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  1. Thanks so much! His was actually REALLY confusing i don't know how he has remembered it for 25 years! Yours is way more simple and i will add on to it! Thanks so much.
  2. I recently sat through a rules seminar that got me a free rules booklet but also our presenter told us about a trick he uses. He says in order to remember all 20 something rules there is a story about it. Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone know it? He said, "My buddies went to play as much golf as we could in one day. So the first hole we talked about the game of golf, that means rule #1 is about the game. Hole 2 we decided to play for money and began match play, rule #2 is match play. But we didn't like match play so on hole 3 we began stroke play, thus rule 3 is stroke play." And so on...
  3. One good piece of advice that i can give you, is that you need to only focus on the shot at hand. It really helps me sometimes to not think about what i need to shoot on that hole and simply put it in the cup one hit at a time. Don't dwell on the fact that you may have pulled your last drive or doubled the hole before that, just focus on each shot one by one. You WILL put a good round together if you do that. Think of that on top of what Grndslmhttr3 and JustABitOutside said and you will do great! Good Luck and tell us how it goes!!
  4. Today marked my second day of golf tryouts for my highschool golf team. I came out and shot a nice 41 through nine to make my Valentine's Day complete! How sweet...
  5. Congrats! I got my first eagle a few months ago, actually it was December 31, 2011! Sounds like a great shot and I know you'll never forget it!
  6. shot an 89 yesterday at my home course from the blues...should lower my handicap a few spots! It is amazing how much better you feel when you shot 89 and not 90! Even though its only one stroke! I have a tournament today at the same course so wish me luck!! heres to an 86! (hopefully)
  7. Okay Guys! I made the decision today! Went to the biggest Golfsmith near me, Pleasanton CA...I hit both of the Mizunos in their in store range facility and both had unbelievable jump off of the club face. The guy who was helping me gave me a 100$ discount because of a sale! I didn't even know it was happening So i got the MP 53 Iron set but with the 100 off they were as much as the JPX-800 Pro and if i didn't like them i got 100 % back for store credit! Nothing bad on this transaction so worst case i can't hit them and I buy the JPXs! Thanks for all the help and i will tell you how it goes
  8. Sounds like you found a putter blessed by the golf gods! You are the chosen one or maybe just have a great eye for putters! What does it look like? Is it just a mallet? Good luck and hope you keep up the putting...
  9. I use a White Hot putter made by Odyssey. I really like the weight and the stock grip size was perfect for my hands. The white hot gives good roll and solid contact time after time. Definitely a recommendation if anyone is looking for putters! I might be looking into a Scotty Cameron because my Odyssey is getting worn but they seem WAY OVERRATED! Anyone have advice?
  10. Thanks K14 for the suggestion. I am really looking at the MP 53s because they aren't full cavity backs and have that dual muscle technology that i have heard so much about. My handicap is just around yours but I have had the shanks for a few weeks. Anyway I will look into the JPX 800s Thanks! Good luck with the fitting... Rustyredcab thanks for your input. I haven't hit the MPs yet but that will definitely affect my decision. I will hot the JPXs and MPs but I'm still hoping the MPs come through because I really like the look of them...Also I never really understood what makes f
  11. Thank you! I finally feel like someone is in my position too! I am also looking at the MP 53s but I haven't hit them yet. I know people who love them so that's why I'm looking into them. Mizuno makes some really nice and great quality irons so I think I will be good with almost anything I go with from Mizuno. But the Nikes may be the only other competitor to the Mizunos right now... I'm going to play a demo round with the Nikes tonight. I will tell you how it goes!:-D
  12. Shot a 91 at my tournament today, which i was surprised with seeing as i had a case of tha shanks during the first 5 holes! I mean nothing was going my way, NOTHING!! At least i can walk away happy because i birdied the 18th! In the trees on the right hit a low 4 iron and ran it up to about 4 feet! Sunk the put for a good ending. Anyway, practice tomorrow! Help me pick out my iron set! http://thesandtrap.com/forum/thread/48039/help-with-new-iron-sets-mizuno-nike-or-burner
  13. I am upgrading from my old clubs which were graphite shafted and womens flex that i began with. I am looking at a few choices. Nike VR Pro Full Cavs http://www.golfsmith.com/products/NK1420/Nike/VR_Pro_Cavity_4-AW_Iron_Set_with_Steel_Shafts Taylormade Burner 2.0 http://www.golfsmith.com/products/TM7950/TaylorMade/Burner_2.0_Iron_Set_4-PW,_GW_with_Steel_Shafts But after much thinking i was steered toward Mizuno maybe MP 53s. After reading a few reviews i was told these may be hard to hit. I will of course go and demo all of them in store before making my decision but has
  14. I would go with the Titleist NXT or NXT tour. This ball really helped my game. My ball flies straighter and longer but i can still stick it on the green because they spin well too! Great ball and i highly recommend it!
  15. Just so everyone knows and thank you Jamo, i am talking about the first link that jamo posted NOT the second. Also, both are the best price so that won't make a difference in my decision. And the reason i put in that i didn't know how far i hit them was because i don't actually know if i was hitting them well or the club made it feel that way. Still deciding...
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