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  1. Thanks for the tips guys, I really want to keep working and getting better
  2. Recently getting better distance out of my irons, hitting my 7i about 140-150 now
  3. Picked up the game 5 months ago, play about 4 times a month. Never taken a lesson(looking for a teacher now), and was just wondering where I should be in turns of scoring. I hover around 105, and recently shot my lowest score (95). Is this a decent score for the length of been playing? Anyone in a similar spot as me?
  4. I was playing hand me downs that were stiff flex, and was slicing every club. I have since put together my own bag, with regular flex clubs and have straightened out a bit (especially irons)
  5. Just got into the game. Never interested in my 20+ years of life, but played it once and I'm now officially hooked! Maybe a dumb question, but how do you put your club list at the bottom of your posts?