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  1. I've been Playing Golf for: 10 Years My current handicap index or average score is: 18 My typical Putt is: Pushed to the right Hi I am currently struggling with injury so have been working on my short game and wondered if anyone can help with my putting stroke. I have posted videos from 3 different angles. What are peoples thoughts and areas I can improve it? Kind Regards Timbo1988 Videos:
  2. Spieth to take it but after a wobble at some point where Mickelson takes the lead! Hope Rory and Tiger can get close!
  3. [quote name="Dpt2005" url="/t/81317/hamstring-tendonitis-left-knee#post_1127931"]Hey Tim. I just had a couple questions to see if I may be able to help any. 1. How long ago was the injury? 2. Any hip/knee injuries prior? 3. What had you been doing with the PT that worked and didn't work? 4. Any prior strengthening/stretching routine? Any current strengthening/stretching routine? 5. How is your range of motion of the knee, hip, hamstring? Do you feel tight or limited in your motion? 6. Lastly, what motion or activity will you notice the pain and what do you do to relieve it? Thanks.[/quote] Hi, 1. The original injury from soccer was 3 years ago! The pain I have is around/above the bone on the outside/ back of knee! I have had 3 MRI scans one of those showed a problem with the biceps femoris tendon! 2. No hip or knee injuries prior to that! 3. Initially the first PT I went through did strengthening on a knee extension machine but that didn't solve it! Second PT I have been through was for about 12 months and seemed to clear the problem for a while! It consisted of lots of strength exercises such as body weight squats, lunges and eccentric loading of the tendon! 4. I usually try to do 5-6 body weight squats before a round! 5. Range of motion is poor as it hurts to fully bend the knee hip range seems ok! Hamstring feels a little tight! Cycling is a no go as knee is too stiff to bend! 6. Usually feel it after about 12-14 holes of golf, if the knee is bent to much then it hurts! Thanks
  4. I am 26. Been playing golf for 10 years and injured the tendon playing soccer where someone kicked my leg! No previous injuries prior to this! 2 sports doctors and 2 physios have both said Hamstring Tendonitis where hamstring connects into the the back of the knee (biceps femoris) for a year or so I couldn't walk without pain and didn't play any golf and then did lots of PT on it and improved where I could run again with a little discomfort afterwards! Golf is fine when I play and I don't feel it but then after the round it feels really tight and goes really sore the next day and week after! I have an office job and do lots of driving so majority of time is spent sitting! Am I ok to stretch it when it's painful or need to wait until pain eases off?
  5. I have hamstring Tendonitis in back of the left knee that seems to flare up each time I play! Been managing it for 2 years or so with PT but it never seems to fully go away! Anyone glad this/got any tips how to clear it completely?
  6. I was taught for a pitch where you want it to hop once then check fast (this is different to the high spinning pitch shot) you want ball in middle of stance, weight 75:25 front front then hinge the wrists on back swing earlier than normal and then zip through the ball but the key is ensuring you don't use your wrists in the downswing at all! The key swing thought for me is swing from high position in backswing to low position in follow through (in a flop shot or more spinning shot it will be high back swing high follow through)!
  7. Hi, I am returning from a knee injury and struggling to get the consistency in my swing! I usually hit a draw with a good shot or a bad shot a duck hook low and left or a push to the right which doesn't draw! I usually hit driver about 240-250! 7 iron 145-155! Has anyone get any suggestions of where to improve the swing? Many Thanks Tim
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 22 My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: duck hook [rule] Videos: [VIDEO]https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IAJsOdelz9w[/VIDEO] Any comments or help welcome!
  9. Hi All, I wondered if you review my swing video in slow mo and suggest some improvements and drills to work on! Usually hit a draw with a bad shot being a push or a duck hook! [VIDEO]https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IAJsOdelz9w[/VIDEO] Many thanks Tim
  10. 1.) Mcllroy -16 2.) T Woods -14 3.) Keegan Bradley -10
  11. Ok thanks for that advice. In terms of pulling and hooking the ball does anybody have an idea of why I am doing that? Are my hands to active at impact?
  12. Hi everyone, I have posted a video of my golf swing below (sorry about poor quality). I was wondering if people could comment on it and offer advice where I can improve it. I play off 28, am fairly good with short irons but struggle with Woods and longer irons. I pull or hook these a lot and my good shot is often a draw even with short irons. If anyone has any swing tips or drills that will help me improve please post them below. Many Thanks
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