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  1. 1. Ram Rock - Horseshoe Bay, Texas Just a very difficult track. Very long w/ insanely tight landing areas. Awesome course and resort. 2. Southern Dunes - Maricopa, AZ I have only played it once but the wind was howling 50+mph. Might be easy w/ no wind. I really can't wait to have another shot at it someday. 3. Newport Dunes - Port Aransas, TX Played it many times usually windy. Very seldom the wind isn't blowing and the course is fun. When the wind off the Gulf of Mexico is strong club selection is impossible. Great course, however. Honorable Mention - Waterwood National - Huntsville, TX 10 years ago
  2. Yesterday I received my invitation to the Nugget's "VIP" tournament in late October. I played in the most recent tournament in late May at Bear's Best and it was a lot of fun. This one is being held at Arnold Palmer's Arroyo which I have never heard of. Does anyone have any experience or information on this course, besides the online reviews (condition, layout, etc.)? I would love to go but have another obligation, which I can get out of, if it is worth the trip. The courses that the GN holds these tournaments at are usually "top notch" Shadow Creek etc. Plus, it would be a trip to Vegas during prime football gambling season. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Rory Sabbatini
  4. Actually it is the Rawls course. My friend is the pro there and from the Austin area. He says that the course has the best greens that he had ever seen and that the course is always in great shape. This is amazing considering that it is in arid west Texas. I haven't been able to play yet but plan to do so soon... Lubbock is just a long way from Houston. They are working on a permanent "state of the art" facility that will enhance the golf program at Texas Tech. Rates are very reasonable any where from $34 -$79. It has recently received the following recognition: Golf Digest: #2 New Affordable Course in the US Golf Week: #3 College Golf Course Golf Week: #5 Best Course You Can Play in Texas
  5. My ball of choice the Callaway Tour i (s) but I do not buy them very often. As for cheaper well performing balls I buy Wilson Staff "Zips" or Precept "Extra Spin". You can get two dozen Zips $25 at Academy.