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  1. I always assumed it was because I don't play enough, but with the clubs coming up on their 40th birthday, I thought maybe I should upgrade. It sounds as if the consensus is save my money.
  2. I golfed fairly often in High School back in the late 90's. I then took a 10 year hiatus and tried to be back to golf again in the 2010's. Thanks to this forum, I ended up buying a set of used Ping Eye 2s for around $200 which I used during my return to the sport. Then I had kids, got a high pressure job with long hours, and other interest overtook golf. I still play a few times a year, and I feel like I might benefit from an irons upgrade, unless this forum tells me otherwise. I play in one tournament every year with clients and a couple times a year with my father in law. I also take my two
  3. I think this is exactly what I was alluding to. When I hit my eye 2's I concentrate so much on swing and posture and very little on what part of my club strikes the ball. The head is so big, I just don't even fathom missing the ball. I get great ball flight predictable distance, but I am consistently 20 yards to the left or right of my target. When I picked up the blade, it was MUCH SMALLER than my clubs. I think it required me to concentrate more on making sure the head connected with the ball. I believe this is where the gained accuracy stemmed from. I have great hand eye coord
  4. I have been taking lessons now for several months, and my swing is on point, although not fine tuned. I hit ping eye 2 irons because they were recomended to me a the mecca of forgiving irons. I went to my lesson today. I hit three bad shots to start the lesson. My instructor put me through a little drill, and I was back to hitting nice lofty 100 yard shots with my wedge. They were a lengthy and as inaccurate as my shot are when I play a round. When I play a round, I can pick the right club distance wise, but my aim is way off. I told my instructor and he gave me a few tips and dr
  5. I totally understand the annoyance, but I think it is something you just need to accept and deal with. You are at the practice range. You have your favorite spot at the end because people stay away from you. That lady shares your favorite spot, and she has the same right to practice on that end of the rage as you do. There was a time when I felt I had to be on the stall farthest right, because I would hit one or two shots that shank directly to the right nearly hitting people. I might have intruded on your spot, but for completely different reasons. Also, don't forget this is a practic
  6. I shot 142. Played with a friend who has been trying to get together for a round with me. I see it as an improvement. This was only my second round. I played 9 about six weeks ago after my first lesson and shot 72 (144 if we assume I did the other 9 the same). Took three lessons (every other week) and hit the range three times a week. Even though 2 strokes over six weeks does not sound like much to shave off, it was more about the couple of good holes I was able to put together. Also, I played from the ladies and amature tees six weeks ago, and the guy I played with this time insisted that we
  7. I have now been taking golf lessons every other week for six weeks, and I finally turned a corner this week. The pro still stops and helps me for free when he sees me at the range, which as been great. My practice routine has been to hit the range three days a week and hit a hundred balls each time. I played 9 holes the day after my first lesson. I shot an effing 72 on 9. I should have known better than to even attempt to play. The lessons have really helped. The major things my pro has stressed have been to turn with my shoulders on my back swing, keep my wrist cocked back as I
  8. codwater


    Go with Ray Ban Daddy-O's Polarized. They have all different shapes for all different faces. The vision is great. I tend forget that I even have sunglasses on when I wear these. Also, after wearing a pair for four years, I never saw a scratch. When the lenses got dirty, something about them made the dirt not very visable. I replaced the sunglasses with a pair polarized Oakleys. I hate them. I feel like they don't block the sun as well. I still have to squint. The vision isn't as great. They get scratched to hell very easily, although I must say the scratches don't really impair the sight throu
  9. I used to hit my wedges, 9, 8, and 7 fairly well. Still had topped balls, hooks, and slices, but for the most part I felt I could trust those clubs. 6,5, and 4 irons kicked my ass. I almost would refuse to hit them it was so bad. Could not hit a fairway, much less get any solid contact. I took a couple of lessons, and I feel like I undestand the mechanics of my swing, grip, and stance better. When I am at the range I play a game with my irons. I hit each club, starting with my wedges until I hit two solid shots in a row. When I hit the two good shots I move down to the a lower iron. If
  10. I was hitting at the range yesterday with a friend. I recently got a new bag and some new irons. This was my first time hitting them and using my new bag. I went at around 1:30, which was my first mistake. It was hot and HUMID. Once I got to the range, I realized I had not switched my glove over to the new bag. The humidity made me nervous, but I wasn't going to buy another glove. The whole reason I was hitting balls at the range was to avoid spending too much money. I was having a decent time hitting. I worked from my wedges all the way up to my 4 iron, and I was stroking about 80% of
  11. The range and the couse close to my house is in the the city park. The balls at our range cost $10 for 105 balls. I am able to hit the range about eight time a month, thus spending $80 a month. I only play the course once or twice a month, and I plan on slowly moving away from the range and more to the course once I feel like my swing is solid and consistent. The course offers a monthly practice pass which is $99 plus a discount on weekday twilight green fees. I can't play an entire round during the week, so it is better off for me to just pay the $80 in purchasing balls. Plus if I paid $99 a
  12. Will somebody please send me an email with the free shipping special? ( jbsulliv@gmail.com ) I would like to purchase about $40 dollars worth of balls from them, but the shipping will cost me more than the balls. (I want to order some of the horrible balls that come 500 for $11, and I think that is why the shipping is so high). Also, I heard that shipping was free on orders over $75 or $100. I added enough balls to get me to those caps, and I still didnot see that I would get free shipping. Any advice on this?
  13. I am right there with you when it comes to pouring out the sweat. For the past few years mountain biking has been my main hobby/sport, but I played in a charity golf scramble for work every year. We recieved a complimentary Jack Nicklaus shirt with the charity's logo on it. I didn't wear the shirts for a very long time. They just sat in my closet. At one point work and school got so busy, that I could not find the time to go out to the mountain biking trail so I started biking to work everyday. After a week of biking I ran out of bike jersey's, so I threw on the Nicklaus polo. I was abs
  14. Man, I sure hope you aren't picking up balls that are in play from another group. I have seen people try and pick up poorly hit balls before and get chewed out by the who hit it. I think finding balls in bushes and such is fine, but if I see one "in the middle of the rough", I leave it alone.
  15. I don't think it is first lesson. He must be 60+ years old. He is kind of has that grumpy grandpa thing going for him. I think the guy who said he just loves coaching hit the nail on the head. It seems like he just enjoys hanging out on the range. I have never been there and not seen him. The cashier at the range loves the guy too (also recommended him to me). She doesn't really socialize with the other pros. When we were hitting this weekend she was trying to buy the man Popeye’s chicken for lunch. When I showed up for my first lesson, the cashier insisted that I call him Larry just to mess w
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