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  1. You have a long ways to go until you reach my ho-dom, don't worry.
  2. Really? Then that's odd, I must be dropping randomly. I did just win The Barclays with a score of -40, so I guess I'm back in contention with e-Tiger.
  3. Yeah, this is completely ridiculous stat-wise. I just finished my second round at Westchester CC for the Barclays. I have gone 56-59, I'm -29. And after this round, my short game dropped...2.2 points. Ridiculous.
  4. Same way with me. This is an incredibly stupid stat, because say you are on a Par 5 and get on in two, but you're 45 feet away from the hole. That goes into your average distance from hole, even though I'd rather have that than be on in three at 10 feet.
  5. Yes. You just have to click the right stick to switch to it.
  6. What game are you talking about? PGA for the computer? You mean Tiger 2008?
  7. Well I'm on the third round of the PGA Championship, I decided to play all four. I'm starting at -6, the leaders finished the third round at -11. Tiger is nowhere to be found yet, but I'm sure he'll shoot 55 today and end up winning by 10.
  8. Because it gets a little boring playing it out. Trust me, I'd kill to play four consecutive rounds at St. Andrews, but not on Playstation. All right, right now I'm f**king gutted and a bit pissed at this game! One thing that has always bothered me about the TW series is that when you're playing on the tour, it seems the computers' scores aren't relevant to what they're playing. I know this a lot to ask, but I mean it would be so cool if you were playing at The Players, for instance, and you could look on the leaderboard to see you have a one stroke lead over Tiger, "Through 16." So then you can say, "All right, well he can certainly drop strokes here!" But nope, it's random. I thought I finally beat the almighty computer. I had a 2 stroke lead on Tiger going into 18 at St. Andrews, where he was too. I was -24, he was -22, which is ridiculous enough. I hit a pretty bad drive, but recover well enough to make par. I felt pretty good with my effort, I think I finally had it beat. Then the leaderboard came up, where I learned that Tiger had shot a hole in one on the 370 yard par 4 18 hitting into the wind at St. Andrews, with a hole protected by OB and Bunkers. God damn it. He is now 11/11 this year, and I'm 2/5, the three I didn't win all top 10s, or 15s at least. Tiger now is leading the FedEx Cup leaderboard by 28,121 points, as he has 42,588, and I am in second with 14,467. I mean, I know the man's good, but come on. I'm not even on the hardest difficulty either.
  9. Anyone have it? How do you feel about it? Any comments? Honestly this game is starting to annoy me a little. I still like it, but the amazing reception I gave the game at first is fading away. -Does it annoy anyone else how much your ability can be taken away? I just demolished everyone the first few days I had the game, but now I'm struggling a little, and it really doesn't help that my Short Game (although not so bad) has dropped to something ridiculous like a 5.6. -Maybe it's just in my game, but in the PGA Tour Season, Tiger wins literally every single event he wins, unless I do. I usually simulate the first 2 or sometimes even 3 rounds of a tournament, but I'm going to have to stop doing this when I have to overcome a 15 stroke deficit every time with Tiger. I'm pretty sure he now has a permanent lead in the FedEx Cup standings. -Does it bother anyone else that in the US Open and The British Open, the winning scores are like -20? I'm playing on a difficulty where I have trouble, but the computers are breezing through it. I'm not bad at this game, my first round for this game coming off a 10 month Tiger Woods hiatus was a 54 at TPC Sawgrass with my man Ian Poulter. So I try to play Saturday and Sunday as opposed to just Sunday at the UK Championship on my game. So now instead of Sunday, Tiger shot a 59 on Saturday as well at St. Andrews to have something like a 10 stroke lead. He'll do it on Sunday too. Trust me, the only golfers I love more than Tiger are Ian Poulter and myself, but this is just ridiculous. I thought I was good at this game.
  10. I prefer to walk, but obviously there are some courses where this is excessive, although they usually require carts in that case around here. So walking it is for me, but riding's cool too.
  11. Well, I suppose I forgot to mention before, I don't want to spend a whole lot here. Hence why TaylorMade is a good company for me. Their resale value becomes poor very quickly the way they release things so quick, so I can buy it here or on other golf sites or eBay at a reasonable price. This is something I was worrying about if I could have with the Cobra Pro CBs. yeah, I'll still be keeping the MP60's unless I get a set of irons that somehow just clicks for me and blows them out of the water. Yes, I know this is odd/stupid/pathetic, but I'm a high school kid with money to spend and a hobby, so I figure I might as well add fuel to that fire.
  12. Hello everyone. If you have seen any of my other topics, you know I'm a major club ho. I like to have two bags at once. I am looking to buy a new set of irons, and I do plan on getting fit and the works. I just want to have a little knowledge of what to expect heading in. I've been looking heavily at the Carbon CBs and the r7 TPs. Please, no insight on other clubs, it's just these two for me now. I've only been able to hit the both of these into a net so I can't really tell. What is general regarded as a more forgiving set of irons? I know they're both player's irons, and that's what I want, but I am just curious which will help me out a little more. Any other opinions between these two? I'm leaning towards the r7 TP because I'm assuming that since it's by TaylorMade, I can get them for cheaper at the rate they pump out new clubs. (This is also why I love TaylorMade) Any other insight? Thanks a lot everyone. :)
  13. My friend wanted these too and is a around a 16 Handicap...I recommend you get the regular r7's. He could do okay with the TP's but sometimes wishes he had just a little more forgiveness.
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