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  1. I think probably over everything else, they hit the ball before the turf (forward shaft lean). Anyone without changing swing speed would notice an enormous difference if they practiced only that (forget about "creating lag"). Progress after that can be incremental with gradual increase in swing speed.
  2. Ha - That's them, black grips . My son tells me the shallow cb model was FTX
  3. Hogan Apex best I've ever played there was also a very shallow cb version but I can't remember the model (they were also fantastic)
  4. Keep your friendship going at all costs - it's alot more important than golf! I play with a guy every week who shoots 100+ and I get just as much joy at seeing him have a good round as I do from my own game. Also it's an ideal time to experiment with shaping different shots without the fear of embarrasment when you're playing with the scratch guys!