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  1. I don't try to emulate anyone, I just go up, take a practice swing to get the feel that I want, and hit. Most of the time it works, sometimes it doesn't. lol
  2. High school. We actually never golfed while we were in school, but once college rolled around, we started.
  3. It USED to be anything requiring the use of my lob wedge. Now, though, that might be my best game. Now, my least-favorite shots have to be the up- or down-hill par 3's. Even with the distance markers, something about knowing I've got one shot to get to the green plus having to account for elevation differences just screws me up. I'm not very clear on my iron distances yet anyway, so it's just bad.
  4. I agree, but I do think everyone should start out doing the basics such as a "good grip", and then alter it as they go along. I mean, anyone can make anything work, but it's just quicker (I think) for people to try and follow most of the basics to get started, and then they can start tinkering when they get an idea of what needs to happen for a swing to be successful.
  5. I recently took a golf class. 16 hours on the range in one weekend left some spots where blisters were starting to form. The next weekend's 16 hours left some pretty good blisters. Never had them before that, though. A couple hours at the range or on the course, no problem.
  6. The best tip I've been given was to just... Relax. Grip, swing, mind... just relax everything.
  7. I tend to do better with people watching. Not to say I do better under pressure, exactly. If I were playing for 4 million dollars, I'd probably pee myself. But with a few people watching me, I am fine. I focus more on the fundamentals of my swing, take a practice swing, and usually succeed. Why I can't do that any other time, I can't say.
  8. Haha, hanks. And I never really plan on the 3 hotdogs... it's just a better deal at the clubhouse lol. I do avoid beer in the summer, though. It's humid and hot as can be here in NC, so I just drink a ton of water. Though this summer, I have finally switched to bringing a salad for the half-way mark... It's so much more refreshing than meat sticks surrounded with bread lol.
  9. For me, it always starts off great until I get hungry on the 9th, and pound three hot dogs or sandwiches. Kinda ruins it lol.
  10. Get the lessons man! I just took a 2-week class for school, and it was far and away THE most helpful thing I've ever done! I've got "my" swing now, I just need to get out there and do it so that I don't have to think about it. So yeah, skip 18 next week and get a lesson instead. Money well-spent.
  11. Pitched it in for par from 30 yards out with my 60 degree. I'd worked on my wedges ALL weekend, and it paid off.
  12. I'm not the best putter out there, but I have played my fair share of poorly-maintained courses... A torn-up hole is a little less forgiving than a perfectly-maintained one. Not to give you an excuse, or anything. I would (and currently am) just stay the course, and focus on getting a better handle on speed and accuracy.
  13. Consistency. I've got a swing that works for me, but I don't really have a good feel for it, so I am pretty inconsistent. When I stop and take several practice swings, focus on fundamentals, etc... I do well. But I don't want to do that for every shot, I want to get a feel for what I need to do. So I've just been trying to get to the range and on the course more and more. I also need to work on learning my distances. That will only be possible when I get my swing more consistent, though.
  14. OP, one does not have to be able to consistently execute a proper shot to be able to see someone else doing something wrong. Not saying you're getting proper advice, but I don't think saying "well you just shanked it!" is anymore proper. I dunno. I do understand that it can get old, if you've got your own thing, though. The only people that bother me are the ones that will take a swing, shank, and look at their glove like it did something wrong, or kick the ground where they were standing like it just gave way. You're not here to impress anyone. Quit making excuses and get off the tee b
  15. Nope. Doesn't bother me at all, unless it's middle of summer. Then every thing bothers me.
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