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  1. I wasnt dead set on a simple fix, i just wanted him to help me explore the options without changing too much, but he wouldnt, thats what i took issue with My swing is already up in that section 🙂 beebeen working on shoulder plane since some guys analysed my swing, seems to be helping somewhat, still striking down a bit too much with the driver but its getting better
  2. Just shoulder angle based on member swing 😁😁
  3. Yeah im quite good (feel quite good) at staying connected. If i feel both arms connected well i maintain the width but chunk it a bunch, left arm connected i shank it a bunch, right arm connected i hit it quite cleanly but get narrow at the top I prefer the right arm feeling, it stops that arm getting stuck on the downswing and gets me some decent distance, but the narrowness is making it a bit streaky (As a side note from your analysis of my swing i hit the range last night and steeper shoulders definately tightened my dispersion)
  4. As the title says, ive always suffered with staying connected, but in my quest to gain that ive gotten very narrow on the backswing Anyone know of any drills to achieve both? Cheers
  5. Having worked on this with mirror reps before i hit the range ive noticed if i really focus on tilting forwards from the hips at address helps me shoulders almost automatically go steeper, has anyone else found that?
  6. Thanks Guys for all the input Played in the medal yesterday in the most ridiculous wind ive ever played in, taking driver/driver/5wood on a par 5 and still being short was a bit crap, and i dont lack distance!!! I decided to not change anything yesterday and just go with it until i can get to the range, again the driver was either on or off, irons where good, my scrambling saved my round to shoot an 85 which in those conditions in comp format is only 4 shots over my handicap (course is a 68) so i wasnt too bummed. From the analysis of @boogielicious and @Clubrat the first thing
  7. Thats some serious fricking analysis there dude!!! Its greatly appreciated, i did not on this range session after video that the harder i cleared my hips the better the shot, might of been getting my weight forward better doing that perhaps
  8. Which point is the weight nt going forward in your opinion?
  9. Just loaded two face on videos, again crap quality as he whatsapped me
  10. 7 iron face on Driver face on Didnt get a driver dtl unfortunately Indeed as @iacas allided to he whatsapped them to me hence crap quality
  11. Never has been its either hot or ice cold, but been ice cold for months, were it not for my irons and scrambling id be shooting 100+ everytime
  12. Yeah ive always been ott, but over the ywars its lessoned, its really manageable for me now
  13. Its a coming 😂😂 hes busy at the course tosay sorting drainage so is sending me stuff inbetween lol
  14. Bugger me timbers it were finelast night on his phone 😐😐
  15. So the first video is on there, not sure why its pixelating, just waiting for him to send me the face view, and the driver videos and ill add them. If i can get the quality better i will as its pixelating alot
  16. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years ish My current handicap index or average score is: 13 My typical ball flight is: popup with driver The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: driver everywhere Videos:
  17. Im trying to load the dtl video but cant get it from my phone to the post just yet, im working on it though 😁
  18. I just want my self taught aspects to be given a chance really. I know they dont work with the driver, but can they but subtely adapted to work? Thats my first point of call If then after a few months or however long i plateua with what i have then i can make the decision to go back to the lessons and see what we can improve. If subtle changes dont/wont work then im happy to pursue the bigger ones Hes sending me the videos tonight so ill upload what he has, thank you
  19. haha cheers I think thats pretty much the crux of it, he didnt attempt to work with me, he just wanted to build a swing he liked. which is fine if nothing else worked Id love to have a long term relationship with a pro, indeed i realise it will make me way better. instead of looking at millions of youtube fixes and trying by myself. thats exactly why i went to him.
  20. I may of not worded it very well then because I disagree with the majority of your post, not to be negative or argumentative over it though. He agreed with my diagnosis, we watched the video, what i thought i felt happening was happening, we went from there The bit that got me riled was i explicited said I dont want two swings if i can help it. I want to change as little as possible between irons/driver. but he wouldnt listen, he didnt suggest a single way to keep the same swing but only slightly adapt for the driver, nothin, nada. he just went straight into what i feel is a big chan
  21. pretty sure that was the problem that was being caused, the thought of it going forward was "the club will be travelling upwards again" but it just caused my OTT move to be increased and ironically hit down more on it
  22. he just kept banging on about how it was an element of S&T and how he wasnt a fan and just wouldnt look at other options other than changing the swing completely. Even after asking several times to try other things first I moved the ball up to left toe but seemed to make it slightly worse or hit alot of low pulls. I wondered if hover the driver could help, i know it wont affect the AoA much if at all but might give me half a chance of not hitting under it as much
  23. Very true, my comments in the original post are based on watching the video with the pro explaining as he went through it but if it helps you guys to also see it then ill see what i can sort, hes not to quick at sorting this kinda stuff, then ive got to get it from whatsapp onto here but ill see what i can sort
  24. have just asked the pro to send over to me so will try and load up once done
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