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  1. thanks for the advice, next week i'm going to the driving range to get a lesson i hope it helps me. Also if i took a picture of my swing and grip would you be able to tell me what i'm doing wrong and what i need to fix. thanks
  2. thanks. my dads not a low handicapper. I diddnt mean anyone at the driving range i meant the people that work there. There is a pro there that gives lessons and seeing its a driving range it should be cheap.
  3. I want to get lessons but they will cost a lot and i don't think my parents will want to pay for that. Would the local driving range be a good place to get lessons?
  4. Thanks for the comments. I have looked at a few of the lessons on youtube. They showed me the right grip and stance for driving, they helped a lot I'm hitting much straighter now with the new grip. I am using the overlapping grip i think that works best for me. About the short game i practice outside trying to chip it in a bucket and have a putting area in my house that my dad uses.
  5. Hi I just started gold but i'm not very good and i want to get better, what do i need to practice to get better. Im really into the game and want to play it a lot but i don't know what i need to practice. What is the right swing and grip for a beginner?
  6. anyone know if these are any good.
  7. I'm a beginner i have only played like 4 games all up and i want to know why someone would pay so much for balls. Would it help my game if i got expensive ones?
  8. yer thats the plus version i wonder if thats the better version or cheaper?. Heres some pictures that the guy sent me, .Tell me what you think of the clubs.
  9. Hey i bought a set of Proline Pro score golf clubs but i cant find anything on them. I am picking them up tomorrow because i just won the bid on eBay for them. I paid $162 aud. Has anyone had any history with using them or have heard about them?. I can only find info on the pro score plus i don't know if they are much alike. If anyone wants to see them ill post some pictures that the guy sent me.
  10. There is a 9 hole golf course near me and the 1st hole is the hardest really annoying to start off at.
  11. that happened to my friends driver lucky it was a cheaper driver than yours.
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