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  1. It used to be a big 9 hole but then they expanded it to a short 18. I'm telling you, though, it's not nearly as easy as it is short.
  2. It does feel good. Hopefully it will stop raining sometime soon and I can get a babysitter so I can play again this week.
  3. The executive cow pasture I play at has a great deal going on right now. $20 to ride 18. Not a long course at all, but the fairways are really really really tight (lots of trees and water) and there are a ton of elevation changes, so it is not a cakewalk for the high handicapper. On my 2nd trip out this year I broke 100 for the first time ever and I am quite pleased with myself. I attribute it to the new (used) Ping putter my Dad gave me. It is an Anser 4 (like this one ) that came with a mixed set of clubs he got at Salvation Army for $25. He only bought it for the near mint Titleist tour
  4. I have been a bourbon drinker ever since I started drinking liquor, but I recently have developed a real love for Scotch. I bought a bottle of Glenlivet and enjoyed it. Then I was out to dinner and asked the manager to recommend a Scotch to me and he brought me Highland Park...this stuff...it's just the nectar of the Gods. I went and bought a bottle of it at Binny's today. Well worth the $40 price tag. I picked up a nice like old fashioned glass on clearance for $0.75 and I am enjoying it neat right now. I am really loving this whisky (I keep adding an "e" to whisky..." and I was hoping som
  5. The thing that elevates No Country and makes it so great is the fact that you are asking questions on an internet messageboard about it. It makes you think. What was the last movie that made you think?
  6. My struggles have primarily been with high ball flight. My usual shape is a high fade with the driver, high severe fade-slice with the long irons and high and near straight with the mid and short irons. I will work on my hips more. I also need to work on getting better video. Unfortunately, I think I may have broken my foot in my softball game last night, so I don't know when I will be able to swing the clubs again.
  7. Haha wow. Thanks. That is awesome and makes sense.
  8. Who decides which ball gets used? Like with Kim and Lefty...a Nike guy and a Callaway guy...seems to me like most pros would be picky about using their own ball. Do they switch it up based on who is taking the tee shot?
  9. Here is a shabby quality video of me swinging the big stick at the range. I was way over the top in this and I think I have corrected it. I need to get some new vids, I know.
  10. Therein lies the problem, though. I have a pretty steep swing, I think, because I have a very high, quick trajectory. Maybe I am just ballooning, but I thought I was swinging steep already. Hrm..
  11. Sitting back and reflecting on this season, I came to the realization that I rarely take divots, even with my short irons and wedges. Usually when I do take a divot, it is the results of a bad swing...not a good one...you know...the old "divot goes farther than the ball" trick where you end up resodding about a square foot of fairway. What's the deal with divots? Can a golfer get by and play well without tearing up turf, or is a divot emblematic of proper contact? What do you think?
  12. I miss going to Binny's and just staring at their wall of beer for like 15 minutes.
  13. It would be cool to make this an annual or semi-annual thing at different clubs throughout the country for members who can't make trips across the country. I would love to get completely demoralized by fellow members.
  14. I tied a king size bed sheet between two trees. Results were hit or miss. Ahem. Is this thing on?
  15. The only thing John Madden could acutely analyze is the most efficient method for dismantling and devouring a 23 lb turducken.
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