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  1. Hi Generally Nickent is a cheap brand for players who have hit hard times and cant afford a decent club (for decent read Ping, Callaway or Titleist). I am sorry that you have had to resort to such cheap tat and can only hope that at some point in the future you fall on better financial times. All the best
  2. Whilst new to here i feel i must support the OP view, not just about Ping Eye 2 irons but Ping in general. Like FamousDavies i am also a very good golfer and i honestly put this down to the superiority of my Ping Golf clubs. I own an original, mint condition set of Eye 2 BeCu irons which are so awesome i cannot bring myself to use them. I believe they are objects to be admired and lusted over as works of art and will never part with them. My current set up includes G15 hybrids which are quite simply the finest players clubs ever devised and help me to shoot in the 70,s almost every round i play. I salute you OP.