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  1. I bought one of these recently, and they are supposed to give you the "connected" feel for your arms while you swing. I definitely feel this connectedness, but it still feels awkward while I swing while wearing it. Any thoughts?
  2. I've narrowed my choices down to Eye 2, Zing 2, or the new K15's. Any suggestions on which would be best for a high handicapper with a swing speed in the low 90's?
  3. As far as aiming goes, and I think this works for any shot (including putting), here is a simple tip that often goes overlooked. I was watching School of Golf with Martin Hall on the Golf Channel the other day, and he says that most amateurs get their feet, shoulders, and body into position, THEN align the clubface. He said to see a dramatic improvement in your aim, do what the pros do (and I have seen them do this on TV...A LOT!). Step up to the ball, aim your clubface FIRST, then set your body into alignment. I hope this will help you out! P.S. He also said something that sounds
  4. I am a 30 year old who has gone from "a few times a year" golfer, to really dedicating my time practicing and studying the game the last couple of months. I have used a 1990's set of King Snake (clone set) irons with regular-flex shafts for awhile now. My swing speed is approx. 92 mph. But, I don't feel that I'm hitting my irons as far as I should be. For example, on a good day, I usually average 155-165 yards with a 5 iron. I want to take advantage of today's technology and upgrade my irons to see if that helps. However, it could be my swing that needs work, but I do feel like I'm makin
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