please stop again and that it's not good etiquette. If he will not stop, tell him he's no longer welcome in your group.
  9. I know, he caddied for Scott again without asking Tiger for permission a second time. And you have a good point there...I could see Stevie doing the U.S. Open since he was already there, but if Tiger asked him not to and he went ahead and did the AT&T; National, that wasn't right. If that report is true, then I understand why Tiger fired him. Thanks for that info.
  10. I'm basically torn with who to "side" with in this whole ordeal, LOL. I'm done with it. I don't know. It depends how Stevie told Tiger that he was already at the U.S. Open with Scott, if he was nice about it or demanding to let him caddy for Adam. If I was Stevie, I don't think I would have pulled out at the last second and left Adam hanging with no caddy for the U.S. Open. I still don't think Tiger should have fired him just for that. Stevie would have been there for Tiger whenever he's going to return from injuries. But it is what is is, and it's over.
  11. Definition of a sport: "A sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sport The definition itself proves that it's a sport, and people who insist golf's not a sport can't argue that. The definition will win you every debate.
  12. Because from what I know , Stevie is an elite caddy, and in my mind, the best I have ever seen. And Hank Haney agrees with me. I could very well be wrong...sure, there could be tons of caddies out there who MIGHT be better, but from what I KNOW , I'm forming an opinion. I've never met anyone in my life who had such a problem with that.
  13. That's entirely true...I never said anything to contradict that.
  14. That's absolutely correct. I never said anything that would contradict that. No one said Stevie was the best caddy back in 1997...he became an elite caddy because he paired up with Tiger Woods. But at the same time, obviously not all caddies have equal talent, either.
  15. That's your opinion, and I'll tell you right now it's wrong. Sorry, but you don't know who I am, what kind of kid I am, how long I've watched golf, how much I know about it, etc. The internet isn't a very good way to judge someone. So stop talking about what you think of me. I'm not saying anything about you, because I don't know anything about you. You don't know anything about me, so the best thing to do is not to say anything at all.
  16. My prediction: Geoff Ogilvy. Rooting for Fowler though.
  17. Not really. It definitely doesn't make sense to me. If you tell someone they can't have an opinion on who the best pitcher is because they can't name the #4 pitcher for the Astros, then something is wrong there. All I'm saying is everyone can have their own opinion based on what they know.
  18. I AM entitled to my own opinion, and so is everyone else. Iacas is correct in saying that the best caddy could be someone we don't even hear about...but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion to who the best caddy is. There are people who think Stevie is the best caddy, people who think Bones is, etc...nothing wrong with having an opinion based on what you know. How about if I told you that you can't say Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in the MLB because you don't know who the #4 pitcher is for the Houston Astros? Doesn't make sense, does it? Everyone is entitled to their own own op
  19. I COMPLETELY agree with you on that one. LOL. I'm an American and proud but you're exactly right! I can't even believe this thread took up this many pages.
  20. Most likely just a pulled muscle. I pulled a muscle a few years ago right around my heart area doing physical activities, and it still has not completely healed to this day. It bothers me when I do a lot of physical things. When I went out last week for an 18-hole round, it started hurting on the back nine and I actually sat out the 15th and 16th holes because it was so bad; I couldn't even swing without having stabbing and terrible pain. I went to my doctor and had an EKG and X-Ray done just to make sure it wasn't my heart, and my heart is fine, so it must be a muscle around my heart. Doctor
  21. Absolutely my 3-wood. Even when I was slicing my drives and iron shots, I was hitting my 3 wood solid. I can always hit it straight and far easily, and can hit it almost as far as my driver. My putter would be my second favorite, because I'm a very good putter and always feel confident standing over any putt.
  22. You're exactly right. That's why I'm only going off of Stevie's comments. I never said I totally believed everything I read, all I said is what they said "happened". But how they know everything is beyond me. Just like those Globe and Enquire magazines...lots of false articles. I certainly didn't think this would take up 8 full pages, but at the same time I'm not surprised. Tiger and Stevie is a hot topic and there are a lot of people on this forum who like to discuss it. But I think everything's been covered now. Just have to wait and see who the next caddy is...
  23. And from what I've read, it seems like Tiger fired him specifically because he caddied for Scott a 2nd time at the AT&T; National without asking Tiger for permission again, and that made Tiger mad. If Stevie would have never went to Scott's bag, or even if he would have asked Tiger for permission again, he would probably still be Tiger's caddy. But that's just my opinion. And I'm not blaming anything on Stevie...if I was Tiger, I would have had no problem with Stevie caddying for someone else until I return. Steve was loyal to Tiger, and that's why he's upset.
  24. All the articles that have been written about it. And certainly looking at Stevie's comments, he was not happy. I'm not saying they're furious at each other, but it definitely wasn't too happy of an ending. http://www.golf.com/golf/tours_news/article/0,28136,2084340,00.html http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/6787301/tiger-woods-gets-rid-steve-williams-caddie http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/6788352/by-firing-steve-williams-tiger-woods-loses-last-link-success http://www.pgatour.com/2011/r/07/20/woods-williams/index.html http://w
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