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  1. I enjoyed watching him in the Ryder Cup several years ago. He was a formidable opponent! Come to think of it, that was several Ryder Cups ago!
  2. Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, and Boo !
  3. SideSwipe

    Anthony Kim

    I have a 17 month old son who I can't wait to get out on the course. I already have him watching golf on weekends and The Golf Channel whenever no one is around. He just stares at the television with his plastic putter in his hand. Maybe this is a sign! I don't think I can ever be that demanding of him. First and foremost I want him to enjoy the game for what it is about .... and then maybe later we can think about ruling the world! kidding! Kudos to AK. I hope he'll continue to be successful and be a stalwart for many future Ryder Cups.
  4. Heh heh .... I got the same feeling here. Whenever she stepped out of the room I would switch to the Ryder Cup and then switch it back when she returned (this while I have the Ryder Cup going on in another room). She's a good egg though, because she knows I only do this for the Majors and the Ryder Cup.
  5. I'm with you on the Sam Adams. I'll try different ones every now and then, but always go back to the Boston Lager.
  6. Opinions or insight please! I am in the market for a Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter. From what I understand this model only comes in one length -- 35", however I am in need of a 33" model. My question is: Can the shaft be cut down to 33" without affecting performance/balance etc? I've gone to GolfSmith and received different answers every time (one time they would say "Sure, every other manufacturer allows you to cut their putters down" .... the next time they would say "No, you can't .... try the new Studio Select"). Can anyone shed some light on this? Any insight would be greatly ap
  7. I wouldn't mind at all. In fact, my buddies and I always comment that it would be nice to see more women play (as long as no one holds up the pace of play)! It would probably be a bonus if she were better than myself because I can use any pointers I can get.
  8. Sadly yes. I used to automatically give myself putts inside 2ft; but what I can't stand are playing partners who always improve their lie and then tell me how great they hit their shot!!!! But I guess that's my punishment for giving myself putts .....
  9. The Masters .... because it is the first major of the season (which sets the mood for me with hopes that my season will be a positive one). The whole ambiance behind the tournament makes for great tv (and naps) in the Spring. Hope to make it down to Augusta sometime!
  10. I think this goes along the lines of talking during your back-swing .... it just shouldn't have happened. I think cell phones should be turned off (or put on vibrate) in the first place. But to answer your question, someone in his foursome should have notified him (if they knew anything about golf etiquette). You are a bigger man than I am for not yelling at him.
  11. Are wedge grips normally larger than the grips of the other clubs in your bag? Does it matter? I recently picked up a new gap & sand wedge and find that they may require a little "getting used to" OR should I just have them re-gripped to match the grips of my other clubs in terms of size/feel?
  12. If this holds up, it will be time to come up with a new game plan for Rory. I wonder what will go though his mind the next time he ends up getting paired with Tiger in the final group? It must be frustrating ........
  13. Congrats to Lorena Ochoa for getting the monkey off her back by winning the Women's British Open by 4 strokes! She's got the game and maybe she'll win more often now that she has one less thing to think about ......
  14. i know not all courses have this, but i always keep an eye out for the cartgirl. its becomes a really long round when you are walking a course that does not have one coming around every so often (.... and yes, forgetting to pack a water bottle)!
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