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  1. I've broken one club when I was angry but did not do it on purpose and immediately felt stupid/ashamed even though no one else was around. Pulled my 7 wood off the tee (Mizuno T-Zoid), it hit a tree and went straight down into the water, threw the club at the ground and the shaft just shattered right around the hossel (graphite obviously). I loved that club and have kept my temper in check ever since because, not only can I not afford it, it is not the clubs fault :P. On the other hand-- someone I know with an historically bad temper once broke every single club in his bag over his knee, o
  2. I've read (don't remember where) that playing barefoot can make you get better contact because you're closer to the ground. And I think that's because being closer to the ground promotes better balance. Something like that?
  3. I'm an hour away from Houston. Super sweaty hands are a very common here. My glove is nasty. lol
  4. I wouldn't say it depresses me but it definitely puts me in a funk. Don't dwell on a bad round-- if it was that bad just go home, take a shower, and call a friend to go get a beer. I'm not saying forget the lessons you may have learned that day but when I play worse than usual I stay up until about 2 am watching golf videos, obsessing about what I did and swinging a club over and over; the result? I end up trying to fix things that weren't broken the next time I play... and play even worse. I can't really see any upside to getting upset. EDIT: And before anyone says they can't help
  5. I really don't get what the big deal is in this thread. It doesn't sound like the OP's buddy is constantly hitting him up to go play a round. I'm a bad golfer and I have friends that are closer than family to me who shoot (believe it or not) 50 strokes worse than me. I love playing with these two guys and when I go out with them I just try to relax, not take it too seriously, get a cart and drink some beer. You don't have to "break up" (lack of a better term, no innuendo or offense meant) because he isn't as anal about golf as you are... Just don't play with him as much. Like several other pe
  6. I guess you could say I "give up the cart" to walk and pay less money but I think I would do that anyway as I always play alone. Plus, walking 9 holes at my home course is a whopping 5 bucks. Luckily, I don't have children or a lady to cut back on my golf time-- No offense to anyone who does but I'm a bit of a loner and I, currently, like it that way. :) "First, I was a one man wolf pack"
  7. This didn't happen to me but I was there and it's just too funny. A friend and I were playing at Waterwood (a very nice Pete Dye course that is closed to the public) and we were on a long par four that had a pond wrapping around from the left side all the way to the right. I don't remember how many strokes it took but my friend ended up 10 yards from the water on the left and used his sandwedge to (attempt to) get on the green. The ball rolled off the green but was chippable/puttable so my friend casually flips the wedge back to his bag. He ended up "throwing" the club about 30 yards into the
  8. Catching clean shots (ball striking) definitely has to be it for me. I'm a pretty good putter (for my handicap) and ball striking really brings confidence to my putting game. It seems like if I get on the green and need a 1 putt for par I'm probably going to get really close or hole out a lot of the time. But if I'm spraying everywhere my anger affects my short game BIG TIME. So, yeah. Clean contact on the fairway (And tee, of course) Jacob
  9. If I feel my wrists and forearms flexing to "unhinge correctly" my shot is usually short, fat, and just plain bad. If I catch the ball well (and have "powerless arms") I don't feel my wrists at all until the finish of my swing when I stop the club. Dunno if that helps.
  10. Not to preach but 1) Under a tree during lightning is one of the worst places to go and 2) if you can see lightning in the distance it is still close enough to strike you. But back on the topic-- I've never gone out and played in crazy storms like you guys but I play several times a week in 100 degree plus weather with extremely high humidity. My hat has salt deposits on it from sweating so much. I think I'd rather play in high wind and rain! lol
  11. I'm going to preface this post by saying: Yes, I am very hard headed and a poor listener as you're about to learn. When I was in college (2 years ago) my roommate was on the golf team and was an excellent golfer (still is). One day, while watching me on the range, he suggested that I put the ball more towards the toe because my path was changing the impact position and I began to hit the ball better. I did this consciously for about two weeks and played better, started not thinking about it, moved back towards center and had ok shots. Well, not too long ago I noticed I was actually hitting on
  12. Hate to be the third comment on my own post but I want to make it clear that I am not complaining. I have been lucky enough to "inherit" great golf equipment without spending a dime and understand that not too long ago everyone was using difficult clubs. I know there are issues with my swing but am just looking for some input.
  13. Also, because of hand me downs, my clubs are tiiiiiiny MaxFli's with what I guess you would call a cavity and Mizuno fairway woods. All of these have stiff shafts. My only other option is a set of Mizuno blades that are fit to my dad. Which do you think is a bigger impact? My left handedness or clubs that are way out of my playing range?
  14. I'm not sure if this should be in golf talk or instruction tips so I'll just post it here. I know there have been good golfers that don't play matching their dominant hand (a lefty playing right handed) but I am not a great player and have been wondering lately... I'm a lefty but I have always played golf right handed because I've always used hand-me-down clubs from my right handed dad. I was wondering if maybe I have swing issues because of a "too strong" left arm and would it be COMPLETELY ridiculous to get a cheap set of lefty clubs to learn that way? I'm not blaming my faults on being
  15. Also, in the spirit of the thread, I am currently taking classes for Real Estate Appraisal and "interning" under my father.
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