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  1. Is my wedge ATR due to cracking?

    From R&A rules Q&A about woods, not sure about wedge: Q.The face of my driver has developed a crack through the normal course of play. I want to carry on using the club, but does it conform? A. If the crack is a hairline crack which cannot easily be detected by touch, then it would be regarded as wear rather than damage and, as such, the driver could continue to be used. As soon as the crack becomes more than a hairline crack (e.g. it develops a sharp raised edge, or there is essentially of a hole in the face), it should be regarded as a damaged club which is non-conforming.
  2. Should divots be considered ground under repair?

    Hopefully it makes them better at replacing divots or filling the holes.
  3. All or "nothing", regarding the caddie.
  4. I voted no. And then some OT. On the other hand I would not be unhappy about a rule that would prohibit caddie from stepping on green at all. Players can handle the flagstick as they in 99,99% of golf rounds do anyway. And there is no other role for caddie anymore on green. btw, talking about wasting time and caddie cleaning the ball after "every" putt.
  5. I do not see gamesmanship, I just see confusion. You really think that Pettersen on purpose wanted this to happen? And if someone asks her if the putt was conceded, or if she says it was not conceded then there is not much that can be done.
  6. Plugged Ball on Fringe

    I would imagine it would be good if it was about same subject, but this was not.
  7. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    Phone can get dirty if hands mixed.
  8. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    True. It seemed unnecessary to continue as I read and agree with the second paragraph @Duff McGee wrote.
  9. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    Nope, but that was my response. Perhaps I should have acknowledged your second paragraph but I did not.
  10. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    If weekend golfers did this, they would very soon learn to hit provisional and then picking up when above ESC or out of Stableford Points. Slow players are slow, not because of S&D.;
  11. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    Looks like people want to play by rules, but "walk of shame" feels too bad for them so they would like to have rules changed. I understand that perfectly, but why do we have such an attitude that pace of play trumps everything? Even something which after a round of 18 holes counts as a minuscule amount of total time.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by wadesworld I'm with you Rick. I believe that absent any other notification, a player has to play the course as marked. I thought Fourputt was saying somewhat contrary when he wrote: Quote: Would you also agree that a player would not be wrong in by playing by the rules in this case, despite the course being marked in direct opposition to the rules? Or perhaps I am lost with the word "despite" in the sentence.
  13. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    How much of that roughly 2 hour excess was due to rules and how much due to slow people playing slowly?
  14. This is very difficult situation, but on the other hand I find it difficult to penalize player playing according to markings of the course.