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  1. Even though I'm under-age, I don't mind helping out with the logistics and stuff.. just give me a PM if you need some help. I think a junior tournament is necessary.
  2. As I read this, I'm thinking that logicistics on this has got to be tough. If we are going to make it involve the whole board, then we need a bunch of regionals playing similiar courses (rating and slope)...
  3. I played in front of an 8-some on Thurs that wouldn't stop screaming on the hole behind us.. that wasn't fun.
  4. I'm a bit late coming to the party, but I made my team in the beginning of August shooting 81-85. Played in two matches, shot 39 and 44 (in that one I got beaned with a ball and played through it). Our cutoff this year was a 84 average over 36 holes. And we are undefeated this year! 21-0!
  5. I was hit in a HS match a couple weeks ago. Hurts like hell. The guy I was playing with (not on my team) was about 200 out and was hitting hybrid and I was standing about 60-70 yards up in front of him in a treeline. Low and behold, he shanks it and yells fore with just enough time left for me to turn my shoulders and not get hit in the collarbone. Instead I got beaned under the armpit on my back. Felt kind of bad for the kid; he unraveled after that point.
  6. Either the TP MB Smokes or MP-67's. Cannot beat the look, ever.
  7. Forgot to post this yesterday: Shot 40 w/ no woods. Played from ladies tees and couldn't putt to save my life.
  8. See, my season has gone different then you... I shot 39 in my first match out, then I shoot 44. Not cool.
  9. That's not a bad swing. Good position at the top, but your move down could come a little inside. You are coming a bit over the top and that could cause some problems.
  10. My main tip: Stick to your routine, no matter what. For me, that's literally walk up to ball, stand there ready to go for a second, and pull the trigger. That way I don't think about my swing while over the ball.
  11. +1 for Bob Vitti. He's my HS coach and really turned my swing around this year for the better.
  12. Hit a errant 4i off of the tee and it put me in some trees 3ft from the OB stakes. Had a tiny opening to hit my second. I take my 5i and hit one of the best punches I've hit in a while. It rolls just past the pin into the greenside rough. Mind you, this was in a HS tournament match.
  13. A 39 today in a HS match round at South Riding Golf Course in South Riding, VA. Great course, played really well until the last two hole which I bogied.
  14. MP-57's or MP-67's. Fantastic forged clubs and I'm glad I got them.
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