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  1. My last round of golf certainly had the potential to be great. Hole # 1 - Three Putt Bogey Hole # 2 - Birdie Hole # 3 - Three Putt Bogey Hole # 4 - Birdie Hole # 5 is a short par 3 which my tee shot when into the water. Another 2 feet left it would have been dancing on the green. Ended up with a double. I finished that 9 with two more (one more three putt) and two more pars for a 40. Second 9 I played well, I was sitting at 2 under thru 7 holes. I made a bogey on number 17 and parred the 18th for a 35. So take away the 3 three putts and I shoot par and then if my one tee shot was
  2. Last week I finished my round birdie, birdie, par, eagle. I also had another birdie on the front 9. Ended up shooting a 74. That tied my record with the most birdies/eagles I have ever had in a round. Ended up also pulling in a decent amount of skin money which was a nice bonus.
  3. I got a MazdaSpeed 3 and absolutely love it. I have taken long trips and get 29-32 MPG for all highway miles. I usually get 25 per normal tank. And that is pretty decent milage for a car that has 263 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. Extremely fun car to drive and comfortable enough for really long trips. So i second the Speed 3 or Speed 6.
  4. pivo


    Just have fun.....I did the same thing in a tournament this year. I shot a 82 with 3 double bogeys and one triple. 2 doubles and a triple were on the front 9 shooting a 45. Just went out and had fun not putting any pressure on myself on the back and shot a 37. Another thing I have been trying to do this year is to just play smart. If your in trouble it is usually better to take the safe route instead of trying to be the hero and make an next to impossible shot creating the doubles and triples if not executed.
  5. here is the USGA Odds of Shooting an Exceptional Tournament Score http://www.usga.org/playing/handicap...eanstable.html So if we use this chart to calculate the odds of a 10 handicap shooting a 74 on a example course with a rating of 72/130 would be: (74-72)*(113/130) = 1.7 - Handicap Differential Formula So the net differential would be 10-1.7 = 8.3 The odds of that happening is 1138:1 The odds of someone shooting a 74 and 75 on the same example course within there last 20 rounds would be 9716:1 Not the greatest odds but atleast they are better than winning the lottery.
  6. pivo

    Tee Height

    I used to tee the ball up high, center to bottom of the ball at the top of the club face. But with in the last few months I have moved the tee a little bit down. So the top of the ball is inline with the top of the club. And I have had much better control and consistency. Not like I was slicing or hooking the ball before but just lowering the ball helped me control the ball a little better. A typical drive for me is between 280-300. And lowering the ball had no real effect on the distance.
  7. pivo

    Driver question

    I have used 3 drivers since I started playing golf when i was about 12. And the first one was an actual wood driver. So since I am 23 now I guess you could say that i get a new driver ever 3 years or so. Although this is my second season with my current driver and I have no plans on getting a new one anytime soon. It is had for me to justify buying a new driver when I hit my current one well.
  8. ok that makes more sense.....when i was looking at the stats i thought that was a little high also. Thanks for the catch
  9. Total putts are putts made on the green...if your in the fringe that does not count as a putt. Also the pros average higher than you may think. Yes they do have round when they only have 25 putts. But currently the best putter on tour is Fredrik Jacobson. He averages 1.73 putts per green which equal to 31.14 putts per round. So I would say as an amateur 33-34 putts/round is pretty good.
  10. pivo

    USGA Handicap

    Yea I did see Golfsmith, but there are none in my area. When you go to purchase it asks for you location and the only one in NY are not in my area. I will find out what it cost today when I go to my local club. I think my dad said it is less than 70 bucks. Plus that allows you to play in their club championship if you post enough scores there.
  11. pivo

    USGA Handicap

    Thanks. The prices are in the ball park that I was thinking. I will be stopping by the course near my house to sign up. My dad got his handicap this year for the first time in a long time. And it is making me want to get one. Especially since I have been practicing and playing very well this year. And who knows, maybe get in a few tournaments when I have an established handicap.
  12. pivo

    USGA Handicap

    I am thinking of going to get an official USGA handicap today after work. I am curious, how much do you pay for your handicap? Also does it last one calender year before you have to renew or is it just to the end of the season? Thanks
  13. Well most people have already said it. Practice PUTTING AND CHIPPING. You have the same goal that I had at the beginning of the year. The way I went about it was to go to the practice green at least 4 days a week for 1-2 hours just practice putting and chipping. I also try to get to the driving range a few time a week. And then I take all this practice to the course at least once a week. I have since broken 80 twice this year. I shot a 79 with a double on the last hole and then shot a 73 a few weeks ago. I had everything working that day. I hit 15 greens in regulation and made pretty
  14. I average anywhere from 275 to 300 with my driver. I hit my 3 iron 225 yards and my 7 iron around 170 yards. A few years ago we had a group of guys that were on the long drive tour (I didn't even know there was such a thing). Anyway I can say that was the first time I ever have seen a 380+ yard drive. It was amazing. The reason we don't know exactly how far it went is because he hit it in the creek that was 50 yards from the green and 380 yards from the tee. It was unbelievable.
  15. Taylor Made r5 Type N 9.5degrees. Stiff Shaft
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