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  1. Please post your reviews of back-yard practice nets. I would like something that is a good size, as to catch my shanks, and hopefully easy to set up and tear down. Thanks!
  2. I am thinking of installing an artificial putting green in my back yard. How much does one of these things go for? What brands do you recommend? I haven't done any serious research yet and am just trying to ballpark it. Thanks for your help!
  3. I understand that everyone has bad days on the course (see my handicap), I just got a wacky vibe from this guy. It was clear that he had GREAT shots in his bag, he just wasn't playing golf today, IMHO. He could have just been practicing, I guess, but he got waaaay too excited about the eagle for someone who wasn't documenting/posting the score. You know what I mean. I have been known to overthink things (like my swing- see my handicap ), so maybe I'm just talking out of my butt...
  4. Don't get me wrong- I'm not losing sleep over this guy. It's just ridiculous to see someone like that.
  5. I have been playing golf for 5 years now. Today, I played with a very obvious vanity handicapper for the first time. I only played the back nine, but I saw him chunk a pitch into the 9th green, and figured that his ability level would about match mine. We get on the 10th tee, and I overhear him saying that he is a 2 handicap. I pipe my drive down the middle (best shot all day for me), and he hooks his drive into the trees. He kinda made a mess of 10, 11, and 12. Then on 13, he hits a beautiful drive- about 265 or so. I pull up next to him on the fairway and compliment him on his nic
  6. My oldest son is nearly seven years now. I have been dreaming of taking him golfing since he was two. Of course, I tried to force it when he was just too young to behave properly on the course. This led to several very embarassing meltdowns by him at my usual golf haunts. He had been asking me for several weeks if he could golf with me. Since he's now out of school I told him that I would take him this week and we could play nine holes. He did such a great job today- I was really impressed. We ended up playing with another father/son pair- his son was 10 years old. This was helpful b
  7. I use a reverse overlap for putting and chipping. I use a pendulum-stroke when I'm chipping within 40 feet of the green and therefore use my putting grip. This really increases the feel and consistency of my chips.
  8. A while back, I took the driver out of the bag and just hit my 4i off the tee for a few rounds. My scores did not suffer, and it got me to realize that I do not need to swing the driver hard, just controlled. My driving has been more consistent since then, with fewer slices into the woods.
  9. Great job! I like that you consider the legit score the real milestone, and not the one with the insisted-upon mulligan. Good on you! That is just good golf karma, man. Don't cheat the game, and it won't cheat you. I'm hoping like hell that I can break 90 sometime soon.
  10. Choosing a putter is simply a personal decision. Several factors came into play when I chose my SC. I can admit that I was seduced by the brand name and the whole "art of putting" marketing angle. But the feel, look, and quality of Cameron putters is second to none for me . I bought mine as a reward for changing my lifestyle to a more healthy one over the course of time. Every time I use it, I am reminded of that, which makes it that much more special, and reinforces my will to treat my body correctly. We all have our reasons for what we play.
  11. I'm happy to say that I went to the pro shop today and picked up my new Scotty Cameron Studio Select Squareback 2. Yummy!
  12. I started tracking my driving distances with my GPS a couple of months ago so that I could satisfy my curiosity about this ever-so-controversial stat on this forum. My handicap service (at least so far) only gives me my average for each round, which has ranged from 200 yards to 220 yards. My long drive is 271- a pull that ended up on downsloped hardpan and ran. I had a 265 yard drive last week which stayed on the left edge of the fairway, but was heavily influenced by a tailwind. I don't care if I ever hit a drive 300 yards. I'm more concerned with getting my putting under 2 strokes a ho
  13. From my driver down to my wedges, I tried the clubs, liked them, then bought them. I did a very thorough search for my irons, hybrid, and driver; not so much for my 3W and 58* wedge. I am a bit of a putter collector, and am very indecisive about the flat sticks. Just as with the longer clubs, I only buy putters which I have tried and work for me, I'm just a little more liberal with my credit card when it comes to putters.
  14. Check out mlb.com- the new Stars & Stripes hats are white with a blue bill. Go Dodgers! As for the OP- I don't care what anyone wears on their head. Sometimes it's fun to know which team a fellow player is rooting for so you can strike up a conversation to go along with the round of golf- this is especially handy when you play with strangers.
  15. A year ago I was playing a tournament with my buddy. On a par 5, I sliced my second shot all the way over to the far side of the adjacent hole's tee box. I get to the ball, and have a strange stance due to the ball landing about 18 inches from the cart path curb (I didn't know that I could take relief from there). My GPS told me I had something like 160 yards to the center of the green, and there was a wall of tall oak trees between my ball and the green. I pull out my 6 iron. My partner asks what I'm hitting, then looks at the oaks and says, "you can't make it over those with your six".
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